The Ultimate Test
By KawaiiMCL
Chapter Two
Julian Gone Bad
After Sakura and Li captured the LOVE card, they began to search for the other three. The shadow appeared, "I'll give you a hint, he is gonna to be my next element item, and he's a friend of Sakura's brother. This card if much powerful than the last one so work hard on it! Ha, ha, ha!" Then it vanished. "Hem, a friend or Tori's, then that must mean it's Julian! I got to get Madison!" Sakura told Li. "Right on Tape!" Said Madison. "What the?" Li's confused. "She has her own ways." Sakura said.
They hurried to Julian's house but he isn't there so they went to Sakura's house but it's too late. Li saw the shadow suck out a light out of Julian's mouth and put a dark light in it. Then Julian's eye turned red a bit then he's back to normal but he's heart is still black. "Oh, no! It's too late! We have to seal it right now Sakura!" "But I didn't bring my wand! And it's too many people in the park!"
"Hi Sakura, what are you doing here with that miserable little brat? I think Tori will be pretty mad so follow me and go back home." Julian told Sakura angrily. "Well, Mr. Star, I guess you got the wrong person. First of all, Li is not a brat. Secondly, he's not miserable and he's my friend!" Sakura answered. "You go girl!" Meilin said. "So you got a problem with my fiancée? Not a chance! If you want a battle, I can tell you this sure, I'm going to beat you!" "That was very nice of you Meilin but you have to stop calling me your fiancée because someone accidentally set our engagement on fire and I'm happy with Sakura!" Li told Meilin and she looked so disappointed. "Okay then, don't tell me I didn't warn you, you're going to pay someday. Just watch and see." Then Julian's gone.
"Right on tape, it's good though but I think I felt sorry for Julian and be careful Sakura, he might do something bad to your brother Tori!" Madison warned. "That's right! We better get to my house before Julian do something to Tori!" Sakura and all headed to Sakura's house and Madison began taping again.
"Tori, I think you better keep your sister away from that brat! She hangs out more than she use to be. You gotta stop him before it's too late!" Julian told Tori when Sakura came in. "Tori, don't believe him! I'm your sister and I know what's right for me. We have a summer activity so we have to get together to do it! And Julian, can we speak alone here?" Julian went with Sakura and they had a talk with the rest. "Julian, I know you're a nice person when the Shadow set Magic on you. Do you remember what the Shadow had done to you? He changed your life into a really bad person!" "I don't remember anything but I do remember something like you had a crush on me." "Huh?" Meilin wondered. "No Li! Come back!" Sakura shouted but it's too late. Li's gone. "Julian, someday you have to apologize to Li but now I've to do something big." Sakura went to find Li.
"Wait up Li!" "What are you doing here with a miserable brat? You should be with Julian." "No LI, do you remember that Julian was taken control by the Shadow? Maybe the entire thing he said was to let us split. But I'm not letting that happen okay? I love you so much." Li and Sakura end up kissing. "I made it!" Said a familiar voice behind. It's Meilin. "I finally know who to tape! I taped everything! I can finally be good as Madison!"
"Everybody, this is the morning news, a boy break into the mall and stolen 2000 dollars and a 10000 dollar check and two dolls that's made by France. All those are very valuable. If anyone finds it, please return it and you'll get a gift. The boy is about sixteen, gray hair and gray eyes. He wore glasses and he's about 6 feet high. The same boy paints something on the Government Center and destroys three BMW cars and almost gets triplets in danger. If anyone finds that boy, he'll be punished for three days and if he tells everything and return everything, he'll not be punished and he's free only he apologize. Will the boy continue doing bad stuff? Look for tomorrow's morning show."
"That sounds almost like Julian but only he's much nicer." Tori said. "Oh no! I got to get the folks!" Sakura went to Li's house. "Did you guys hear about the morning news? Julian's continue to do bad stuff!" "I've heard and I just saw him heading to the Park drunk. I don't know what to do because I don't have power to seal so I just taped him and I was trying to find Sakura." Madison said. "Let's hurry before he does more bad stuff!" They hurried to the Park.
They hurried to the park but it's too late. Julian mess up too bad. The trashcans were empty and all the trash hang around the park and three guys gotten beaten up by Julian and their nose were bleeding. One of those guys told Meilin that Jul (That's what the bad guys call him when he was bad) is gone too far. "What do we do now? It's too late. Julian had cause people injured!" Meilin began to panic. "Don't panic Meilin, they're street people, they don't tell the police. They got beaten up all the time and when they're fine, they forgot about it." Madison told her. "There he is! Flirting with a girl!" "Julian Star! You have to stop this before you got in deep trouble and end up in jail! I can't tell you anymore so you gotta to concentrate and suck the dark power out your body and help yourself!" "Oh, hi Sakura, I think I'm not too good. I think there's something controlling me to do bad stuff and I got a mask every time when I stole. So no one remembers my face but now... ahh! Help!" Julian was about to turn back to normal but the dark power made him bad again.
"Dark Card! Release and dispel!" Sakura sent out Dark Card so no one sees them using magic. "Mirror Card! Turn myself into Julian and talk to him! Julian I'm yourself and do you know what have you done! Please stop!" "Sakura, I don't think this will work. Use Sleep Card and the Through Card and also use card to fight inside Julian's body. First, I'll use Time Card to freeze the time and you do the rest. Time! Freeze the moment except me, Sakura, Madison and Meilin!" "Sleep Card! Make Julian go sleep and don't let him remember anything! Through Card! Let me go through Julian's body and find his dark power! So you're the dark magic. You're pretty good at hurting Julian huh?" "Yep, on the last second of this hour, he will be doomed and I stay here forever." "But that won't happen because I'm gonna to get you out here. Move Card! Move me and Dark Power outside Julian's body so he won't get hurt!" Move card moved them outside and Madison is still taping. "Shield! Protect me! Loop! Tight up his body! Illusion, Mist, Sand, Power, Fight, Arrow, Shot, Storm, Sword, Thunder, Watery, Windy, Wood, Earthy! Attack together!" All those cards released at the same time and they all began to attack Dark Power. "Sakura! It's time! Seal it!" "Dark Power, you are the Control Card! Go back to your own form!"
The Control Card is a yellow diamond shape with "Control" words on it. A yellow sunshine came and it's morning. A yellow light came down and it's the key to the card. "We better take Julian to the Hospital and return all those stuff to the police and tell him that the person is gone.
After all those, Julian back to normal and he didn't remember what happened to him and he still well as usual. Sakura sent a card to let no one ever remember anything about Julian gone badly and no one did. The stuff was returned and everyone was happy. But there's still two more to capture. The dark creature Shadow is still planning some bad stuff behind a bush near Sakura's house and this time Meilin is in trouble. "This time I'm definitely gonna to get you." Shadow vanished and went to Meilin's house.