Author: Vona

Title: Little Child Lost

Rating: PG-13

Pairing; S/S

Disclaimer:  Nope. Still don't own them.

Summary: Set during Succession.  Sydney and Sark escape during the trade.

Little Child Lost

Chapter One


            It was sweltering.  Deserts tended to be that way.  The heat was so dry; waves of warmth seemed to be rolling against the bright gold sand.  The sun was blaring down on Sark, nearly blinding him.  He'd been cooped up inside a Plexiglas cage for nearly two years without any hint of sun.  Being outside was an adjustment, not that he was complaining.  He'd been stir-crazy since day one.  Another major adjustment was seeing Sydney again.  He wasn't sure where Sydney had been for the past few years, but he had several thoughts on it.  Not that any of it mattered.  In a few short moments, he was going to be traded to an unknown terrorist organization that most likely wanted him dead.  He was debating at the moment whether being dead or being in custody was better.  He didn't have nearly enough time to ponder that question because Sydney was telling him he was up.  He started the journey across the desert, almost halfway there when a helicopter flew from behind the mountains as several policia cars sped down the flat ground.  He glanced between both groups to see who had betrayed whom.  Unfortunately, neither seemed to be claiming responsibility for the double cross.  Gunfire burst from each side and Sark threw himself on the ground in one fluid motion.  Next to him, the idiot CIA agent, collapsed, his hands covering his head.  Sark knew that this was the opportunity he'd been waiting for.  He could be completely free from all of them.  Sark crawled slowly towards the CIA caravan, figuring it would be easier to steal a car from the agents then it would be from The Covenant.  Sydney, the miracle woman, stood behind a door, firing her rifle from across the desert.  She looked beautiful amidst all the glittering granules and dark vehicles, so lost and so beautiful.  He jerked her behind one of the vans, knocking the gun down from her grasp.  She seemed surprised to see him back on their side instead of in the center of the desert.  That was good, because that meant most of the other agents wouldn't have noticed. 


"I'm getting out of here, Sydney.  I think you should come with me."

"What?  You think I'm going to let you waltz out of here…"

"I don't think you have much of a choice.  Sydney, I have contacts the CIA and your father don't have.  Come with me and we'll find out where you've been."

"No.  Absolutely not.  You're not going anywhere, either."

Sark watched her skeptically, then scanned the desert for the easiest escape route.

"I will be leaving in ten seconds.  My offer to help you discover your past will be off the table then.  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3…"

Indecision marred Sydney's delicate features.  Sydney grabbed her gun from his hold and slid into the open door of one SUV.  He ran to the other side, where Agent Weiss was yelling into his communication link.  Sark kicked Weiss in the stomach and hit him in the back of the head.  He grabbed up the machine gun from Weiss's unconscious grip before jumping into the SUV.  He peeled away from the bloody scene behind him, Sydney sulking in the back seat of the car.

            They'd entered a tiny town after driving south for nearly an hour.  Sark had looped around; on the off chance that someone was following them.  They would construe he'd gone north instead and try to cut him off there.  Sydney hadn't spoken since they'd driven off into the proverbial sunset and it worried him.  Sydney wasn't exactly the silent type, at least not the Sydney he used to know so well.  He glanced to the back seat, almost to assure himself of her presence.  She was staring out the tinted window at the cacti flying by.

"Sydney, I think we need to find new transportation.  It's not exactly ingenious to be traveling around in a stolen CIA vehicle when they're trying to track us."

Sydney seemed to snap out of it.  Sark pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the engine.  He began to massage his wrists, where his handcuffs had left red rims around them.  Sark unlocked the doors and stretched.  Sydney followed his actions and stood there, staring at him.  She seemed to just realize she'd run off with Mr. Sark, leaving the CIA and everything she used to know behind.

"Why did I come with you, Sark?"  She sounded almost shell shocked and Sark wondered if he would be able to help her.  For some reason, he wanted to.  She'd locked him up for two years and he wanted to help her.  He was an assassin, a spy, a terrorist and he wanted to help a CIA agent.  Figures. 

"You want to know what happened to you and I will help you find it."
"How do I know you really well?  This could be an elaborate ruse to get me away from the CIA to kill me."

"You know I will.  You have to trust me."

Sydney snorted in disgust.  "Trust you?  We're both fugitives now!  There's no reason for me to trust you.  There's no reason for me to trust anyone.  I trusted Vaughn and look where that got me.  Sloane, Francie, Noah, Danny, Dixon…"

Sydney trailed off, withdrawing back inside herself.  Sark couldn't let that happen.  If he wanted to help Sydney, she had to reach her full potential, and feeling sorry for herself was not it.

"Sydney, you can trust me.  If I wanted to hurt you, I would have done it long ago.  You know that."

Sydney nodded a bit, pushing a stray piece of hair back into her braid.  Sark sighed as he looked for any sign of a decent car to swipe.  Of course, being a little town in Mexico, they didn't really have anything suitable to him.  He started to walk.

"Sark, where are we going?"


"Wait!"  He stopped at her sudden outburst and turned to look at her.  Sydney pulled off a comm. link from her ear, realizing she still had it.  She dropped it on the ground and stomped on it, breaking the metal into tiny bits.  Sydney realized that she'd just severed all ties with the CIA.  Her only affiliation now was Sark.

"We're going to Moscow."

"Why Moscow?"

"I have a contact there."


"You're inquisitive all of a sudden.  We traveled for an hour and you didn't say a word."

Sydney shrugged.  Sark grinned boyishly as he found what he was searching for, a red Mercedes.  He bent down, picking it open without setting the alarm off.  He still had it. Sydney slid in first and Sark started the ignition.  They drove on south, knowing soon they'd have to stop for the night.  It was getting late.