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Chapter 6: A Mere Surface

The first thing that came into Kagome's mind was 'what's this?!!'

Oh please. That sounds cocky, Kagome. Say something better!

Half-heartily, she ignored the disturbing voice inside her head as she watched Sesshoumaru tumbling down to the ground.

Yes. The great and arrogant youkai lord had fallen.

I'd like to think that you would said the last two words cheerfully, 'Gome-chan.

"Just shut up," Kagome snapped mutely. Now she really wished the voice would just go and leave her alone.

Well, not perfectly, completely alone. Sesshoumaru was here, too, right? And the said youkai lord had just fallen down.

In her panicked mind, she didn't even realize that she had said 'Sesshoumaru falls' three times along.

It's not like she didn't try to prevent him from getting fall. She really had tried. She had reached out her hand to grab his left hand, and yet... the silk material of his sleeve slipped through her fingers as if... as if—

—he had no left arm.

The youkai lord roared even louder as his body shook. The ripped clothes on his chest gave her a frightening show. The skin beneath the clothes was beginning to color an ugly greenish. She wasn't sure if it's his blood or else, but she remembered the cause of it. The thunder youkai Sesshoumaru had fought to before got him hit on the chests. And she wondered if the blow wasn't only a mere strike.

"Poison," she whispered as she realized, half afraid about the youkai lord's condition. What if Sesshoumaru would be lacking of control because of the poison? What if Sesshoumaru would be a more frightening feature than he was already now? What if—

All what ifs clouded her mind and only a rough moan snapped her from her thoughts.


Hurriedly, she raced to get him. The youkai lord sprawled on the ground, face much paler than usual, and the same flush of greenish seemed now to be reaching his upper arm.

"What should I do, damn it?!" she cried out in panic. "I'm not Florence Nightingale! Sesshoumaru, get up!"

"Kagome-sama! Here! Here! It's me!"

Something popped onto her cheek. She slapped her palm onto her cheek—only to get a squeaking Myouga fell to her lap.

"Myouga! Help me! Sesshouma—"

"I know, Kagome-sama, no need to explain. Looks like I come at the right time."

Kagome squeaked in horror as something cylindrical and wet touched her hand which laid on the grass. She turned around to see what 'thing' behind her was.

Her heart leaped immediately to her throat.

A fox, a huge one, feet and tail blazing with flames, was licking her hand. Somehow she couldn't help but thought back to her lazy cat back home, Buyou. Hell no. Buyou was a ten-fold safer to pet than this creature. The word 'tame' wouldn't suit this creature at all.

"This beast, Kagome-sama, is Lord Inutaisho's pet," Myouga stated proudly even though his voice barely reached the still-shocked Kagome. "Kirara."

The creature nuzzled its head onto Kagome's lap as if to say a greeting.

"Kirara likes you, Kagome-sama."

"Ki—" she stuttered weakly, "Kira—what?"

"This beast's name, Kagome-sama. Kirara. Now," Myouga tilted his head to Sesshoumaru, "we should get him back."

Kagome wondered why Myouga used the phrase of 'get him back'.

Kirara walked graciously to the youkai lord. Sesshoumaru was moaning softly, face downward, greenish flush now was reaching his neck. His face was torn between pain, breathlessness, and humiliation. Kagome couldn't help but thought how the hell the arrogant youkai lord still could think of being ashamed even now.

"Kirara, bite Sesshoumaru-sama."

"What?!" Kagome yelped. "Myouga, tell me I was misheard. Bite him?! Really, really bite him?! Him?! Kirara has to bite Sesshoumaru?!"

"By all means, yes. Kirara's fangs contain one of the most powerful poison history has ever known. I saw Sesshoumaru-sama's battle just ago and I know who Hiten was. The raijin youkai's poison can kill human as much as Kirara's poison will do. In other words, they're more than dangerous."

"So why y—"

"To conquer conflagration, just run to the centre of the flame. That," Myouga murmured, "is what I'm doing."

"Oh," Kagome suddenly lost the need to argue. "Right."

She hoped it was.

She felt as if she was a mother hen.

