Disclaimer: I do not own or pretend to own CSI.  I am only attempting to take the characters off the screen and put them deeper into your imaginations.

Genre:  G/S - Romance -- Regency Historical

Summary:  Grissom and Sara's lives change in a flash.

A/N:  This story has been posted twice and due to certain circumstances I removed it each time.  It is being posted again since being updated.  There are now five chapters.  I hope you enjoy them and there should be another one in a couple of weeks.

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            Flashes of light illuminated the room, intermittently casting shadows and lending an eerie feel to the dark room.  Rising slowly, careful not to disturb the evidence, Gil Grissom gazed at the tall brunette crouched by his side.  Ignorant of his gaze on her, she remained still while his eyes strayed longer than necessary, taking in her features, the deep groove between her brows, indicating her deep concentration.  The Maglite, held firmly in her grasp, clarified her profile as she peered down at the floor.  She bit her lip as she contemplated the disheveled mess before her.  Her hair, tucked neatly behind her ear began to fall forward against her cheek.  His hand tentatively reached forward, but just as quickly withdrew, as she pushed the straying lock of hair back into place.

            Pulling a pair of tweezers from her case, Sara Sidle carefully retrieved a particle that had captured her attention, from the floor.  His eyes traveled down her body as she moved forward, stopping at her long and graceful neck, then his gaze fell over her small breasts, quivering from each breath.  A soft sigh, barely audible, escaped from his lips.  Her shirt had risen from her crouched stance, giving a partial view of her firm stomach and the small of her back.  After collecting the item and placing it in her case, she stood, stretching from her previous cramped position.  She stripped one of the latex gloves from her hand with a snap.  His eyes held her for a moment more then flickered briefly before returning to the floor.

            As his light flashed forth, illuminating the room, their faces uncannily shared the same look of unemotional detachment.  The crime scene consisted of shards of glass from the broken displays, jewels and jewelry intermingled with the glass, brilliantly glimmering from the warm touch of the flashlight.   As if on cue, they both took a tentative step forward.  At the sound of crunching glass beneath their feet, Grissom turned back to Sara, motioning for her to remain where she was.  Another couple of steps brought him to a small bundle on the floor.  When he picked it up, it was clearly a small scarf.  He retraced his steps, moving further forward to stand close to his partner.  Her eyes scanned the piece of cloth in his hand. 

            Trying to look at the object inside the scarf, Grissom fumbled with the Maglite in his other hand, nearly dropping it.  Sara gingerly took the light and guided it over his hand.  The cloth was finally moved out of the way, uncovering a beautifully engraved diamond ring, twinkling in the luminescent light.  She reached for it but stopped abruptly, looking at her ungloved hand.  Grissom, his voice low and strong, said, "I'll just put this in my case, then we should head back to the lab with what we have."  Sara indicated her agreement with a nod.

            Grissom suddenly lurched forward, his feet tripping on the silver case at his feet.  Sara stirred swiftly, trying to prevent his body from falling to the floor.  Slipping out of Grissom's grasp, the ring went flying through the air, no longer enshrouded by its covering.  When it began to fall to the floor, they lunged for it simultaneously. 

            It seemed to happen in slow motion, as if time had slowed.  She reached forward, her hand opening directly below it.  She began to lose her balance as her feet also tripped over her case.  She grabbed onto Grissom's arm to steady herself as the ring landed safely in her hand.  Her fingers closed over the ring, entrapping it in her clasp.  A bright light flashed at that instant, and was gone just as quickly, taking with it the two CSIs.  Darkness fell over the empty shop.