I'm dramatizing Redwall poetry to scenes in the book.

Scenes of the Long Patrol

Oh, it's hard and dry, when the sun is high And dust is in your throat,

(Cuts to Fleecescutt running away from the Blue hoards)

When the rain pours down, near fit to drown, And soaks right through your coat.

(Cuts to Sapwood and Oxeye tied by the shoreline)

But the hares of the long patrol, my lads, Stouthearted they walk with me,

(Cuts to the Long Patrol hares marching to Redwall under Cregga)

Over hill and plain and back again, By the shores of the wide blue sea.

(Cuts to the hares in OoR jumping out of the sand)

Through mud and mire to a warm campfire. I'll trek with you, old friend.

(Cuts to Big Oxeye throwing Pennybright over the vermin and yelling for her to run while he and Sapwood are brought down by the vermin nets)

O'er lea and dale, in a roaring gale, Right to our journey's end.

(Cuts to Clary, Badringer and Rosie fighting, surrounded by vermin)

Yes the hares of the long patrol, my lads, Love friendship more than gold.

(Cuts to Rockjaw with a spear in his side, holding back the vermin and telling his friends to run)

We'll share good days, and tread long ways, Good comrades brave and bold.

(Cuts to the long patrol hares, weapons raised, running into battle and shouting) How was that. Please R and R, this is a new idea for me!!!