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To Finish What Was Started
by Lady FoxFire

Nov 8, 2003

"Where shall I begin? Where shall I begin?" Death mused thoughtfully. "Should I start with my war against Voldemort and his followers? Or perhaps how I had to watch as my friend was murdered before my very eyes. How about being accused of being the next Dark Lord? Hmm, I think I'll start with the ten years of slavery and abuse I suffered at the hands of my relatives because I was born different. Abuse I suffered because you and Fudge would not allow a man to have a fair trail." Death glared daggers at Albus, with his eyes narrowed.

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at Death's statement "If I possessed information that Sirius was innocent, I would have insisted that he had a trail," Dumbledore retorted calmly.

"Ah, but you did have the information Headmaster, yet you remained silent," the elder Harry countered as he shook his head sadly. "On the day of my parents death, my mother sent a letter to you, Headmaster, a letter that explained the switch and Lily's uneasiness with Peter's role as the secret keeper. I'm sure the owl is waiting in your office right now."

"Lily was nervous about the switch but could never explain why," Sirius said, lost in the memory. "James had to talked her into it."

"I found the letter in Albus' files soon after I became the Headmaster," Death turned Dumbledore back towards. "You didn't survive long after the war, a mere six years. The war and your crimes weighed heavily upon your soul. As you laid on your deathbed, you begged me for my forgiveness never, telling me the full truth, and like a fool I forgave you. It wasn't till I started to go through your files that I learned of the full extent of your crimes."

"I highly doubt that!" Fudge snipped snidely as he looked down his nose at the elder wizard. "The board of directors would never select one such as you as the Headmaster for the most prestigious school in the world."

"Actually, Minister, the school board has no say in the matter. Hogwarts itself choose me as it's master and would accept no other, no matter how many times the Board of Directors and the Ministry tried.

"But why?" Arthur asked, his eyes filled with confusion as he looked back and forth between the man who claimed to be from the future and the trusted headmaster of Hogwarts "Why hold onto the letter? Why not tell the truth? What was there to be gained?"

"Power," Death answered simply. "This child," Death said as he turned his attention towards the child in his arms, "will have more power than the Headmaster and the Dark Lord combined."

A calculating glimmer appeared in Fudges eyes as he stared at the orphaned child. While the other men stared at the baby in shook, Dumbledore crossed his arms and glared at the elder Harry.

"Voldemort realized that this child would pose a real danger to him and his goals when Harry became older. So he decided to destroy Harry while he was at his weakest."

"Why didn't the Dark Lord take the child and raise him as his own?" Moody asked from where he sat guarding Peter.

"Because even then the danger would still exist," Death explained. "When Harry grew up he would either join the side of Light and destroy the Dark Lord or rise up against him and take over."

"And the Headmaster? What would he gain from this?" Moody posed as he watched the reaction Death's words had on the Headmaster.

Death turned to Sirius and Remus, "Did Lily or James ever explain to you why they refused Dumbledore as their secret keeper?"

Sirius shook his head no as Remus spoke, "I thought they believed that the Headmaster had enough to worry about. Voldemort. The Ministry. The war."

"No. They knew the Headmaster had wanted to be a controlling force in their son's life. They knew he wanted to shape and mold their child into a powerful warrior under his control. With Dumbledore as the secret keeper he would be able to control those who young Harry was in contact with, what books he read, and what news from the wizarding world he learn. His influence would be equal, if not greater, than that of Lily and James."

"But that option ended when the Potter turned down your kind offer and chose Sirius instead, didn't it?" Death continued. "I can imagine how angry you were, Albus, but you had a second chance when Peter's betrayal framed Sirius, didn't you, Headmaster?"

"And the abuse?" Remus whispered his eyes down cast.

Death shrugged, "Voldemort was defeated for a time, so there was no need to deals with a young child when he could be placed with his last remaining relatives. Of course, the Ministry would ensure that he was cared for. However, the Ministry thought that as long as the wards remained in place around the house and that Death Eaters couldn't attack Harry, he was being cared for."

"I can't believe no on would check on Harry… I mean you… I mean Harry…" Arthur said.

"Of course, there was the additional benefit that Harry would be more controllable, easier to mold after being rescued from the Muggle world. It would be easier to fill his head with half truths and stories of his destiny to rid the world of evil."

