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Previously on Ideologies…

Rogue found out that Raven knew that Irene was going to die if the shape-shifter continued with her plans. Rogue felt betrayed when Raven did nothing about it. Speaking of betrayals, Rogue found out that Kurt was betraying the Brotherhood. Having just helped Jean Grey whose powers went all crazy, Rogue can't help but hear other people's thoughts. That was how she found out about Kurt's transgression. Hurt, confused, and incredibly anguished, Roguey left the Boarding House. Meanwhile, Kurt asked the X-Men to find the wandering rogue. Wolverine found her, under the guise of Sabertooth. An innocent bystander made the mistake of calling Rogue a monster, prompting the girl to attack the human. Fortunately, Wolverine saved the day. But in Rogue's confusion, she had shifted into Wolverine's form.


Chapter 20

"Monster!" An elderly lady screamed.

Something stirred in Rogue/Sabertooth's face. "I am not a monster." She declared as she advanced threateningly towards the woman, fists drawn up, ready to do damage. Suddenly, she was running towards the defenseless human.

"Run!" Wolverine screamed at the woman who seemed to be glued on the spot. He, too, took off running and pushed the raging Rogue/Sabertooth away.

With another scream, the woman broke out of her trance and into a run.

Wolverine and Rogue/Sabertooth ended up in a tangle on the road. Wolverine was pushed out of the way with super human strength.

"I am not a monster," she repeated as Sabertooth's features wore off. "Not a monster."

And soon, Wolverine found himself staring at his doppelganger.

"I am a man!" With an anguished scream, bone claws protruded out of Rogue/Wolverine's knuckles.

In shock, Wolverine took a step backward.

"Not a monster." It was Rogue who rasped. Wolverine knew it to be so. Her scent would not lie, but his sight reflected his own eyes staring back at him.

"Rogue," he tried to call out the teen inside, himself fighting the torrents of memories that he had painstakingly hidden within the depths of his own mind.

"I am a man." S/he waved a bloodied hand.

Wolverine adopted a defensive position, anticipating an attack.

"I am powerful."

Suddenly, the wind picked up, howling in the man-beast's sensitive ears. And before his very eyes, his own features melted into one of his old friend's.

"I am a goddess!"


Wolverine tried in vain to keep Rogue in place, but already, the energy vampire was rising through the air as Storm.

Belatedly, he remembered the communicator with him. "Shades? I found her."

Too much. Much too much.

"Mutie bitch!"

Rogue, who was not Rogue but a young girl of fourteen with bones protruding out of her body (one of the many nameless psyches she had absorbed over the years) whipped around and saw a group of college-aged men carrying various pieces of metal as weapons. No. No more! Please leave me alone!

"You don't deserve to live." One of the men snarled as he threateningly swung the long piece of pipe he held in his hands.

"Yeah," one of his companions nodded. "Mutant freaks been all over the world, making things filthy,"

"Need to do the world a favor and get rid of 'em."


Memories of large, looming men flashed in her mind. Men who would take her and her family away—lock them up and kill them slowly. No. Musn't let them take me. Musn't let them win. Must fight back. Must protect myself.

In her mind, she saw herself as a young man, a tell-tale star stitched on the breast of his tattered top, who tried running for his life, but the soldiers caught up. No where to run…no where to hide. They would be taking him to a camp, a camp where hundreds like him come into everyday but no one came out.

The men took a collective step back and glanced at each other uncertainly when they saw the mutant before them slowly shift. Her tanned skin paling into a chalk-white complexion. Her long hair shortened until it was shockingly white crown. The little girl was now a man. A man who easily lifted the make-shift weapons the men were carrying with an uncaring wave of her/his hand.

"The world is not for savages like you. The future is for the newest evolution of mankind!"

Behind her/him, a similar being was watching. A cold smile touched his normally grim lips. "My child," he revealed himself.

"Can't believe Wolverine lost her!" Cyclops muttered as he maneuvered the Jeep. "Now where are we going to look for her?"

"How about downtown?" Shadowcat suggested.


"Look," Jean pointed towards the car TV which was left on, showing the evening news.

Two Magnetos were duking it out downtown, unmindful of the destruction they caused.

"Ouch." Iceman winced as one of the Magnetos summoned ice which wrapped around the other Magneto's body. Then, the first Magneto's eyes let out a beam of red.

"I guess we found our Rogue." Cyclops muttered.

"And you wondered why Wolverine couldn't hold her." Spike muttered.

And throughout it all, Gambit remained silent.

With a great show of strength, Rogue/Magneto threw the real Erik Lensherr against a building. The force of the throw caused the latter to crush into it. Landing on the ground, Rogue/Magneto once again shifted. Her new persona was Avalanche. Placing one foot before him/her, her eyes turned white. The ground trembled mightily. Surrounding buildings collapsed.

Gambit cursed.

"Do you think Magneto could've survived that?" Kitty asked fearfully.

Cyclops' mouth turned into a straight line. The fight occurred in a business area. He knew that there were still people inside the collapsed buildings. They would rather stay in their offices than gamble with their lives in an attempt to escape. The fight happened so fast, no one had an opportunity to run away, no opportunity to conduct a rescue mission. Even in Magneto survived, no doubt that the innocent people who were in the surrounding buildings would not.

Even if they were able to help Rogue to return to some semblance of normality, how would the young woman go back to before knowing that she's responsible for the death of a lot of people?

