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Sitting at her desk, she thoughtlessly placed her pen in her mouth. Her mind wondered again as usual for this time of the day. She imagined being outside. Being free as the wind caressed her face and flowers fell loose from her favorite tree in the schoolyard. Cherry blossoms fell around her as someone called her name. "Sakura" It was familiar. "Sakura" a gentle male voice persisted again. Someone coughed and Sakura's eyes shot open. The wind was no longer a factor and she was back in the middle of her class lecture. Turning her head slightly she locked onto the eyes of the boy sitting next to her.

"Sakura Kinomoto, pay attention!" shot the teacher angrily. Sakura's head snapped forward and she sweat-dropped. "Yes ma'am." The girl behind her chuckled lightly, and Sakura looked down to her desk to her blank paper. 'Great. at this rate I'll never learn it!' She thought to herself and sighed.

Minutes later the bell rang to signify the end of class and the end of the school day. Sakura gathered up her papers and books and slowly put them back into her book bag as students rushed passed her desk to hurry home to enjoy their pleasant weekends. Sakura zipped her bag and placed it on her desk and turned her head to look out the window. The wind blew threw the trees and stray leaves floated peacefully to the ground as students obliviously walked by them. Sakura was so transfixed that she didn't notice that the room was empty except for her and the boy seated next to her.

"You know Sakura," he spoke gently, "If you don't start paying attention more the teacher may start giving you detentions."

Sakura continued to look out the window. "Don't worry about me, it doesn't really matter anyways."

There was some rustling as the boy moved around and then the boy was sitting backwards in the chair in front of her with his arms on her desk. "Sakura, you know that never works when you're trying to get rid of me." He teased with a slight grin, but lost it when she had no response to his comment. He sighed and spoke in a softer gentler tone. "Sakura. I'm worried about you. This daydreaming, you ignoring me, not caring. it just isn't like you. What's been happening to change you like this? I thought we were best friends. You use to tell me everything. What's different now?" His eyes full of concern focused on her eyes as she finally turned her head to him and smiled for him. He knew instinctively that it was fake and waited for her to say something.

Her eyes focused on his for a while before she looked down to her desk and sighed. "I'm sorry Syaoran, I know I've been distant lately." She placed her hands on her desk, palms down, and focused on her fingers for a second before lifting her right hand to pull her hair behind her ear. "I've just been really tired. That's all."

Syaoran took his right hand to the other side of her face and lifted her eyes to meet his. She smiled weakly and he sighed. His look was warm yet stern. "I hope you can tell me what's bothering you eventually. I miss seeing your pretty smile Kinomoto." Sakura smiled a bit brighter at him and he gave a weak smile in return. "Let me take you home, okay?"

Sakura nodded slightly and his hand fell from her face as they both started to get up and knocked foreheads. Sakura laughed lightly and Syaoran rubbed his head. "Watch where your going, or we are both going to get hurt again!" He snapped at her and she laughed apologizing and headed for the classroom door unaware of his eyes never leaving her figure.

They were in their last year of high school, a few months from graduation. He and Sakura had been best friends since Jr High, but she had started drifting away from him over the past month and it was really starting to bother him. 'Sakura.' He thought to himself as she turned towards him from the door.

"So are you going to get up or did I hurt you so badly that you can't move?" She laughed at him.

He smiled and stood from the desk grabbing his bag, "Hold your horses!" She held the door open for him and they walked down the hall and off of the campus.

The walk home was quiet. Syaoran was lost in thought and Sakura was doing her best not to think at all. What seemed to be a short time later they arrived in front of her house. Syaoran lost his focus and looked towards her driveway. Sakura's mother's car was in the driveway. Syaoran looked towards Sakura and asked, "Why is your mom home so early? I thought she was still at work."

Sakura looked over at the car and stated, "Mom lost her job a while ago."

Syaoran looked slightly stunned with the information. "Really? Huh. Is she looking for a new one?"

Sakura turned her head to Syaoran and studied his eyes for a split second before the front door opened and both teens looked to see who it was.

Sakura's mother, Nadeshiko, stood in the doorframe and smiled. "Syaoran! It's been so long since I have last seen you! How have you been?"

Syaoran looked from Nadeshiko to Sakura, and then back to Nadeshiko. He smiled politely at her. "I've been okay Mrs. Kinomoto, How about yourself?"

Nadeshiko retuned his smile and stepped back inviting Syaoran inside. Sakura seemed frozen in her place just staring at her mother. Syaoran turned to her and whispered, "Sakura" He caught her attention and she finally looked at him. "Let's go inside." He gave her a warm smile hoping to snap her out of whatever she was getting lost in.

Sakura tilted her head slightly and smiled as she stepped in front of him and led him to the door. Once inside, Nadeshiko already had a teapot in her hands as she walked to the living room where there were tea cups waiting for everyone. She gracefully poured tea into the three cups and took a seat in a chair to the side of the table. Sakura made her way to the sofa and sat up straight not touching the back cushions. Syaoran watched her quietly as he took a seat next to her and smiled towards Nadeshiko.

"Thank you for the tea, but I don't want to be an inconvenience." Syaoran spoke.

Nadeshiko laughed lightly, "Oh Syaoran, you don't always have to be so polite to me. I've known you since you were little. But no, you are never an inconvenience when you are here. Don't worry about it." She smiled graciously at Syaoran.

He bowed his head slightly and thanked her for her generosity. With that, Nadeshiko sighed, "I'm sorry to leave so abruptly but the events of the day have tired me out and I desperately need a nap." She stood in one fluid motion. "Please excuse me"

Syaoran piped out "No problem." Her face looked paler then he had remembered it to be, but he ignored it as Nadeshiko walked down the hall and out of site to her room.

After she was gone Syaoran turned back to Sakura who was lost yet again in her dream world. He placed a hand gently on her back and it jolted her back to reality.

"Thanks for bringing me home Syaoran." She smiled and stood from the sofa.

He looked at her stubbornly, "What makes you think I'm leaving so soon?"

Sakura looked shocked for a moment, "Did.did you want to stay?"

Syaoran laughed. Her expression was priceless! "What, you don't want me to?"

Sakura frowned. "No! That's not it. It's just. I mean. don't you have to get home?" she stuttered out.

Syaoran raised an eyebrow. "You're starting to sound suspicious. Are you trying to hide something from me Kinomoto?" he playfully glared at her.

Sakura quickly waved her hands in front of herself. "No no, nothing to hide. What makes you think that?" She sweat-dropped and chuckled lightly.

Syaoran stood up and leaned forward a bit softly speaking to her. "Then why do you keep acting so guilty?"

His voice was so beautiful that it shock Sakura to her soul. She couldn't believe she was lucky enough to have such a kind friend; well at least he was kind to her. "I-" she started but was cut off by Syaoran placing his finger on her lips.

"Don't worry Sakura, I know when I'm not wanted." He laughed lightly and walked towards the front door. Grabbing the handle he turned back to her with a more serious expression on his face. "Just promise me that if you need anything. anything at all, you will call me."

She focused on his eyes, so full of concern for her that she softened her expression and smiled. "I promise."

He nodded his head and smiled exiting her house and closing the door behind him. 'Please keep your word to me Sakura. please.' His thoughts returned to the events of the day as he started on his way home with his hands in his pant pockets.

Sakura watched him go through the window and sighed. 'I'm sorry Syaoran.' She gently pressed her head to the glass and lost herself to her mind once again. The wind, the beautiful flowers, and the peace.

Oblivious to Sakura, another was watching her from inside the house. 'Syaoran is a smart boy. He will be good for her.' Nadeshiko thought to herself and smiled returning to her room.


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