"The Headmaster realized Harry would eventually try to rebel, to be a normal wizard instead of the savior of the Light, so he introduced young Harry to a old friend of his parents," Death explained with a nod towards Remus, " and by accident, to his innocent godfather. A man who had escaped the most feared prison in the world to protect him from his parent's betrayer. From then, it was so much easier to control him. You controlled Sirius. You controlled his hunt for Peter and the times he could see his godson. By controlling Sirius, you controlled Harry."

"But that all started to fall apart during my sixth year when Professor Lupin was killed." The old man looked over at Moony, who is as pale as a ghost. "Yes Moony, you taught. You were the best Defense against the Dark Arts teacher ever and the only one to last the whole year."

"But… But he's a werewolf!" Fudge started to sputter. "He can't teach! He's dangerous! He could hurt someone!"

"Fudge…" Death growled at the Minister before sighing in frustration. "Of all those who died, your death was the most poetic."

Fudge's jaw snapped shut with an audible snap as he realized what Death had just said. "I died?" he squeaked.

"Couldn't happen to a nicer man." Snape mumbled around his cup of tea.

"Kissed," Death said simply as he sipped his tea.

"Kissed!" Fudge squeaked.

"I think it was the first time in history that both sides celebrated someone's death." Death mused with a smirk on his face.

"How did he die, Harry?" Sirius asked. "How did Remus die?"

Death looked down at Harry, who had curled up next to him asleep, one little hand clinging to his robes like it was his security blanket while he sucked his thumb on his other hand. "It was the first of March. A couple of seventh years had snuck out early to watch the sun rise."

"The girl ran back to the castle screaming; the boy was passed out on the ground. They were the ones to find Remus's body, staked to the Whomping Willow. You arms and legs pinned to the tree with metal stakes, a silver dagger in you heart.

Remus and Sirius sat in silent, too shook to utter a word.

"The Ministry didn't even try to find you killers. There were even some who celebrated your death."

Nodding his head in understanding, "The only good werewolf is a dead one," Remus replied quietly

Harry nodded his head. "I had a few ideas about who was involved. It took time, but I was able to find those involved and deal with them."

Death stroked the fine black hair on Harry's head. "For months after your death, Sirius would never stray more than five or six meters away from my side. He would watch me continuously, knowing that as long as I lived, he would never be alone."

A soft smile played over Death's lips, his eyes lost focus and he remember his youth.

"That year we spent the whole summer at the Burrow. It was my first summer with people who actually loved me." Death explained, his eyes glistened with unshed tears as he turned his attention to Arthur. "From the first day of school your family had adopted me. Without your family's love and support I would have ended my life or worse, ended up like Voldemort."

"It was a summer full of Quidditch and pranks. Molly decided to fatten Sirius and me up with all of her delicious cooking. But it was also a summer of preparing for war. That summer, Sirius showed us how to cast charms and spells we would never learn inside of Hogwarts, and how to be come an Animagus."

"You're an Animagus? What animal?" Sirius asked practical bouncing his seat like a child about to get the biggest gift he's ever laid his eyes on.

"A red fox," Death said shaking his head at his godfather's antics.

Sirius and Remus glowed with pride as Snape rolled his eyes at them.

Seeing Snape rolling his eyes, Sirius spoke up, "You're jealous because I was able to teach them to become Animagi, unlike a certain someone, who never could," Sirius said with a smirk.

A small smile crossed Severus' lips. "Just because I don't advertise it, doesn't mean I am not one."

Sirius blink at Snape's cryptic statement, "What doesn't that mean?"

Death shook his head at the two men. "It means he's a spider animagus; an acromantula to be exact."

"A spider?" Sirius squeaked as he shifted nervously in his chair.

"Afraid of spiders, Black?" Snape smiled as he noticed Sirius's behavior.

"Oh go find a web and sit in it," Sirius snarled as he crossed his arms and pouted.

Remus hid his eyes from the sight of his old classmates fighting like five-year-olds,, as he bit his lips to keep from laughing. Even Moody had a twinkle in his eye.

"So what else did you do that summer," Sirius asked as he tried to steer the conversation away from anything else that might embarrass him. "Did you fall in love?"

The mirth that had graced Death's eyes faded with Sirius's question. "That summer I… Well that summer Ginny and I…."

"You fell in love," Arthur finished Death's statement, a look of pride on his face.

"Yes," he replied with heartbreaking longing. "She was my Goddess. She was my sun and moon and stars. She was my everything, and they took her away from me."

"How?" Author asked in an empty voice.

"It was on Christmas Eve of my seventh year. I had left Ginny in the library working on an essay, so I could attend a meeting. She said she was going back to the common room. That we would meet there. We never did. Somehow, someone found a way past the wards, and took her from us.

