Love Me Back Together

Chapter Five: The Devil's Summon.

"S-sir, the taxi…" Lucius snapped furious eyes onto his cowering assistant.

"Didn't I tell you to rent a car?" He hissed.

"I tried!" He squeaked. Lucius glared flaming daggers at him in response. "Th-there won't be anymore rental cars available until t-tomorrow. B-but I'll reserve one for us." He added quickly.

Unfortunately his current criminal status crippled his ability to get what he wanted, when he wanted it. To his dissatisfaction, he'd actually have to make do with what he could get. He forced the bile back down his throat and scowled before climbing into the taxi. The assistant sighed in relief and scurried in after him.

"You look very familiar." The driver mused as he fastened his seatbelt.

Lucius sneered with distaste and ignored the comment, "To the Fiji Beach Resort and Spa, if you will, driver." A little unnerved by the frigid tone, the driver did his job wordlessly. But he couldn't help but sneak a glance at the aristocratic man in hopes of jarring his memory.

After five minutes of the driver glancing at him, Lucius was starting to loose his patience. Just before his sharp tongue could lash out with a thousand and one highly insulting things, the driver spoke up.

"I remember now! A young blond and his friend arrived yesterday. He is the spitting image of you!" He laughed delightedly.

The assistant gasped and Lucius leaned forward some. A sly smirk slithered onto his narrow face. "Tell me, driver, where was it that they were heading?" Sensing that the driver wouldn't give up the information so easily, he added, "That boy was my son, you see, and I would love to stop by and check up with him. I haven't seen him in months, I regret to say." He sighed for added effect.

"Months? I couldn't even imagine going that long without seeing my children. Hm…I think they said they were staying at the Matangi Island Resort."

"Thank you." He leaned back, neatly laced his fingers together and smiled.

One day later

James Potter was up at 5:00 in the morning, a good three and a half hours before everyone else was scheduled to wake up. He was already dressed for the day in the typical tourist "uniform" (tropical print button up, khaki's and sandals) He wouldn't put on his straw hat and shades until they left the house but he was sure once he was completely incognito, Draco and Harry wouldn't be able to recognize him if he had bumped into them, exchanged a few words and left on his merry little way.

Yes, despite what he'd told Remus, he was going to find his son and he was going make sure Draco was taking proper care of him. He didn't think he could relax if he didn't. His baby boy had been through so much and he wasn't afraid to admit that he just wasn't ready to let him out of his sights yet. Deep down, he knew the rest of their family felt the same way.

"James." He felt thin arms tiredly wrap around his middle. He smiled as the sweet scent of Lily's vanilla shampoo wafted through the air and held a hand over hers.

"Why are you up so early?" She asked.

"Too excited."

"Excited about the tour?" She asked incredulously.

"You know I can't stand tours." He chuckled nervously. "I just can't wait to hit the beach. I heard they're giving surfing lessons."

"Surfing, James?" She laughed lightly.

"Why not? I've always wanted to try it out. No time like the present, they say."

"Then go lay down, you'll need all the energy you can get if you actually plan on doing that." He smiled weakly and twisted around to kiss her gently before doing as he was told.

Yes, he was going to need a helluva lot of energy for what he was going to do.

Harry jolted awake early that morning, shaking violently and gasping for breath. The nightmare was already leaving his memory, laughing over yet another victory against his battered psyche. All that was left now was a feeling of helplessness and terror.

He shuddered, feeling his fragile security crumble just a little bit more. He had been so sure he would be free of nightmares on this trip, mostly because he was away from the battle zone and because Draco was there to keep the demons at bay.

But he's not. He's all the way downstairs, sleeping on a couch—alone. ..And frustrated. He'd have to be a damned fool not to see the hunger in Draco's eyes every time he caught his gaze. It sent shivers down his spine, both good and bad, and that was quite possibly the most maddening thing he'd ever felt in his life. Draco's love for him hadn't changed but the way he loved was different. Harry wanted Draco to love him the way he use to love him—with kisses and sly glances and passion-filled nights that left him giggling like a five-year-old girl.