Sesshoumaru's head was pillowed by her lap, sleeping. She recalled the moment Kirara had bitten the youkai lord, the moment Sesshoumaru had swayed his hand and caused Kirara thrown a few meters away, and the moment the youkai lord enmeshed with unimaginable pain for almost full two hours after the biting.

Myouga had said that two kinds of poison were battling each other inside Sesshoumaru's body. Both of them were evil, vicious, and perfect murderers. Sesshoumaru had known those facts and he did never want to bet his own life. Thus, that explained why he threw Kirara away. Yet, the beast was way too powerful for a poisoned youkai even he's a lord. It ended with Kirara's sharp fangs embedded on Sesshoumaru's arm.

After that, his defense was broken.

And she witnessed his collapsing at that time.

She sighed. Sesshoumaru didn't seem as powerful as he might be seen. Well, she didn't know exactly how strong the lord was, true, but she never imagined that the youkai lord would lose to poisons. Worse, now he was sleeping with his head on her lap. He didn't even stir once. Hell, that sounded like a so cheap story for her. So sappy.

All of this sounded dreamily. Her coming here, his revival, the two swords, the raijin youkai and so said 'master', the fight, and... all. She might write her story and sold it to those people who believed in parallel world or else.

Yet, it's not like she was the heroine of the story.

Or was she?


"Myouga," she replied softly.

"You look as if you were thinking so hard. May I know what you're thinking even just a little bit?"

She watched the flea propped up on her shoulder. "He'll wake up, won't he?"

"He has to. The journey has just begun. He couldn't stop here."

"Why don't we take him back to his home? I mean, he has a family, right?" she noted Myouga's sudden grief expression. "Or maybe not..."

"Oh, it's not like that, Kagome-sama. Sesshoumaru-sama has a family, but—"


The flea sighed heartily. "It's a long, long story. I have no right at all to tell you, pardon me. When the time is coming, surely he would tell you himself."

"Come on," she nagged. "Just a little bit will do you no harm."



The flea sighed once again, this time in defeat. "You definitely really are hard to beat, aren't you?"

She just smiled almost devilish.

Sesshoumaru did have a family. Besides his father who had once visited her in her dream, the youkai lord had some other persons who shared the same blood of his. He had a mother, of course, but Myouga said nothing about the youkai lady. He refused to spill anything about Sesshoumaru's mother, standing firm on his thought of 'the lord will tell you in the time'. Another family member he had was a younger brother. Now she knew why Inutaisho had once said 'sons' instead of 'son'.

She watched the silvery head on her lap. Sesshoumaru's cheek, marred with two red stripes—a full reminder of what he was, was now looked pale. An instinct of motherly nature kicked in and unconsciously she brought her hand to trail the red streaks.

"Who would have thought that you have a brother, huh?" she said, so soft that it almost unheard. "A half-brother no less."

His eyes flew open slowly. She was mesmerized by the golden orbs beneath the eyelids yet his eyes were empty—so empty as if he had lost his soul. She found almost nothing there.

"Myouga told you?"

She realized he had heard her words. He knew. "Yes."

"I will kill him."

"Myouga didn't do it by his own will," she argued. "I made him tell me."

"Then I will kill you, too."

"Could you?" she mocked sardonically. "I think a noble lord won't kill just because someone knows a story about his... bloodline."

"A lord does have his pride."

"Your pride can go to hell for all I care."

Silence, then, "My family is not like what you think. What you know now is just a mere surface of deeper matters."

"Then why don't you tell me?"

"I have no obligation to tell you," Sesshoumaru snarled, anger rose once again in his tone.

A corner of Kagome's mouth twitched. This arrogant lord would undoubtedly be her death one day. No, she wouldn't get picked even more. Get irritated meant she was lost. She didn't like to lose at all.

The youkai lord closed his eyes again. Flash of memories ran through his mind. These later day's moments replayed again as well as some memories from past years. He hated them. He hated weaknesses.

Somehow, she didn't ever realize how her hand was still on his cheek all the time even though he was asleep once again.

"Do you hate your family that much, Sesshoumaru?"

Her whisper was swallowed by night as a perfect moon was rising from its chamber.

Only a beginning of all problems, Kagome. Only a mere surface of all matters.

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