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Max ran out of the tower and into the forest that was below it. He kept on running, he couldn't stop. He promised Rei that he would keep on running, so he just had to keep on running.

Max was so concentrated on running, that he didn't notice the person in front of him. He ran straight them, knocking them both over. Max groaned, but froze as the other person groaned. 'Oh no, Enrique sent someone after me!' He watched as the person rubbed their head and stood up.

'I have to do something.' Max thought for a second, before taking action. He picked up a thick stick and smashed it on the offenders head. "Ow! What did ya do that for?" Max blinked. 'I know that voice!' "Tyson! I'm so sorry! I thought you were one of Enrique's men."

Tyson rubbed his head. "Here, let me help you up." Max held out his hand and Tyson heaved himself up. "Thanks buddy. But where's Rei?" Max lowered his head. "He stayed to fight Enrique. Oh Tyson!" Max flung himself on his friend and started to sob.

"Whoa, calm down there buddy. Kai also stayed behind to fight Tala. And I believe in him. So don't give up an Rei, okay?" Max nodded and wiped his eyes. "Thanks Tyson. But are you in love with Kai?" Tyson blinked. "Wha?"

"Are you in love with Kai?" Tyson sighed and looked up at the stars. "I don't know. But I know that he'll always be there for me. And I think.that I'm beginning to fall for him. Pathetic, ain't it?" "No, I think that you are brave Tyson." Tyson smiled at his blonde friend. "Well, we better get moving."


Rei hissed and jumped back in pain. Numerous cuts lined his arms and face and were bleeding heavily. His hair had fallen out and was falling over his shoulders in a shower of black. Enrique was in the same state as Rei. He was breathing heavily and could barely stand up. He was wobbling, and Rei was started to tip over too.

'No! I promised Max that I would always protect him. And that I would come back.' Rei steadied himself and took a attack position. "Enrique, you will never look or touch Max again. And I'll make sure of it."


Kai was thrown against the wall with a tremendous force. Tala sunk down to the floor as he delivered the blow. Kai looked up from coughing up blood and smirked at Tala. Kai had a cut above his brow and a thin line of blood coming out from the corner of his mouth. Tala's hair was disheveled and his arms were lined with bruises.

Both looked at each other and stood up again on wobbly legs. 'I won't let you win Tala. Never.' Kai raised his hand and a red light engulfed it. "Tala. Say goodbye to you life. For I am going to end it right now."


Tyson looked out of the window of his house and sighed. It had been over two weeks since he last saw Kai, since the fight with Tala. And he didn't know who had won. Tyson put his head down in his arms, but kept looking out the window.

'Kai, where are you? I miss you. Please some back!' Tyson felt a tear glide down his cheek, but he wiped it away furiously. 'No, I won't cry. I hate him. He left me.' Tyson was so busy looking out the window, that he didn't notice the rustle behind him.

Tyson sighed again, but gasped as a cloak fell over his shoulders. "You looked cold." Tyson froze at the voice. 'No, it can't be.' Tyson turned around slowly, and felt his eyes tear up as he looked up at Kai. "Kai." Tyson launched himself at Kai and started to beat at his chest. "I hate you! You bastard!"

Kai caught Tyson's fist in his hands and pulled him up. "So, you missed me?" Tyson blushed and tried to pull away. "No! Leave me alone! You made me wait and worry! I hate you!" Kai smirked and pulled Tyson into a kiss.

"Hate me now?" Tyson looked thoughtful for a moment, but shook his head. "I think you need to help me a bit more." Kai smirked. "Gladly."


Max dropped his pencil and looked at his halfway finished homework. 'I can't concentrate. I wish Rei was here to help me. Rei.' Max sighed and walked over to his bed. "I just can't take it anymore! I'm so worried!"

Max plopped down on his bed and layed down with his hands behind his head. ' I wonder if he's alright. Of course he is! He promised me!' Max rolled over so that he was on his side. 'I have school tomorrow. I should get some sleep.' Max got up and slipped off his clothes to put on his pajamas.

He was buttoning up his shirt when two hands came up from behind him and started to button up the shirt. Max gasped and was about to turn around when a voice whispered in his ear. "Don't. I'm almost finished." Max's eyes widened as the voice drifted through his ears. 'No, it can't be! But it can!'

Max turned around and glomped Rei, who stumbled back in surprise. "Rei! I missed you so much! I was so worried that Enrique had killed you! Oh Rei." Max sobbed into his shirt and Rei rubbed his back to calm him down. "I'm back, and that's all that matters."

Max nodded and looked up at Rei. "Rei?" "Yes?" "Kiss me." Rei's eyes widened, but he nodded and leaned down to capture Max's lips with his own.


Tyson grumbled and turned to the side. He felt around, but couldn't find Kai. Tyson opened one eyes and looked around. 'No sign of Kai. Must be down stairs.' Tyson sat up and stretched. He rubbed his eyes and got out of bed. 'I'm so glad Kai came back last night! And he was a little bit nicer than ever. He even shared the bed without kicking.'

Tyson walked downstairs, expecting to see Kai there, but only saw his grandpa. "Hey, grandpa? Where's Kai?" "Kai? He left the house real early with such a serious look on his face that I was afraid to ask where he was going."

"Oh, okay. Thanks. I'll just wait then." Tyson picked up the phone and dialed Max's number.


"Hey Max! How are ya?"

"Fine. But have you seen Rei? I can't find him."

"Kai isn't here either. Grandpa said he left early. So I'm gonna wait."

"Can I come over then and wait with you?"



"Bye." Tyson hung up with Max and waited for his friend to get there.

~*~*~*~*~*Three weeks later~*~*~*~*~*~*

Tyson and Max were sitting on Max's couch, still waiting for Kai and Rei to come back home. "Tyson, I have a feeling that they won't come back." "So, you had the same thoughts that I had. But why would they just leave like that and not tell us?"

"Dunno. I think we should just move on." "Yeah. That sounds good." Tyson looked over at his friend. "Let's make a promise: That we'll never fall for anybody just because they say they love us. We won't fall for it again. We'll be independent. How about it?" Max nodded and shook hands with Tyson. "Let's do it."

And this is the day that they promised that they would forget Kai and Rei forever. But will forever last? Will they meet once again? Only time will tell.


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