Duelist Fued

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Kinda reminiscent of the Family Fued game. I've invited the most popular duelists around along with their friends & family....and please excuse me if I've left out your fab duelist....I tried ^ ^;; A few changes though.......1.) I'm your gracious host this time, and 2.) ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE SOMEHOW RELATED TO DUEL MONSTERS. Although I do prefer Seto any day, I've tried to be fair on everyone.....including Tristan ~_~ Everything in brackets is spoken by me, Little Moi.

Duelist Fued: Intro & Part 1

[Hello and welcome to Duelist Fued! For today, we've put aside our favorite family puzzler the Family Fued, and invited your favorite duelists along with their friends & family here. Aaand...of course, ALL questions will be related to duel monsters]


*Backstage* Serenity: I'm really nervous.......I really hope I won't regret coming ......

Joey: *puts hand on Serenity's shoulder* don't worry sis, you're gonna be fine!

Tristan: Yeah, just remember everything I've taught you about Dueling....

Joey: *grabs Tristan's collar* You can say that again!


Tea & Yugi: *sweatdrop*


[Now, I give you........Yugi Motou!!] (Yami walks in looking determined & the audience erupts in whispers) [his friend Joseph Wheeler along with Serenity Wheeler!!] (Joey storms in with Serenity)

Joey: NOTICE my name is Jo-ey!! Soooo NEVER call me Jo-seph!

[um, okay.......Nooow, Tristan Taylor!!] (Walks in & bows) [Tea Gardener!! Duke Devlin!!] (Duke walks in to greet cheers & whistles from swooning girls.)

Duke: *blows kisses to audience* (screams get louder)

[Malik & Ishizu Ishtar!!! Mai Valentine!] ( Boys in audience chants M-A-I!! M-A-I!!)

[Ryou Bakura!!] (Yami Bakura enters smirking)

[Aaaannd..... Seto & Mokuba Kaiba!!] (Audience gasps)

Seto: *Glare*

Audience: *silence.....*

[The contestants will be separated into to two teams, which have already chosen]

Tristan: Dammit!!

[Yugi, Joey, Serenity, Tristan, Ishizu, and Bakura, you are on the Spellcastor team. Please station yourselves behind the left table. The remaining will be the Dragons. You will use the other counter. Now you all have 1 minute to discuss and select your team leader]

A minute later......... [Okay, time's up. Team leaders, come on up here!] Yami & Seto station themselves while facing their opponent

Seto: So, Yugi, we meet again..... this time outside of the arena.......hehe

Yami: Yes, Kaiba....and I can assure you I will prevail once more.

Seto: We shall see......but don't count on your little.....prediction, for my dueling experience is far more advanced than yours.........

Yami: ~_~


Mai: That Kaiba better be as good as he claims he is.......I don't want to regret sending him up there.

Mokuba: Don't worry, Mai, Seto has never let me down before.

Mai: Well, I guess there's always room for the first.


[Leaders, hands behind your backs please. You'll have to buzz in order to answer. If you buzz in second, you will answer after your opponent, and the team with the best answer gets the choice to play or pass. In your first challenge....there are 7 possible answers....and the you will have to.....Name a level 7 or 8 dragon. *BUZZ!!!* [Seto, you buzzed in first. You're answer is......?] Seto: The Blue Eyes White Dragon

[Blue Eyes? (Ding!) Check it out! It's the #1 answer! So you automatically get the choice to play...or pass]

Seto: We shall play

Joey & Tristan: BOO! BOOOOO!

(Seto & Yami walk back to team)

[So Malik, you're next. Please name another dragon that is level 7or 8.

Malik: Uh...(rubs forhead) I can't think of anything.....

Mai: *Growl*

[Okay, you have...5...4...3...2...]

Malik: Wait-the Tri Horned Dragon!!

(ding!) [Yep, it's the #7 answer!]

Tristan: *gloom*

[Nooow, Duke! Anything?] (cheers start again)

Duke: *runs hand through hair* Of course....how 'bout Red Eyes?

Joey: *growl*

Duke: *wink*

[Ok, we have Red Eyes!....(ding!) Of course, it's the 2nd answer! Mai?]

Mai: Hyozanru HAS to be up there....

[Hyozanru? well.....(ding!) Yes! It's #6! 4down, 3 to go.....it's your turn, Tea!]

Tea: well.......

[5...4...3...] Tea: OKAY!!OKAY!! I pick the Barrel Dragon!

Seto: *grunt*

Joey: *chuckle*

[Barrel Dragon...(buzz!) Nope, sorry Tea, but that's a machine]

Tea: It is????

Seto: *sigh*

Malik, Duke, Mai & Mokuba: *sweatdrop*

[SOOooo, your team now has 1 strike]

Yami B: She sucks

[Now, Mokuba my darling, (Seto: *glare*), do you have an answer ready?]

Mokuba: Yes, I think the Serpent Night Dragon is a good answer.

(Ding!) [well, I agree with you....It's the third answer...Seto, back to you]

Seto: the Ryu-Ran Dragon

[We shall see.....(ding!) Oh my, it's numba 5!

Joey: CRAP!!!


Malik: Um, I'll try Gaia the Dragon Champion

[Gaia the Dragon Champ? That's a fusion monster....but I guess it won't hurt to try ... (buzz!) I'm sorry, but that isn't one of the answers.... that was your team's 2nd strike]

Tristan & Joey: *cheering*

[Soooo....Duke, it's up to you.......There's one more answer, and if you nail it, your team wins the round.]

Duke: Well, I say....Thousand Dragon!

Joey! No fair! He's using all MY monsters!!

[Thousand Dtagon?? I'm not sure, but......(ding!) YEESS the 4th answer! The hurricanes win round!!]

Joey: *pointing at Duke* CHEATER!! CHEATER!!

Mai: *runs up to Duke and pecks his cheek quickly with her lips*

Duke: *blush*

Joey: *gets furous & attempts to climb over table to start fight*

Yami & Tristan: Man, calm down!! *they pull him down*

Joey: Duke, you're gonna be history!!


Round 1: 7 Most Popular Dragons (level 7-8)

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Red Eyes Black Dragon

Serpent Night Dragon

Thousand Dragon



Tri-Horned Dragon

Coming Up Next: Round 2

I welcome suggestions for future problems & puzzlers...so, YOU decide what the contestants have to do.