"What did they do to her?"

"Arthur…" Death projected that Arthur should not ask.

"TELL ME!" Arthur shouted with tears brimming in his eyes.

Closing his eyes the elder Harry began to speak. "It was a little after one in the morning on Christmas Day…. I was finally going to bed after meetings with the Headmaster and the Order… She was in my bed…" Pearly white tears started to run down Death's face. A sob escaped from his lips. "They had beaten her and raped her… They strangled her and left her body in my bed."

"I had been planning on asking her to marry me that Christmas morning. I had the engagement ring under the tree for her," Death opened his eyes and looked over at Mr. Weasley, who had his face buried in his hands, his body racked with sobs for his only daughter. "I loved her, Arthur. I have never loved anyone since."

"Sirius was on a mission in Romania with your son, Charlie, when word of Ginny's death reached you. You were racing back to be with me, Sirius, when you were captured by the Ministry." Death said in a flat voice as he relived everything that had happened to him. "I never had the chance to tell you how much you meant to me. How much I loved you as a friend and as a father to me."

"When they gave you the kiss… They didn't just kill you. They killed me too. That day, Harry Potter died and Death was born."

"After that, they couldn't stop me. No one could control me. Except… Except you, Severus." Death said turning towards Snape. "You were the only person who got through to me."

"Me?" Snape asked in confusion as his fingers mindlessly traced his phoenix brand. "I hardly think…"

Death raised a hand to stall Snape's protest. "I know you too well, Severus. You were one of the few people who didn't… worship me. You treated me as an equal. You brought me down when I started to believe what was said about me. Of anyone, you kept me from ending up like Tom after Ginny's loss."

"You helped Harry?" Sirius said with disbelief in his voice.

"Yes, I find it equally unbelievable." Snape snarled.

"Unbelievable? It's not just unbelievable, it's impossible!" Sirius sputtered. "I mean he couldn't… he wouldn't… He's Snape! He hates your father!"

"I didn't hate Potter," Snape retorted with an air of supremablity. "I disliked him immensely. You, I hated."

"Are you sure you two aren't brothers?" Death snapped as he stared off at the heavens. "You fight more than the whole Weasley clan put together."

"We do not!" Sirius and Severus said in unison.

"Actually, I do believe the Black and Snape families are related." Dumbledore added with a twinkle in his eyes as he watched the two grown men bicker like children.

"And you, you senile old man. Stop encouraging them!" Death snapped at Dumbledore. "If you didn't promote their petty fights, Lily and James still could have been alive. How many children have to die because you encourage them to remember a pitiful squabble between two overgrown children who have been in their graves for a millennium?"

"I encourage the spirit of compation between houses," Dumbledore answered

"You didn't encourage competition. You spurred hatred! You cheered on the students to hate each other for their traits and skills!"

Those in the room sat in silent as they remember what life was like when they were students at Hogwarts.

"So now what?" Moody spoke up from where he had sat quietly. "What are your plans now?"

"Now, we rewrite history. Sirius will take Harry into hiding in the Muggle world. There he can be safe from reporters, death eaters and from those who would use him." Death's eyes flickered over to Dumbledore and Fudge at this comment. "He'll have a chance at a normal life."

"With Black? That is highly unlikely," Snape said in a snide tone.

"And where you and Remus come in," Death said with a sugary sweet smile. "Think of it as an experiment in potions, Severus. Some acid, some base, some other ingredients mixed in for fun and a lot of magic. Mess it up and… BOOM."

"And we all die?" Remus asked carefully

"No. You'll just have to send Severus and Sirius to their rooms and explain to Harry why two grown men were acting like babies."

"Ohhhhh. The usual." Remus stated with a shrug of his shoulders as Sirius and Snape glared at him.

Death chuckled at Moony's comment. "That's one way to put it. Sirius and Severus will have to learn to work together to make sure Harry grows up to his full potential. A balancing act between the fun loving Black and the serious Snape, with some common sense from Lupin."

"And if we can't get along?" Sirius said

"Then Harry will come with me until I think he is ready."

"But... But he's my godson," Sirius sputtered as he looked at Death with big puppy dog eyes.

"And that's why you will behave," Death said with a smirk. "Besides, you won't want to distract Severus from his work, would you?" As he talked, Death carefully readjusted Harry and pulled something out of his robes.

"This belongs to you," The elder Harry said holding a tiny book out to Snape. "You willed it to yourself. Somehow, you knew I would come back here to fix this mess."

