A/N- I decided to do one for Tagg, since he's so cool! I'm working on one for Mariel)

Who can outrun the wind

(Shows Tagg, pursuing Efrea)

Yet turn on a single leaf,

(Shows Tagg, in the adders cave, throwing his cloak over the adders and slashing at them)

Stand silent as an amberfly,

(Shows Tagg, perfectly hidden in the foilage, watching Felch)

Or steal the breath from a thief?

(Cuts to Tagg performing his knife tricks for the Dillypins. He pretends to stab Nimbalo, but then the knife appears between Jurkin's footpaws)

The Taggerung!

Who can outswim a pike

(Cuts to Tagg, battling with the pike in the shrew's cave)

Whose eyes are keen as the hawk's,

(Cuts to Tagg, seeing from a distance, Redwall abbey for the first time)

Who brings death in his wake

(Shows Tagg, coming at Vallug, with the sword of Martin in his hand)

Yet leaves no mark where he walks?

(Cuts to Tagg, padding silently through the woods)

Zann Juskarath Taggerung!