"When are you going to get over this?" He asked himself, cradling his head in his hands and feeling just as pathetic as he probably looked.

He knew he wouldn't be going back to sleep tonight, so after he calmed himself down, he climbed out of the bed and went downstairs. It was tougher than it should have been because it was dark and he was starting to see things that didn't exist but he managed to get to where Draco was sleeping in one piece. He couldn't see him very well and for a moment, he could have sworn that he wasn't there at all. Then he shifted and sighed. Harry let out the breath he hadn't known he was holding.

As silently as he could, he knelt beside the couch and got as comfortable as he could on the hard wood floor. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness just enough for him to see Draco's peacefully sleeping face. He smiled. Draco always managed to look ten years younger in his sleep like some innocent babe who hadn't a care in the universe. It amazed him every time.

He reached a tentative hand out and ghosted his fingers over his lover's cheek, which was roughened with stubble. He smiled absently and trailed his fingers down further, to those lips he so dearly missed. He was almost afraid to touch them but what would they do? Bite him?

So he punched his irrational fear in the face and let his fingers do what his lips couldn't. His lips were tender-soft; they were warm and pliable and he relished the soft puffs of breathe that caressed his finger tips. He could remember what that felt like against his own lips. It was like inhaling the scent of freshly made hot chocolate. It flushed his cheeks and put a silly little grin on his face because he knew how good that chocolate drink was going to be. And oh God the actual kiss. That was like a belly full of rich chocolate liquid; the taste still lingering on his lips and in his mouth and he knew—he knew that if he didn't get more he'd go stark raving mad.

You've got to get over this, Harry or you'll both go stark raving mad.

Reluctantly, he pulled his fingers away. He stared lovingly at Draco for a few long minutes before resting his head in the crook of his arm next to Draco's head. Within a few moments, he was asleep.

Fiji was truly beautiful. No color was a dull color; no smile was a false smile and everything—everything was worth the film. Lily grinned, snapping pictures of life in motion from her seat on the open air tour bus. The tour guide's voice was a dull hum in the back of her mind.

She knew James would scold her as soon as he noticed how many pictures she was taking. He told her last night, to save the film for Harry and Draco but really, that was ridiculous. They were his parents, not the paparazzi. It was bad enough that they followed him to Fiji; the least they could do was not invade his privacy by snapping candid photos. He'd never forgive them! He might not even forgive them for this.

The enthusiasm she felt before died and she rested the camera in her lap. If there was one thing a mother had the horror of experiencing (aside from her baby being kidnapped and sexually assaulted) it was distrust and anger directed towards her. If Harry couldn't turn to her then who could he go to? Who could give him the nurture he needed, the nurture only a mother could give?

"Lily?" Remus said slowly, pulling her from her worries. She looked up and met his apprehensive honey brown eyes. "Wasn't James sitting next to you?"

She along with the rest of the family froze with a sense of dread. He didn't. She turned to the spot next to her where her husband, just moments ago had been enthusiastically pointing things out. The seat was infuriatingly empty.

"Did he…?" Ron trailed off in disbelief while Sirius guffawed, drawing annoyed looks from the other passengers.

"He did!" He gasped before his laughter caught up with him again. Rich chuckled next to him and shook his head. Rose and Hermione wore identical frowns of disappointment.

"That man is going to need a leash." Lily hissed, angrily putting the camera away.

"Or a cage." Narcissa sighed.

Unlike James, they decided to wait until the tour was over to get off the bus and by then, Lily was minutes from erupting like a volcano. She stormed into the hotel lobby, the other tourists scurrying out of her way, and walked over to the payphones.

"I need change." She snapped.

