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Here I am, in the woods…

    Link reluctantly opened his eyes. The sun was too bright, and he hurt all over. He couldn't quite remember how he had gotten there. All he could remember was something about a sword.

    "The sword!" Link shouted. He frantically searched around the sand for the sword, but had no luck. He dropped to his knees and looked through the, when the sword fell in front of him. It had been in the sheath the entire time, but how?

    "You're quite clueless for a hero," someone said. "My grandfather told me that the master of the Hero's Blade would wash up on this shore eventually, but I didn't think that you would be this…well…pathetic…"

    Link picked the sword up, its blade flashing in the sunlight. The blade suddenly turned dark as a shadow covered it. A young girl with long blonde hair owned that shadow, her arms were folded and she had almost no expression on her face.

    "Never mind that right now. We'd better leave this place." She looked around, as if she was expecting something. The girl led Link through a small town, a completely deserted town. Some of the shops lining the streets were slightly scorched, with smoke gently rising from the burnt marks. Each of the burns was in the same particular design. Link stopped to look at one of the markings, but the girl continued to hurry him along.

    "What happened here?" he asked.

    "A great evil passed through here not long ago, traveling to the Lone Forest. It didn't cause as much damage here as other places, but it drove the people of the city away and killed anyone that dared to remain here."

    "Then why are you still here?"

    "My grandfather and I stayed here, hiding, waiting for the evil to pass. We just barely survived." The girl continued to lead Link through the abandoned city, towards the forest. She stopped at a small building, looked around quickly and opened the door. The girl beckoned for Link to follow, and shut the door softly.

    "Okay, now we can talk," she said, sighing with relief. "You must've heard some of the legends, right?"

    "Sorry, but not really," Link answered truthfully. "What is you name?"

    "Oh, I almost forgot. My name is Zelda," she calmly replied.

    "Zelda! As in, Princess Zelda?" Although Link hadn't heard many legends, he did know about Princess Zelda. Who didn't? (Well, What LOZ fan wouldn't)

    "Oh, of course not!" Zelda opened a large book sitting on a table. "Although that would be interesting." Zelda put her serious face back on and looked down at a page in the book. "We don't have much time left before the evil in the forest will be on the move again, so we have to hurry. You should try and remember this one page here." She pointed to a page in the book. It had what looked like a long poem written on it.

In the wind, tales unfold.

Legends told of heroes, time, and destiny.

Here I am, in the woods.

Come and search, and you

Just might find me, look for me.

Round the flame,

Stories tell,

Puzzles lie.

Rivers flow,

Ice will melt,

Time goes by.

Desert days,

'Til the end,

The drum beats on.

Forest, Fire, Water, Spirit, Shadow, Light and Song, all as one.

    "That song was written many years ago, not long after the Hero of Time defeated Ganondorf," Zelda explained. "But it is more like a set of instructions than anything. It could turn things in our favor."

    "Wait, didn't you say you were here with your grandfather? Where is he?" Link asked.

    "He went to the forest…"

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