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Previously, on Duelist Fued:

With the spellcastors in desperate needing to catch up, Round five started off with a face off between Ishizu and Tea. They took the round and now... the score stands 3:4 with the dragons still in the lead.

Bonjour and let's start round 6. Bakura and Mokuba?

Yami Bakura: This is stupid...'returns to Millenium Ring"

Seto: Mokuba, you better not lose to that white haired freak...

okay...hands behind you back,...blah blah..and give me an answer to this: Name a Card that you Hate when Summoned by your Opponent

(!buzz!) Mokuba: Exodia!!!

Seto: hmph...tell me about it... 'glares at Yami'

Ryou: Wow...that's the top answer!

Mokuba: 'beam' one likes to have Exodia used against them. Dragons, there are only two more cards left. Seto?

Seto: I would say BEWD, but not many people have actually suffered its wrath...Raigeki.

(!ding!) ook! number 2

Seto: Hmph...memorizing the multiplication tables was easier.

Malik, can you finish this off?

Malik: Of course! THE WINGED DRAGON OF RA!!! Yami! I want that back! You cheated it off me! You-

Ishizu: Just knock his head against something hard.

Duke: 'grabs Malik's head and slams it against the table'

Malik: xx 'I see stars... 'collapse'

(!buzz!) No, the Egyptian God Cards weren't on the list because only a privileged few have seen them. Stike one. Duke?

Joey: Yay! I'm priviledged!

Duke: Shut Up! I can't concentrate! um...Monster Reborn?

(!buzz!) nope. strike two

Duke: aw...aren't my looks good enough to pass?

Mai: You wish. 'grabs Duke's head and slams it against the table. A splintering sound is heard'

The Rest of the Studio: ouch...

Duke: 'stumbles on Malik & lands on Seto'

Seto: 'takes Duke by his hair and kicks him onto the unconscious Malik'

Tea: Mai! That's not what friends do to each other!

Mai: 'rubs hands on Tea's shirt' Here. You can have his cooties.

Tea: Eek! 'runs screaming out of the studio'

Tristan: See? Those guys are violent. What you need, Serenity, is a gentle, caring guy who will pamper and respe-

Joey: IN YOUR DREAMS 'attempts to grab Tristan's head'

Yugi & Serenity: 'attempt to hold Joey back'

Mai: so...we where did we leave off? card number three? let me think... 'looks at Bakura' I know! the Man Eater Bug!

Yami Bakura: 'emerges' WHAT? You wish!

(!ding!) Mai: Yes! We win!

Yami Bakura: OVER MY DEAD BODY!!

Tristan: 'runs for his life'

Joey: GET BACK HERE! YOU'RE NOT GETTING OUT OF THIS ONE! 'chases Tristan around the studio'

well...the Dragons win

Yami Bakura: You b-tch! What were you thinking! I'm gonna send you to the Shadow Realm!

Yami: nope. 'sends Yami Bakura back into the Millenium Ring'

Security: 'enters with Joey and Tristan' Miss, these boys were found running around backstage

um...yes, I was wondering where they went.

Joey: LEMME GO!!!

anyways, thank you for coming, spellcastors. You will each recieve a special edition card from Mr. Maximillion himself for participating.

Tristan: We lost?

Yugi: That's okay! We put up a good fight!

Let's hear for our humble spellcastors!

Audience: 'clap cheer scream whistle hoot'

Duke & Malik: head hurts...

Malik: ew...get off of me.

Duke: what's all this screaming?

Malik: 'pushes Duke away' (a/n: Poor Duke!)

Mai: We won!!

Tea: 'enters with a new shirt on' huh?

The Whole Studio: A scene of Chaos

Why did I ever sign on to do this? Up Next: The Bonus Round. 'screams over noise' Please Stay Tuned!

Top Three Despised Cards When Summoned By Opponent
1. Exodia (well...Exodia is like 5 cards...)
2. Raigeki
3. Man Eater Bug (had to put that in!)

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