Author: pratz

Notes and Disclaimer for all following chapters:

First; Sesshoumaru and co. belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise. I just use them for the fun of writing, so I hope there'll be no sue towards this silly fic writer (but flames will be welcomed ).

Second; please excuse any grammatical error and mistakes (English isn't my native language, I tell you). Also excuse for the character's bashing and OOC-ness.

Third; there'll be some dirty languages, mature content (I hope I don't write that too explicit ;), angst and over-whelming anguish. I do not have any responsible if someone feels like being agitated by the material. Inu Yasha does exist here, but no too much compares to Sesshoumaru's part (gomen to all Inu Yasha lover). And as like my other fics, this fic is going to have more and more dialogues inside.

Fourth; I'm going to use quotes and events from other anime, manga, show, and novel for this fic, and I wouldn't be too dement to claim them as mine and get you all sue me. I say once again, they all respectfully belong to their owner.

Fifth; I don't promise this fic will finish so soon, but I never write a fic if I don't know how to put an end on it. I promise this fic will be finished, don't worry, but the speed depends on your reviews and comments. So please read and review, good readers!