"Uh…here you go Mrs. Potter." Ron quickly gave her what was in his pockets and stepped back next to Hermione where it was safe. She dialed quickly and The Potter-Evans-Black-Lupin-Weasley-Granger group waited with bated breath for the explosion that would happen as soon as the ringing stopped.

James was searching like a hawk for its prey when the cellphone rang. So preoccupied with his task was he that he answered the phone without even considering who would be on the other line.


He tripped over his own feet and sputtered, "L-Lily!" He looked around frantically. "Honey—"


"Shh! Calm down!" He smiled weakly at the passing natives and moved to a small alleyway. "Look I'm sorry—"

Her voice was terrifyingly low as she spoke, "You're going to be even sorrier when I get my hands on you, James Potter, so help me God. If you don't get back to this bloody hotel in the next fifteen minutes I'll—"


James stared at the phone with a mixture of regret, determination and just a tiny bit of fear. He was going to pay dearly for that later. He sighed and shoved the phone back into his pocket. He had an island to search.

The Hotel staff was torn between calling the security and just letting the woman scream like a banshee but in the end, they went with the latter. She wasn't really doing any harm and they didn't want to be short staffed in security anyway. The whole thing was embarrassing for the rest of the family but none of them dared to approach Lily while her claws were out. So they let her scream and moved over to the lounge area to wait. They hadn't even gotten seated yet before the sound of Lily slamming the phone on its hook sounded loudly through the lobby. She was breathing heavily and her hair seemed to have gained a bit of volume, much like a pissed off cat.

"I reckon he's a dead man." Ron whispered. Hermione elbowed him sharply and shot Mrs. Potter a concerned look as she stiffly walked over to the group.

"Is he coming back, Mrs. Potter?"

"I doubt he'd hang up on me if he were." She said bitterly.

"So are we gonna chase him or just go ahead and go to the beach?" Sirius asked.

Her eyes darkened and she smiled grimly. "I'm going after him. You all are going to enjoy your vacation; I'll see you guys later." She handed Remus the camera and left before they could say anything.

"I feel sorry for Mr. Potter." Ron said sympathetically.

"I don't." The other's chorused.


"Well, why don't we hit the beach? They'll be back by dinner, I'm sure." Rich suggested. With nothing else to do, they did just that.

James was fully expecting Harry to be having anxiety attacks and causing a huge scene in the middle of the street. He expected he'd have to blow his cover and berate the former Malfoy boy for not taking care of his son better. When he finally found them several blocks away from their hotel, his fear died.

They were walking down the street, laughing and standing close to one another. Every so often, Draco would reach out and squeeze his hand before whispering something in his ear. His baby boy's face would light up with a goofy grin and a healthy blush would spread across his cheeks before whispering something back. Draco would smile and they'd continue browsing the stalls with Harry even chatting with some of the owners, though he often clasped his hand with Draco during that time. For that moment, he could forget that Tom Riddle ever happened. Harry looked like that was exactly what he was doing.

He continued following them for twenty minutes and nothing during that time ever suggested that Harry was going to shatter or that Draco wasn't staying true to his word. If anything, it only proved that he was an impulsive flesh bag with no regards for the privacy of others. Blimey, Snape would love to hear me admit that…

He tipped his hat to scratch his head and sighed. The only thing left for him to do now was go back to the hotel and face Lily's wrath. He shuddered and adjusted his hat before turning around, only to see his wife, standing several feet away with her hands on her hips, looking too calm to be in a good mood.

He shuffled towards her guiltily but his big brown eyes (his only defense mechanism) seemed to have lost their charm against her burning verdant ones. She latched onto his ear tightly once he was in range and dragged him to a shaded area out of sight.

"Did you really have to grab my ear?" He mumbled lamely and massaged it tenderly once she let go. She ignored his pain and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I am very upset with you, James Potter." She said evenly. James winced. It was the tone his mother used when he did something he clearly shouldn't have been doing.

"I know," He said quickly. "And I regret running off like that now."

