And as an added apology I have included this epilogue, so hopefully you'll enjoy (don't kill me!) And I decided what the hell? So I'm adding both of these chapters to

Rin's POV


"Hm, I wonder if Kagome realizes that her emotions color the barrier from this side of the realms?" I sat in the large window seat of my father's office and stared out at the rainbow display going on in the barrier. I couldn't help but grin impishly as a particularly bright flash shot along the solidified Shikon powers that my granddaughter holds in place.

"It's doubtful that she does," golden eyes peered over the edge of the paper in hand before looking back down at the papers on the owner's desk. The High King of All Evil was currently going over the paperwork of the thousands of condemned souls who are currently appealing for their release from Hell. All that bureaucracy stuff, you know. "After all, most demons don't know how to fully see the barrier in the same way that we do, so very few being even see the barrier at all."

"Whatever happened to the day where we could go slaughtering thousands at a time without having to worry about them popping back up asking if they've served enough time to get reborn yet or not?" I asked sympathetically when I saw my father rubbing his temples. He fixed me a droll stare before sliding his chair back and joining me at the window.

"I'm giving them points for stamina. Exactly how long have they been at it?" I munched on my popcorn.

"It's only been a few hours. And considering that he's a fox it's not that impressive yet," the inu-youkai responded with his usual bored look.

"But she's a human, all training and powers aside. And anyways, aside from the occasional short rest here and there they haven't really shown any signs of stopping anytime soon. I'm glad she's happy though. Don't you think its fabulous Papa?" I smile over at him.

"At least her taste has improved. I'd hate to think that the best she could do is my worthless brother. Speaking of taste, exactly when are you going to find a mate of your own?" he fixed me with a demanding glare.

"Hey! I was mated before! You can't call me on that one!"

"Considering that you killed him after only a couple of months of being together, I'm not sure he should actually count as a mate."

"Hey, I didn't kill him! He died accidentally… of natural causes!"

That's my story and I'm sticking to it, so there!

"You stabbed him," my beloved father pointed out in what I'm sure he thought was a reasonable tone.

"My knife slipped," I responded before shoving some more popcorn in my mouth. Ooooh! I wonder what Kurama did to Kagome that prompted a response like that?!

"Seventy eight times?"

Lalala! I'm not listening! Oh that reminds me…

"Hey it's after seven in the Ningenkai right? I should go pick up Shippou! I left him with Shiori, so they could get to know each other but I was going to take him with me when I go back to Muki's fortress."

"I'm sure Mukuro will be thrilled to see you both. And don't think I didn't notice you changing the subject on me," my father announced in his most disdainful voice. Heh, nothing gets past the great Sesshomaru!

"Gotta go!" I grin and allow myself to fall backward into my own shadow.

"Brat! I wasn't finis-" My beloved father's words fade behind me as I become swallowed by the shadow.