Snape eyed the tiny book for a moment before taking it. As soon as he had it in his hand the book began to grow. Snape stared down at the thick book as it rested in his lap. "What is it?" Snape asked looking up at Death.

"I believe it's your potions journal," Death stated a twinkle in his eyes as he watched Snape quickly but gently open the book. "You continued on with your research into lycanthropy even after Remus's death. I believe you were close to a cure before you died."

Snape, Remus and Sirius stared at the book as if it was the Holy Grail for the possible cure that it held between its pages.

"That's very good," Fudge began in an oily voice only politations can achieve. "The Ministry would love to assist you with your research Mr. Snape. And of course, we would be more than willing to help provide security for young Mr. Potter."

"Fudge, how stupid do you think we are?" Death snapped, affronted. "Don't answer that. For a moment, I forgot about how asinine your brain was."

With a weary sigh Death turned his full attention on Fudge. "Cornelius, you will resign from your position as Minister for medical reasons, and appoint Mr. Weasley as temporary Ministry until elections can be arranged."

"What… I will do no such thing!" Fudge sputtered in outrage as the others looked on in shock. "You can't make me. I'm the Minister!"

"As I stated, you will resign for health reasons, or do I have to make myself clearer," Death said in a menacing tone. Many of those in the room shivered as they felt the room temperature plummet.

Cornelius's eyes flickered from Death to Moody, Dumbledore, and the other men in the room, searching for some type of support. "Well…" Fudge said hastily as he chewed on his bottom lip. "My health has been poor lately… And it is for the good of the Ministry."

"Excellent. I knew you would make the right decision," Death beamed with pleasure before turning his attention to the new Minister. "Now, Arthur. I suggest you start an investigation into… lets see… Malfoy, Crouch, Lestrange… I'm sure Severus would be willing to supply names for you. Also, you need to look into the members of the Ministry—those who are living beyond their means or are sympathizers of Voldemort's ideals."

"I see you have things well plotted out," Dumbledore stated as he watched Death though narrowed eyes.

"Well, I was taught by a master manipulator, Dumbledore," Death said returning his glare. "I would suggest you keep you eyes on the businesses of Hogwarts, Headmaster. It's time for the children to learn to stand on their own two feet and not to be lead around."

"I will keep your suggestions in mind," the Headmaster replied airily, his tone dripping with fake subservience.

"I suggest you keep it more than just in mind Dumbledore," Death continued in a threatening tone. "As you stated earlier, I have things well plotted out."

Dumbledore's eyes widened with sudden understanding. "The glow," he whispered in shock while Death grinned.

"The glow?" Sirius repeated in confusion. "What glow…. What… Harry… What did you do to my godson?" Sirius sputtered in confusion.

Death smiled gently at the younger man. "Harry now possesses all of my accumulated knowledge."

"But why?"

"For his own protection," Death replied sadly. "Aside from Death Eaters, there will be those who want to use him for their own personal gain. Fame, fortune, and power. There is much to be gained either by controlling this young man's life or by destroying it."

"Now," Death heaved himself out of his chair with little Harry still in his arms, "it's time for me to leave," he said as he handed Harry to Sirius. "Be sure to take care of him. He's very important."

Sirius looked down at his sleeping godson, "Why?"


"Why didn't you save Lily and James?" Sirius asked as he looked up at the old man who was also his godson. "Harry should be with them, not me. You could have gone back one more day. You could have saved them."

"I couldn't, Sirius," Death said as he knelt next to Sirius's chair so he could look his godfather straight in the eyes. "You have to understand that in time, there are major and minor events. Ginny's death, Remus's, yours, the destruction of the Ministry, and even the siege on Hogwarts were minor events. They are things you can change," the elder Harry explained." My parents' deaths… Lily and James's death was a minor event but it was their death that allowed a major event to happen."

"The defeat of the Dark Lord," Severus stated.

Death nodded his head, "Yes. It was their deaths that lead to Voldemort attempted murder of me, and in turn to his destruction. If I had saved them, Voldemort would never have tried to kill me as a baby, and thousands would die because of this. He might have even won."

"Two lives for peace," Sirius said quietly as he looked back down at the sleeping child in his arms, "It's not a fair trade."

"No it isn't," Death said as he stood up. "I'd best be going now. I have an appointment to keep."

"Where are you going?" Sirius asked as he looked up at the older man.

A smirk appeared on a Death's face, "To finish what was started."

The End