"It doesn't change the fact that you did it in the first place. Honestly James, don't you have any respect for their privacy? Don't you respect Draco enough now to realize that he would die before letting anything happen to Harry?" She gestured angrily, "its bad enough we followed him all the way here but to stalk him is going far beyond anything I ever expected you to do!"

"I'm sorry…"

"Yes, you are."


"We're going to go back to the hotel," She said slowly. "We're going to meet the others and we're going to go to dinner. We're going to spend the rest of the vacation relaxing like we're suppose to and unless he's in danger and Draco specifically calls us, we're not going to go looking for them. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Lily." He sighed. They checked the crowds to make sure Harry and Draco weren't close and walked back to the hotel. "How'd you know where I was anyway?"

"I called Harry under the pretense of asking how his day was going. He happened to mention where he was and what he was doing. Don't tell me you called him too?" A slightly panicked look crossed her face. Surely Harry and Draco would know something was going on if he had.

He shook his head and smiled weakly, "It was dumb luck on my part."

She sighed in relief before turning darkly humored eyes on him. "You have the dumb part right."

"Lily!" He whined. "You're going to make dumb jokes about me all vacation aren't you?"

"And If I do?" Her eyes were daring him to say something against her but as foolhardy as he was, he knew when to lose a battle.

"Then I guess my self-esteem will just have to suffer."

"See? You don't even have to be a genius to figure it out." She kissed him sweetly on the cheek.

He sighed dramatically, secretly pleased that she wasn't mauling him like he had expected her to do. It gave him the suspicion that she wasn't really as upset as she was pretending to be and that maybe she ran after him like a bat out of hell just to get a glimpse of her baby too. His suspicions were confirmed at her next question.

"So…did he look ok? I didn't, er, see him." She avoided his amused gaze.

"He looks like himself, Lils, like he…like none of it happened. Draco's doing his job well."

She smiled in relief. "I'm glad." He grinned and slipped an around her.

Lucius didn't want to risk being recognized anymore than he'd already been and had sent him out to gather information and to see what the brats were up to. It was fairly easy managing to track down where the two teenagers were staying and even easier to trail them. They were so absorbed in each other they wouldn't notice the sky falling.

He decided he'd done all he could for the day and was heading back to the hotel when he heard two words that sent chills up and down his spine and nearly caused him to relieve his bladder.

"—u, James Potter." He held back a squeak and scrambled to hide himself. He ducked behind a stall, ignoring the baffled merchant and looked for the source of the voice. He spotted them hidden behind a couple of palm trees and a stall. There was no mistaking James Potter, even with that ridiculous hat and to his surprise and horror, Lily was there with him. He swallowed thickly and shook out his fear to listen.

"—back to the hotel; we're going to meet the others and—"He paled and fell on his rump. The others could only mean Sirius and Remus. If there were any three people he didn't want to see in the world, it was James, Remus, and Sirius. This doesn't bode well. He peaked around to see if they were still there but they weren't. He sighed in relief and hurriedly pulled out the cellphone Lucius had lent him. He hit speed dial and held it to his ear with a shaky hand.


"W-we have a slight problem." He squeaked.

"Don't tell me you can't find where they're staying; you might find it safer not to return tonight if that's the case."

"N-no, I found their Bure…but…James and Lily Potter are here. So are Remus and Sirius." He said hurriedly.

There was a murderous pause.

"Good." He almost dropped the phone in shock.


"Hurry back, Peter. We have things to do."

Peter Pettigrew stared at the phone with confusion. He wondered if he was suppose to understand what that was all about. But he was just an assistant, a lackey if you wanted to put it into context and the inner workings of the big boss was almost never understood. Perhaps it was for the better. He nodded to himself and quickly made his way back to the hotel.

Lucius leisurely poured himself a glass of expensive wine and walked back to the large bay windows. He sipped calmly from his glass and dialed another number. Two sips later, it picked up.

"Lestrange Residence."

"Hello Bella."

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