Kiss Me Tine Draco/Harry Slash


This is how it started.

No one was sure how it happened, but they all agreed on when it happened. It was on a Monday morning in December, just outside the Potions classroom, approximately half past four in the afternoon. Students Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were once again at each other's throats.

"... I guess that dumb mut finally learned his lesson..." Draco's voice filtered through the corridor, travelled five feet in front of him, and filled Harry's ears. Harry's reaction should have been predicted, and it was. He stepped foward and reduced the five feet between the two rivals to one foot. Their noses were almost touching.

"Would you like to repeat that?" Harry demanded, his voice filled with what seemed to be a bucket of ice. The spectators surrounding the two sixteen year-old boys were being as quiet as possible lest they miss something important.

"You heard what I said, Potter. Don't pretend you didn't. We all know what happened to Black, so you may as well stop acting like a tough guy and get over it."

Harry could not have been more angry if Draco Malfoy had hit him across the face. There was a moment of silence where they just stared at each other and then Harry did something extremely childish, yet very effective. He grabbed Draco's hair and yanked at it vigorously. He screamed in a hilariously falsetto voice and cuffed Harry on the side of the face. It was pathetic how only his nails made contact with Harry's skin.

"I hate you." The words were fiery, and they spilled out of Harry's mouth like blood from a wound.

"I hate you more than you will ever fathom." These words also spilled out quite easily.

"Filthy ferret."

"Neglected orphan."

The insults went on like this for some time and the crowd watching began to grow agitated with the redundancy of the situation. It was funny just how close the two boys got, as they both shouted, "I hate you!" And then their lips met in a searing kiss that caused a collective intake of breath from the group gathered.

Their mouths were clamped together tightly, devouring the other completely, hands searching the other's body desperately. Their hips grinded against each other in what looked like an intimate sort of dance.

They began to moan loudly, in unison. From all around, there were varied reactions to these sudden actions.

The group assembled contained mostly Gryffindor and Slytherin sixth years, and a few Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. All were shocked, all were frozen on the spot. In a time of such confusion and wonder, the Gryffindors and Slytherins were united temporarily.

"Hermione?" This was the first word spoken. Ron spoke it, but he looked as though it had cost him just about everything he owned. When Hermione said nothing, he turned his head to look at his girlfriend. Her own head was tilted slightly to the side, her mouth was wide open and she looked to be thoroughly enjoying herself.

"Oh my..." she muttered. Ron asked her what she was so surprised about. "This is perhaps the single most wonderful thing I have ever seen."

"Why do you say that?" Ron demanded, in a somewhat shocked tone.

"Just look at them. They're seething with anger and yet there they are, passionately kissing."

"Yes, that's a bad thing, Hermione."

"Not really, Ron. They're just kissing."

"It's Harry and Malfoy!"

"Better than fighting."

"Says the non-violent one. This is disgusting."

"Then how come you can't tear your eyes away?" Hermione asked innocently, unable to do so herself.

"I can too look away." But he didn't. He continued to stare, utterly shocked, at the two rivals. They were getting extremely rowdy now.

"Parkinson..." Pansy turned around and looked at Hermione.

"What is it Granger?" She looked thoroughly disappointed about something.

"What's wrong?"

"Why it's simply the most depressing thing in the world. It's as though there's nothing else in their world that matters more than this kiss, and no one else in their world that's more important than the other. Those two are going to start seeing each other, and you know it. Sad to watch the two most good looking boys in the school walk away hand in hand."

"I think -" No one heard just what Hermione was thinking, because next moment Harry had Draco up against the wall and was ravishing him with kisses, all along Draco's collar and throat. Draco threw his head back and began to moan loudly, a delicious sound that made quite a few girls in the crowd simply fan themselves in excitement.

Draco was probably most unaware just where his hands were. One of them was tangled in Harry's messy, ebony hair and the other was hidden behind Harry's jumper. The look on his face was one of complete satisfaction. It was as though the two teenagers had no idea where they were, or that they had an audience.

What happened next caused some to look away, and others to pay even rapter attention. Hary began to thrust himself against Draco, grunting in a way that was so very sexy. Hermione let out a whimper of delight and moved to get a better view. She was unaware that Pansy was right beside her, watching Draco and Harry as captively as her.

They began to breathe heavily, in unison, sighs and moans of pleasure filling the corridor, and it all ended with Harry brushing Draco's package tantalizingly with his own. Draco's eyes went wide and his breathing came in short gasps. His hands were looking very frail as they pulled themselves through his own hair. Harry stepped back, and the smirk on his face was... indescribable.

That was when they realized they had an audience, and that they had just dry humped right in front of their classmates. They were embarassed, to say the least.

It wasn't long after that that they began to accept money for performing such acts. They never quite got around to removing their clothes... or at least not in front of an audience.


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