Tala stared at Kai in shock. Kai didn't look at him, as he was also taken aback at what he'd done for him.

Max broke the silence. "Shouldn't we be getting back to the plane? Kenny'd be waking up any minute now."

"And not to mention, we're missing out on all the food! Oh, wait..plane food gives me stomach aches..."Tyson added sheepishly.

That won't be a problem. We can fly you back up.

Dranzer offered.

Kai finally looked at Tala. "What about you? And anyway, how did you get combined?"

Tala shuddered, as he recalled his memories..


Tala trained viciously with his beyblade in the abbey.

"Come on, Wolborg!" He hissed under his breath. Frustration and anger built up inside him, but little did he know, that it was strengthening something else in his inner self.

It was when this surge of anger spread throughout his cyber mind, that something made him dizzy, almost sick. He held up his hand, and Wolborg came into its grasp.

"What's going on?" He thought. The dizzy feeling was getting stronger, and he was failing to hide it. He staggered outside into the snow.

He leaned against a wall outside the abbey. He shut his eyes tightly, in pain.

That's when he heard the voice.

Give in, Tala. You know you cannot withstand me.

"Who..who are you?" Tala asked, shivering from both the cold, and fear.

Red clouded his vision, and his mind went blank.

End Flashback****

Kai stared at Tala. "That's what happened?" He grew angry with the Dark One. Why did he do this? He had no right to! But he managed to keep his anger buried within himself.

Tala nodded. "Yeah, that's it." He shrugged. "And you don't need to help me. There's a town nearby. I can walk."

And I'll protect him.

Wolborg stood by his master's side.

"Pity you left us." Tala turned and walked away, limping slightly.

"Oh, and Kai-" Kai turned to face him. "-thanks"

Kai waited until Tala had disappeared into the distance. Then, Dranzer knelt down, and Kai got onto her back. She spread her wings and they caught the wind. She began to soar higher, higher, until she was above the clouds.

I see the plane.

Dranzer started flying towards it. Kai's eyelids drooped. He was exhausted, and was about to fall asleep on Dranzer's soft feathers, when he heard a sigh in his mind.

Dranzer, what's wrong?

The Dark One was never as evil when I first heard him. We practically loved each other, but then he went off in an adventure. I said I'd wait for him, but when he came back, he wasn't ever the same. He cast me aside as if he'd never liked me at all. He ceased to be the person I knew and became the Dark One.

He hated humans. He didn't see the point of us befriending them. He grew angry when I set my sights on you, Kai. You were destined to befriend me. I knew that one day, you would harden with anger someday, but I would help you.

Dragoon, Drigger, Draciel and I sealed him into the Darkness Dimension. But he broke free from that prison and got revenge on you and I.

Kai sighed.

I remember that.

He was torn from his thoughts, when Tyson yelled, "Hey Kai! Bet Dragoon's faster than Dranzer!!"

Kai grunted. "Why should I waste my time with you?"

He's ba-ack.

Dranzer smirked up at Kai, who sighed, embarrassed.

"LAST ONE TO THE PLANE'S A ROTTEN EGG!!!!" Tyson yelled, as he and Dragoon got there first.

"And the first one there has to eat it!" Ray added, enjoying the dumbfounded look on Tyson's face.

They all arrived onto the plane wing. The bitbeasts retreated inside their beyblades and they went into the plane, to find Kenny waking up.

"Oh, boy..I had a really weird dream.."

Ray, Max and Tyson cracked up, Kai laughing softly. He would've laughed the same volume as them, but he was really tired.

He stumbled to his seat, and collapsed, looking out of the window. He had no resistance of slumber, whatsoever.

He drifted into a deep, refreshing sleep. Even the sounds of Tyson's snoring didn't disturb him.

The flicker of cloudy darkness outside almost kept him awake, though.



NG: THAT'S THE SECOND ONE DOWN!!! But the third one's coming up VERY SHORTLY don't worry! The third one is about the bitbeasts actually taking on human form, but when they get killed, they become beast again.

Dragoon: COOL!!

NG: Also, there's A WAR OF DA BITBEASTS GOING ON! THE BITBEASTS SIDED WITH HUMANS VERSES THE BITBEASTS SIDED WITH THE DARK ONE! And this war includes not only the bladebreakers, but all the teams! Yup, the Demo Boys, the Majestics, The White Tigers, and the All Stars! (Not the Dark Bladers, though. Not including them, sorry.) And they learn the art of COMBINING TOO!!!!

Kai: Some get entranced near the e-

NG: DON'T GIVE ALL OF IT AWAY, YOU SCHMUCK!!! Anyway, the third one will be the longest. Hope u look forward to it!

2BC (Ultimately)