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Five year old Harry Potter awake with a start as his Aunt Petunia banged on his cupboard door and screeched, "Up! Get UP, you lazy boy!" Harry stopped himself from groaning as he heard the latch on the door get unlocked and his aunt gave one last bang on the door for good measure. Harry had been hoping that the last five years of his life had just been one long elaborate dream, and he would wake up. Everyday he hoped this would be the case and everyday he was vaguely disappointed.

Harry knew he had to hurry, though, or he would be in trouble. He quickly sat up and picked up an almost toothless comb from a small ledge inside the cupboard. He ran it a few times over his unruly hair, for what good it would do, and pushed his door open slowly. He shut the door behind him and relocked the cupboard, knowing that if it accidentally flew open during the course of the day he would find himself locked inside for the next day or so.

Walking timidly into the kitchen, Harry was assaulted with the savory smells of bacon and eggs frying as well as coffee for Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Aunt Petunia looked expectantly at Harry, and when Harry didn't say anything, she said, "Well, what are you waiting for, boy, make the toast! And you better not burn it! I want everything to be perfect on my Duddikin's first day of school!" She then left Harry alone to make the toast and went to wake up her son.

Harry smiled. He had forgotten that today was the first day of school. He would finally be allowed to meet other kids his age and maybe even make a friend or two. Surely it couldn't be that difficult to make new friends? Harry grinned in with the knowledge that he would finally have a chance to have some fun, as his aunt, uncle, and cousin all entered the room.

"Boy!" His uncle's loud voice boomed out, "Have you finished my breakfast yet?" Harry nodded, with the grin still plastered on his face. "And wipe that stupid smirk off your face before I wipe it off for you." Harry realized his error and quickly hid his smile. He then sat down at the table and quickly consumed the dry toast and water placed in front of him, then watched in disgust as Dudley swallowed piece after piece of the greasy bacon. His uncle saw Dudley too, but instead of disgust, he was beaming with pride. He ruffled his son's hair and proudly proclaimed, "That's right, my boy, you need to grow big and strong just like your father." This seemed to fall on deaf ears, though, as Dudley was still incredibly focused on devouring any and all food within a five foot radius of himself.

He stopped abruptly though, seeing Harry stare at him, and then smiled evilly. He then picked up the last piece of bacon and waved in front of Harry's face, taunting him with the prospect of extra food. Harry eyed the bacon warily, knowing that Dudley would not just give him the bacon. He was right, as soon as his hand lifted just slightly to reach for it, Dudley pulled his hand back and licked the piece of bacon slowly before he consumed the final piece of bacon. Harry just crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Dudley, more angry at himself than anything. He should have known better.

Luckily, Dudley was finished and Harry was finally allowed to leave the table. His aunt told the boys to get their book bags for school and wait by the door for her to walk them to the bus stop. Harry ran to his cupboard and grabbed the grocery bag that he was lucky to use as a book bag and remembering to lock the door shut, he ran to the front door and waited patiently for his aunt and cousin.

His cousin came crashing down the stairs first, and only stopped just as he had knocked into Harry and both boys tumbled onto the ground, with Harry on the bottom, practically suffocating from his large cousin's bulk, especially as he was smaller than most other children his age, anyways. His aunt came into the room just as Dudley and Harry were trying to untangle themselves. His aunt gently lifted her son off the floor, leaving Harry to pick himself up. She then demanded to know what happened. Dudley immediately began to sniffle, "Oh, mummy, it was horrible! I was just walking to the door like you told us to and Harry threw himself at me. Why would he want to do that to me, mum?"

Harry's mouth dropped open at the lie his cousin so easily just told. He wanted so much to jump onto the fatter boy and try to choke him. He very much doubted that his scrawny hands would be able to complete the task, however, so he stayed silent and listened as his aunt coddled his cousin and sent him murderous glares that meant after school he would be in trouble. Harry sighed and followed his aunt and cousin out the door and down the street to the bus stop. He wasn't included in the conversation his aunt and cousin were having, so he quietly walked in their shadows, day dreaming. A few doors down, he vaguely noted that someone new was moving into the neighborhood, and he vaguely felt sorry for the new person, knowing his aunt would be spying on them. Once they reached the bus stop, Harry saw other children there, all bigger and older than he was. He looked around in interest and even got some girls to smile at him and gush about how cute he was. Harry smiled, there were some people in the world who liked him!

He happily boarded the bus for his first full day of school, and shuddered at the sight in front of him. He found a seat near the front and sat down, grasping his grocery bag closer to him as other kids were slowly piling on the bus. Harry looked out the window to see a teary Aunt Petunia wave good bye to Dudley and shout out, "I'll pick you up this afternoon dear! I love you!" Dudley then waddled over to the bus and with a small amount of difficulty climbed the stairs and sat down a few seats away from Harry with a boy who Harry mentally nicknamed 'rat face'. He heard the beginnings of their conversation, "Hello, I'm Dudley Dursley, what's your name?" "Piers Polkiss, glad to meet you." the boy replied. Harry shuddered to think what typed of person would actually want to be friends with his overweight and obnoxious cousin, but he figured maybe the boy was just trying to be polite, and he looked straight ahead, preparing himself to meet his first friend.

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