Spell Steal

Xanth was a land were magic ruled. Were every citizen has one special talent that only he or she can do. This world was one with Dragons, Centaurs, Elves, and some that only your imagination can figure out.

Down in the peaceful South Village lived a young boy of 16. He has gone through his life in a constant struggle against society because his magical talent would not manifest. The boy was at a complete lost.

So, he decided to go out and find the only hope he had. Asking the good magician of information. The thing was, was that you had to pay a years service for a single answer.

He had only two important questions that he had to ask the good magician Grey. What is the nature of his talent? And the biggest question that has burned itself into his thoughts and dreams.

So starts an epic Xanth journey of discovery and answers and one boy's hopes at being accepted into this world. So starts the tale of the Spell Steal.