A/N:I'm re-writing this story, because I realized what horrible writing I had as a kid. I feel so ashamed for my writing skills, so to apologize I'm going to start re-writing all of my old fics. It might take a while, but I will certainly try. Lord Help me.

Story: Stalker at my Heels
Fandom: Beyblade
Pairings: Kai/Tyson, Rei/Max, and some other mushed in probably
Rating: It's a secret

Chapter One: Stranger than Fiction

It was nothing but sounds that filled his head. The sounds that rattled in his brain were keeping him awake, and how badly he wanted so sleep, he was aching. The air was thick with water and he felt a thin bead of sweat drip down his back and under the collar of his shirt. It filled his lungs, trying to rouse him, along with the sounds that reverberated around him. He was sticky, he was hot, and was really damn sleepy.

The sounds were starting to fade out, and cool pressure was resting on his shoulders, massaging the tensed muscles that had bunched up. The air no longer clung to him. His head was clear. He could finally get some sleep…

"Mr. Kinomiya, I would advise you to pay attention in my class if you want to pass. Exams are coming up, and you should at least have an inkling of the course material if you even have a desire to pass them. You are lucky today, as the class is now dismissed. Everyone, have a good day and study hard for those finals." A sharp slap of leather against tiles drifted away from him, and Tyson Kinomiya chanced a look up from his arms that he rested his head on.

He blinked wearily and let out a yawn that split his mouth open in a wide gap as he glanced over to a blonde that was packing his bag. When his yawn subsided he let out a big grin and called out to him. "Hey Max, you wanna go grab some chow? I'm seriously hungry after that lecture of his." He rubbed a hand on the back of his neck where sweat was starting to gather in an effort to rid him of the awkward coolness.

The blonde turned to him and copied the grin, but with less enthusiasm. "I totally would Tyson, but there is an assignment that I put off for you last week in order to get some food. And it's due tomorrow. So I have to pass on the offer. Maybe you should too, since I know you probably haven't done the assignment either."

Tyson groaned at the thought of the work he had been putting off and how it was taking up most of the space on his desk at home, threatening to topple over. "Fine, spoil sport. I'll walk home with you though, as there might be some creeps around the corners waiting for a slim thing like you to waltz into their 

grip."Max let out an uneasy laugh as Tyson stood up from the desk and stretched his body out. After he heard the satisfying crack, he swung his beat up book bag over his shoulder and grinned up at his friend.

"You ready to go?" Max nodded and smiled at his friend.

Walking out of the room together, Tyson wound his arm around Max's shoulders, causing the shorter blonde to topple over to into his side, and brushed his knuckles over his friends scalp. A grin spread across the blondes face and became much livelier than it was in the school, and Tyson thought, 'That's the face that suits him the best.'

"Oi, Kinomiya, don't get fresh with your boyfriend out in public. Some people don't wanna see that gross gay stuff. Why don't you wait until you're at home, then you can cuddle with the reject without making anybody nauseous," An awkward kid that was sitting on the fence called out. The kids around him gaffed loudly at the attack. Tyson tilted his head slightly to look over at them, arm still around Max's shoulders, and gave them a tired look.

"Aren't you sick of listening to yourself? You sound like a cow with mad cow disease. So why don't you use that mouth for cleaning the floor up?" The kids laughed again, even if it was at the expense of one of their own. The kid's neck and ears turned red, and he snarled at Tyson.

"Fine, go enjoy your little half-breed bastard!" Max looked down at the ground and bit his lip as Tyson's hold on him became tighter. "Yeah, you heard me, you little misplaced Momma's boy! Why don't you go back to the place you came from! You might fit in better there with your hair!" The group was laughing loudly, pointing and holding their stomachs as the kid continued on with his assault.

But it stopped abruptly. Max looked up to see the kid that was making fun of him had fallen off the fence and was laying in the dirt holding his face, blood dripping down in between his fingers. The group of kids looked at each other unsurely, then glanced back at the kid lying on the ground who seemed just as shocked as they were.

"My-my nose! I broke my nose! Who did it, who pushed me!?" The kid glanced back at his friends who shook their heads one by one. "One of you had to push me! I felt hands on my back! Don't you guys lie to me!" Tyson steered Max away from the squabble and, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to get away, walked them through the front gates.

Once they were far enough, Tyson let his arm fall from Max's shoulders and placed both of his hands behind his head and looked over to Max.

