By. Angel Rinoa Heartilly

*My FIRST ff9 fic!! So beware..don't worry I DID beat the game :)*

Chapter 1:

Too Early:


Garnet rolled over, falling off the bed. 'There goes Steiner again..every morning he scares me like that'. She threw off her blanket, rubbing her eyes. She looked at the clock. How could camp start at six o' clock? She sighed.

"How could camp possibly start at six o' clock!?"

She yelled back to Steiner,

"I do not know, princess. But, it is way out of my will."

Garnet looked a bit puzzled. 'Sure Steiner was confusing, but NEVER this confusing'. She quickly took a shower, and put on her camp clothes she..or should she say Beatrix bought yesterday. She then came down at the royal table for a quick breakfest,

"Why, Princess. I'm afraid you cannot take that pendant with you."

Beatrix replied at the table. Garnet gave her a dirty look,

"What!? How dare you speak to me like that!"

She yelled. 'I AM the princess around here.' Steiner and Beatrix grew silent. Just then a bus beeped out in front of Alexandria Castle's parking lot. 'Already!?' Garnet diserted the table, not even saying goodbye.

"The Priness isn't herself these days."

Steiner pointed out. Beatrix rolled her eyes,

"What she needs is a nice boyfriend."

Steiner chuckles,

"Please, Beatrix. A boyfriend? The Princess."

Steiner started laughing uncontrollably.

"She just needs a bit of nature."


Garnet got on the bus sheepishly, 'Where do I sit?'. She saw a girl with white hair, a rat you could say. She decided to sit there,

"Ahem. Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?"

She asked, shyly. The girl nodded,

"I don't mind."

"I'm Garnet."

She introduced, smiling. The girl smiled back,

"Freya. Hey wait. Are you Garnet? ....PRINCESS Garnet?"

Garnet nodded,

"Oh my God!"

A girl with purple hair looked at Freya,


She asked.

"This girl is Princess Garnet!"

The girl with purple hair, took Garnet's hand

"I'm Eiko."

She introduced.

"Oh, and this is my friendliest Friend, Mog."

She said, grabbing mog out from her dress pocket. 'Different..Yes, that's what they are.' Just before Garnet could talk more, a boy entered the bus making all the girls sigh heavily,

"Hiya ladies."

He said, flirting with every girl as he walked by to the back.

"Zidane. Get a grip. You're NEVER going to have a girlfriend!"

Freya screamed.

"Wow, babe. You sure got temper."

A black mage behind Zidane then said,

"Y..You got alot of g..guts saying that Zidane."

Zidane smirked,

"SO. Any of you ladies in the Alexandrian group?"

The black mage sheepishly raised his hand. 'Watch me be stuck with him.' Garnet thought. Zidane stared at her. 'Oh no. He recognized me.'

"Don't believe we've met."

He added, kneeling down.

"I'm ..Zidane Tribal."

He said, flirtishly. Garnet couldn't help but roll her eyes.


He stared at her,

"THE Garnet?"

'That's it this is getting quite annoying.' Zidane then added,

"Pleased ta meetchya."

Eiko slapped him,

"Zidane you're so annoying."

Author's N/A:

I know Eiko loves zidane, but she was just jealous..ya?

"Are we there yet, this twit is bothering me!"

Some kid yelled.

"God Amarant, so mean."

A girl with raven black hair pointed out,

"You remind me of my knight,"

Garnet rolled her eyes.

'Seriously ARE we there yet?' Eiko turned to Garnet,

"I'm either in the Alexandrian or Lindblum groupie. How 'bout you?"

She asked.

"Oh. Umm..Alexandrian."

She smiled,

"I like Alexandrian better. At least you an' Vivi 'll be in it."

"Whose Vivi?"

Eiko then pointed to the black mage. Just then some boy with a..skirt on..? 'Oh God.'

"Damn, there's the dumb brother of mine."

Zidane said, getting up.

"Well well well. Zidane. What? Did you're chicks slap you're ass yet? You seem a bit excited today. That's what I heard today...from Amarant."

Zidane gave Amarant a cocky look.

"Kuja just shut the hell up."

"Never. Why should I listen to a monkey like you?"

"Because you have no choice."

Zidane said, going back to his seat.

"I see. We are very jealous, aren't we? Jealous of me? The great ruler of Gaia? How ignorant."

He said, making himself comfortable by Amarant,

"We'll just see about that..Zidane Tribal."

Zidane rolled his eyes,

"(Whose that?)"

I asked Eiko. Eiko froze,

"(Kuja. He's Zidane's brother. He doesn't seem like it does he?)"

'Oh God, I got a ladies man, a big meany, and someone whose Homosexual.'

Freya smiled,

"He's definitely Sick,"

Zidane overheard the conversation,

"So I am way much hotter, right ya'll?"

Kuja chuckled,

"You WISH."

Garnet gave a discusted look, 'I think they're both rather disturbing. I have to remember this.' The bus finally stopped. 'Thank you!' Garnet almost screamed, paranoid with these weirdos.


When she figured out Eiko, Vivi, and the Tantalus brothers (Zidane, Marcus, Cinna, and Blank) she was a bit annoyed, and a bit happy. Eiko opened the cabin her and Garnet were sharing,

"We're lucky. Lucky that genders are seperate."

Garnet smiled,

"Definitely. If I had to be stuck with Zidane Tribal..I would probably hurl."

They both giggled. 'Now I just have to get this day over with.' She unpacked her bag.

"Are you ready for baseball?"

Eiko asked. Garnet stared at her,


'What's that?'

"Of course."

Garnet replied. 'I have found out I'm a TRUE liar.'

End of Chapter 1