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October 31st

Mia hasn't even told me if she is going to Rocky Horror or not. I feel so bad. I wish she would just reply. I want the rejection to be as sshort and painless as possible. But just in case I got two extra tickets one fore Mia and one for Lars. The Computer Club has decided to dress up as World War II army fatigues like of Lookung for Private Ryan. My costume has a pile of bloody intestines coming out. Lilly id a Freudian slip and Boris is Al Capone. Got to go dress up now.

Novenber 1st (recount of yesterday)

At around 10 o' clock at night a very pretty girl in a pink dress with a wand and a crown showed up. Mia. "Quick. Get in line. I got two extra tickets just in case you ended up making it after all" She stepped in looking as beautiful as ever. Score! I can spend the whole night with Mia now.

"Where is Hank?" asked Lilly.

"He couldn't make it" responded Mia.

"He can't come. Good." said Boris firmly. Now Boris can spend the whole night with lilly. Lilly looked really annoyed and then pointed at Mia and said

"What are you supposed to be?"

"Duh. I'm Glinda the Good Witch." Here is where I cut in

"I knew that." I really didn't I just thought she was a Princess who just escaped from a wedding. Which technically is true. I turned to Mia and said

"You look really... You look really....." I just couldn't go on. I can't put her beauty into words.

"You look way too glam for Halloween" piped up Lilly.

Glam? That isn't what I was going to say. Mia looked a bit offended and but soon recovered as the line moved up. I tried to stay as close to Mia as possible. i gat a sit next to Mia and Kenny was on her other side. When the lights dimmed I looked at Mia and smiled. During the movie I kept laughing and looking at Mia to see if she was laughing. I didn't even noticed I was doing that until Mia gave me this funny look. I also couldn't help but notice that Kenny was doing that laughing and checking thing, too. That should have tipped me off.

Rocky Horror isn't really scary so I didn't really get to put my arm around Mia. But hey at least I got to sit next to her. After Rocky Horror, we all went out to breakfast at round the Clock. Lars must have been a little tired because I noticed he ordered coffee after coffee. I ended up on a table with Mia ans Kenny. Funny how that keeps happening with the entire Computer Club and Lilly and Boris, me and Mia still end up with Kenny. Everyone was talking really loud and I was trying to find the right moment to talk to Mia and all. Then Kenny leaned over and said something in Mia's ear. her face kind of lit up then droop. Then she said

"Oh Kenny. Are you Jo-C-Rox?" Kenny's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Didn't you figure it out" Figure out what?

"Uh-Huh. Finally." What? I'm not really getting alot of this. Then came a long boring conversation about some cartoon. I was actually falling asleep. Then this blew me awake.

"Anyway," Kenny goes "You want to go out sometime, Mia? With me, I mean?"

Kenny. Totally gawky Kenny. Has beaten me to Mia. A little part of me was kinda hoping Mia would say something like: No Kenny. I don't want to go out with you. Because I'm in love with my best friends brother. But knowing Mia she would never NEVER say that. That is why I like her. Instead she said.

"Sure Kenny."

Did Kenny just take the girl of my dreams?? I'm sorry but I thought Judith was always right. But did Kenny just get a girlfriend before me? Judith is gonna pay for getting my hopes up. I stared at my food not wanting to look up and into Mia's face. A hand jostled my shoulder and I looked up just to see Kenny with his arm around Mia. I quickly looked at Lars to see if he can put a stop to this madness. I mean he is supposed to be a bodyguard.

But Lars, who was busy pouring sugar into to like his sixth cup of coffee or something, made no response. I guess I'll have to take matters into my own hands. I stood up and said

"Well, I'm beat. What do you say we call it a night. I took out my wallet and started coounting cash. Lilly looked at me as if I was crazy and said

"what's with you Michael? Gotta catch up on your beauty sleep?"Mia then stood up really fast and said

"I'm tired, too. Lars could you call the car?" Lars delighted to be leaving, I guess, whipped out his mobile phone and dialled. Kenny was all like "Mia it is a shame your leaving so early" and stuff like that. Then he said something really crazy.

"So, Mia, can I call you?" this question must have suprised Lilly because she looked from Mia to Kenny then to Mia and then to me. And then she stood up. And everyone else started digging around for cash. Mia elbowed Lars and whispered something. And Lars took ouot his wallet. But Kenny said

"Oh no, Mia. Your pancakes are on me." This was highly shocking to me. That's like what he would say if they went onn a date. And that isn't allowed to happen. Of course Mia being a feminist said

"Oh, no that really isn't necessary." which didn't really help much. Kenny insisted on paying. And Mia also being a gracious princess said

"Oh. Well. Thank you very much, Kenny." As I was watching this, Lars poked me and waved a twenty in my face.

"For the movie tickets." Well, if Kenny Showalter can be a gentleman so can Michael Moscovitz.

"Oh no my treat." So Mia gracfully said

"Well thank you very much Michael." Mia offered to drive a couple of people home. And I waited outside with as everyone piled in. I took that chance to say

"What I meant to say before, Mia, was that you look...... you look really....." go on Michael. Might as well say something now.

"You look really nice in that dress." I said in a rush.

Then as Mia and I were looking deep into each others eyes, Kenny chose that moment to poke his head out and say

"Are you guys coming or not?" We all piled in and drove home. And i think this afternoon Mia is going to come over and spend the night. And in the morning shew would be there in her pyjamas as beautiful as ever.

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