The Story Behind Michael Moscovitz

October 19

You won't believe this! I can't believe it myself. Mia , the girl I have been in love with for most of my life, is pregnant. Yea hard to believe, but it is so true. Here is the story:

During G&T today I was pretending to work on CrackHead my webzine but actually watching Mia. She seemed so into whatever she was doing she didn't even notice I was looking at her. Then Lilly walked passed and she went, 'Oh , my God! is there something you haven't told me???'

Mia looked very uncomfortablely at me, then Lars, then Boris.- i wonder why she looked at Boris? She exited really fast from the You and Your Pregnancy site. But Lilly won't stop ranting.

Lilly:'Oh, my God, Mia, why didn't you tell me?'

Mia: I'm just researching for Bio. I have to do an extra credit report on Do you uh.. know the truth about alfalfa sprouts?

Lilly: You know ithis is really endangering your health?

While Lilly was blabbing on, Mia stared at me for a really long time. Not that I mind that much but PREGNANT? It must be Josh Ritcher. What has he done tho Mia? She is my girl. But of course I haven;t exactly make that known to anyone yet. But I will soon. I guess. Mia just sees me as her best friends dorky brother. I guess I can see what she likes about Josh Ritcher. But getting PREGNANT? That is crazy. Calm down.


October 19 (again)

I decided to take the initiative and IM Mia ask her what is up with her strange behaviour. Act casual. It tok me 10 minutes to decide what to say. Here is how it went.

CracKing: What was with you at school today? It was like you were off in this whole other world or something.

FtLouie: I don;t have the slightest idea what you are talking about. Nothing is wrong with me. I'm totally fine.

Yeah right she is she is pregnant

CracKing:Well, I got the impression that you didn't hear a word that I said about negative slopes.

I've been offering Mia some help on her Algebra. But really I just want to spend some QUALITY time with her without Lilly hanging around and doing crazy things. But I find it hard to concentrate myself with such a beauty sitting next to be.

FtLouie: I heard everything you said about negative slopes. Given slope m, +y-intercept (0,b) equatiion y+mx+b Slope-intercept.

This is not Mia. She has been abducted by aliens. This is sooo not Mia.

CracKing: WHAT???

FtLouie: Isn't that right?

It hit me. She copied the back of the book.

CracKing: Did you copy that out of the back of the book?

I must have rally stuffed up because she logged off then.

Oh No. She hates me. Oh No.

Here is Judith Gershner and my conversation:

JGersh: Hey Michael

CracKing: Hey.

JGersh: You seem upset.

CracKing: (trying to change the subject) computer club meeting tomorrow?

JGersh: Yeah. Tuesday. Computer Club Meeting.

CracKing: Yeah. G2G