He's Mine!

Author's Notes: Okay this is a strange lil ficcy that I came up with after I watched ummm.an episode? It's the one with ummm.the rebel aliens, and Scully was there with a whole bunch of abductees, and Cassandra Spender gets taken.again. Anyways, you know that scene where Krycek kisses Mulder on the cheek *sighs, shakes head, and murmurs 'Silly Ratboy'*? Yeah well this, is what I think would have happened if Scully had come in right then.this is totally improbable and completely out of character, but pretty fun to write!

Disclaimer: The X-Files and its characters do not belong to me, but to the great Chris Carter and 1013 productions.the only thing that belongs to me is my mind, and I'm pretty sure that you don't want that!

Krychek let Mulder up and was about to leave when he leaned in towards Mulder rapidly, almost as if he was going to bite him. But instead of biting him, he kissed his cheek.

At that exact moment Scully burst in to Mulder's apartment, gun raised, prepared to fire. Her guard suddenly dropped when she saw Mulder and Krycek's position on the floor. "Krycek, what the hell are you doing to my partner!?!?!?!?!" She asked, dropping her gun in shock.

Krycek got up smiling smugly. "We're just bonding Agent Scully."

"Yeah well BACK OFF, he's MINE!!!" Scully yelled. Krycek laughed and dropped the piece of paper that Mulder first picked up into Mulder's lap.

(okay pretend that he's saying this in Russian.) "Good luck my friend." With that, he smoothly exited Mulder's apartment, leaving Scully, mouth hanging open, and Mulder lying in shock on the floor.

Slowly he began to stand up, and just as slowly Scully's mouth began to close. He came to stand beside her, a quizzical look still on his face. "Scully.?" He asked quietly, still recovering from the shock of being pinned to the floor and kissed on the cheek by Krycek

"I don't know Mulder, I don't know. . ." Scully said just as quietly. "Mulder. . .what. . .never mind, let's forget that it happened okay?" Scully said, still trying to erase the image of Krycek hovering over her partner.

"Alright." Mulder said. Then, curious, he turned to Scully. "Hey Scully what exactly did you mean by that he's mine comment?"

Scully turned to him, and lightly hit his arm. "Shut up Mulder." And then she gave him one of those, if you say anything more you'll die glares. Mulder threw up his arms, as if surrendering, and they went to go pick up the paper that Krycek had dropped.

The End!

Author's Notes: Okay so, here's my odd little ficcy that I wrote at about 1 in the morning . . .that would explain for the odd little concept. Please review and tell me what you think!!!! I practically live off them, so . . .yeah. . .!