"She's on the move again," Wolverine's voice came out clear despite the rumbling noise in the background. It was obvious that he was pushing his motorcycle to its limit going after the rogue Brotherhood mutant. "A rescue team's finally able to go in and look for survivors. There's no news about Magneto yet." Too late. He had come too late.

"Where to?" Cyclops asked as he prepared to maneuver the vehicle to a new direction.

"She's heading north. On the direction of Bayville High." Suddenly, Wolverine cursed and static filled the air.

"Wolverine!" Jean screamed. There were a few tense moments when nothing was heard through the communicator but dead air.

"Wherever you are, steer clear of tall buildings!" Wolverine's warning, odd though as it may seem, relieved everyone. "Rogue's still using Avalanche's power, causing every structure within her range to collapse."

"We'll try," Cyclops said dubiously.

"Alright. I'm gonna track her down. Out."

Almost immediately, Kitty's phone rang.

The voice on the other side started without preliminaries. "Kitty? It's Lance. We wanna help."

They finally found her in the school parking lot.

And it wasn't too difficult for them to do so. All they had to do was to follow the trail of destruction that she left behind her.

Not only did she destroy homes and buildings and cars and monuments (and pretty much anything that got in her way), she also left behind injured people in various states of consciousness.

As of last count, ten people were confirmed dead.

It was hard to believe that the girl who was huddled against the wall, rocking and whispering softly to herself was the same girl who single-handedly caused chaos around town.

"Roguey," Remy whispered as he slowly approached her.

"Stop. Stop. Too many voices. Too much. Too loud. Make it stop. Make it stop." Rogue squeezed her eyes shut.

Vulnerable. She looked so damned vulnerable.

"Rogue," Jean whispered. Then she tried to connect through her telepathically. It's alright, we're here to help.

As if an invisible switch was turned on, Rogue suddenly stood tall and proud, the weakness she was displaying earlier gone. "No!" A strong telekinetic force lashed through the X-Men, causing them to fall down in pain.

Rogue! Jean tried again. You helped me before, remember? Now it's our turn to help you. We're friends!

"I have no friends!" Slowly elevating, Rogue raised both her hands. The blue sky turned dark. Lightning occasionally lit the sky. Ominous thunders echoed in the distance.


The Brotherhood Jeep skidded to a stop behind the X-Men's vehicle.

Without waiting for it to stop fully, Kurt ported out and into the space between his sister and the X-Men. "Shwester!"

Rogue turned to him. Her eyes flashed yellow dangerously. Then she ported.

And Kurt soon found himself face-to-face with his sister.

Whose face shows no sign of recognition.

"Traitor." Rogue spat out as a hand suddenly grabbed for Kurt's throat.

Choking, Kurt felt his feet slowly lose contact with the ground.

The Brotherhood attempted to help, but the ground shook and gave, causing them to fall down.

Stop it, Rogue! Jean tried again.

Rogue's free hand shot out towards Jean and the X-Men as various metal objects rose from the ground before circling threateningly around the redhead.

Jean was able to put herself and her teammates in a telekinetic bubble. She was about to try again when Gambit placed a restraining hand on her shoulder.

"You'll only aggravate her further." He said, his red eyes flashing. "Let me out, Red."


"Let her out, Jean." It was Cyclops.

Green eyes met red shades. Jean nodded.

And soon, Gambit was out of the shield. "Put 'im down, chere,"

Rogue ignored him as Kurt choked painfully.

"You're stronger than this, cher," Remy said soothingly as he calmly walked towards her. "The woman I know would not let herself be controlled by her emotions."

Through Kurt's pain, he saw something shift in his sister's eyes.

"Fight it, Roguey. You can do it," Remy said. He was now close enough to touch her. And touch her he did, grasping her free hand. "Chere, you're the strongest woman I know." He placed a kiss on her palm.

Kurt saw a tear fall down her creamy cheek. "I'm sorry," he rasped out. "I l-love you…M-Marie,"

Rogue gasped, as if she had been deprived of air for a long, long time. She dropped Kurt and dropped to her knees.

And then all Remy could hear was the heart wrenching sobs of a broken woman.

Remy watched as the chamber which held Rogue slowly fill with paralysis fluid.

She was unconscious, yet her feet and arms were restrained, a precaution. Though he knew that if she wakes, nothing would be able to confine her, not even the metal chains that bound her wrists and ankles. But she remained in her slumber. As the chamber was filled to its brim, Remy touched the cool glass that was between him and his heart. This might be the last time he sees Rogue again.

A hand touched his shoulder.

"It's the right thing to do." Charles Xavier told him quietly.

The world demanded blood for all the lives that were lost. Someone had to pay. Or else all the mutants would suffer more than they already are.

Her sanity is connected by but a thread. The smallest of provocation would cause her to snap.

The guilt she was feeling during her lucid intervals is enough to make her go insane, to make her withdraw inside her mind again.

She believed herself to be beyond hope. So does the world. And what's more, so does the most powerful telepath in the planet.

There was no other choice.

Remy nodded. If there was anyone who understood the pain he was feeling, it was he who caused his own brother's imprisonment to protect the rest of the world.

Remy's mouth curved into an ironic and bitter smile. The rest of the world. The woman who meant the world to him is imprisoned in the glass container so that the rest of the world would be safe. His hands made a tight fist. He swore to track down the woman who drove Rogue into insanity.

He vowed to hunt down Mystique like the animal she is.


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