"Don't let it get to ya Max. He's just a prick." Max rolled his shoulders, trying to adjust to the weight that had been taken off them when Tyson shifted away.

"It's alright, I understand. I've been going through it since I first came here years ago. I've heard it all before, as they're too dumb to come up with anything new besides 'Half-breed bastard'." Tyson sighed loudly and glanced at the setting sun, trying to think of a different topic to start up on.

"Man, I wish we got out earlier than this. It's so dull to listen to some people that are filled with nothing but air. And they're so against me, you've seen them!" Max turned to Tyson and let out a laugh, a bright grin making its way across his face, and wiggled a finger at him. "That's because they know you don't do anything, and that you don't like them in return. So they just return the favor."

Tyson sighed as he glanced away from the sun, but a brief flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye made him pause in his walking. Max, realizing his friend wasn't beside him anymore, looked over his shoulder to see a strained look plastered on Tyson's face.

"What's wrong Tyson?"

Tyson blinked a couple of times before he looked over to his friend grinning. "Oh, it's nothing. Sorry about that, it's just I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and for a second I thought it was my grandfather. You know how he's jumping out of places all the time to catch me off guard. I think I'm just paranoid." His friend nodded in understanding as he waited for his friend to catch up to him.

Even with the sun fading out the air was still hot and moist and clung to their skins like an illness. Max let out a huff of air as he hooked a finger underneath the collar of his school uniform and pulled it up from his skin and watched as little traces of moisture face down his skin. He scrunched up his face in disgust and let his shirt fall back into place. He glanced at his friend, whose tanned skin was shinning from the moisture that clung to the air, and let out a disappointed sigh. His skin was so fair that he burns easily and looked oily if introduced to moisture-heavy air such as this. And nobody liked his freckles. All the kids use to make fun of him when he was little, saying that he had permanent dirt stuck on his face.

"What's wrong Max? You look like all the noodles at the ramen stand are gone or something? Are you still stuck on that guy that broke his nose? I told ya buddy, just ignore him, he doesn't know what he's missin', cause I know I got the greatest friend in the world, even if he his blonde." Max looked over at Tyson with wide eyes, while Tyson sheepishly rubbed a finger under his nose while his skin flushed slightly. Max's eyes slowly returned to normal, and a smile spread across his face.

"Thanks Tyson." Looking ahead, the road spilt, marking the end of their walk. "I'll see you tomorrow Tyson, and remember to do your homework, or else that teacher will pick on you the whole class. Oh, and since tomorrow is Saturday, can I sleep over or something. I got that new game that you wanted to try out." Tyson gapped at his friend.

"You mean you got Super Monkey Warriors Super Deluxe Edition?! Man, you can totally come over if you bring that over with you. Alright! See you tomorrow!" Pumped with energy, Tyson jumped in the air, clicked his heels, and ran down the street. Max chuckled, swinging his book bag over to his other shoulder and proceeded down the way to his neighborhood.

It was a quiet walk home, as it usually was without the boisterous Tyson talking at breakneck speed about food or games. 'Maybe he'll actually do his homework… never mind. He'll probably just come up to me tomorrow, begging to copy my own work,' Max thought as he rounded a corner, almost in sight of his house.

Up in the trees, two shadows sat among the throng of pink flowers that were beginning to wilt from the heat. A hand idly played with one of the delicate pink flowers watching the blonde rounded the corner and out of sight. The blossom was tossed gently into the night sky and floated down to the ground gracefully. An elongated sigh broke the stillness, and one of the cloaked figures turned to the other.

"Can we proceed yet? I wish to hold him again. To be this close and yet being out of reach is incredibly irritating. So can we?" A disgusted snort followed after.

"Don't you know the meaning of the word patience? If you want this to work, shut up, sit back, stop whining, and follow the plan. If you think this is only hard for you, you are dead wrong. So go back to playing with the flowers or something productive."

"Lighten up you old sack of meat. I was only telling you my most secret desires right now. The least you can do is humor me." A dark skinned hand picked at another blossom, only for it to erupt into flames. The cloaked figure let out a yelp and dropped it, then turned to glare at its partner from under the hood. "That was uncalled for, you big galoot. That poor flower did nothing to you."

"That was just a preview of what I'm going to do to you if you don't shut up. Now shut up."