Disclaimer: I do not own Zelda! Although I often wish I did…But I do own several of the characters and monsters in this story! *squeezes a Nya-nah*


    A small group of men sat at a tale in an old café, exchanging wild tales from distant lands. Each cheerfully, and drunkenly, spoke in turn of monsters they had slain and beautiful women they had saved. An ancient man sat with them, silently sipping his drink.

    "The old prophecy is finally coming true you know," he said, setting his mug down with a loud thud. "As the earth grows white and the sky turns gray, the darkness of the past shall once again walk the land, searching for its evil revenge. Only one with the three, the master of the Hero's Blade, can defeat the evil as it is, was, and shall be."
    "Does that mean that the King of Evil…"

    "No, this is far worse. I may not know what this new threat is, for if I had, I would not be here telling you this. But I have seen the fiery chaos it has caused. All we can do is hope..."

    A tall man dressed entirely in black, covering his face in shadows, sat at a table in the far corner of the café. He dropped five silver rupees on the table as a tip. He did not need to worry about finances now. He had heard enough.