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A/N: Well, here it is. The sequel to Play Ball. Some of you might not know of that story so I'll have to refresh your minds a tab bit. In Play Ball Jess had just moved to Los Angeles and had become the gym teacher at an all girl's school. He had also been the coach of their baseball team, the Red Wolves. Here's some info on characters for you:

Rosa: The shiest and sweetest member of Jess's baseball team. She is six years old and goes to kindergarten. Rosa also turned out to be Jess's daughter; she resembles him greatly. Shane is Rosa's abusive mother but her abuse was discovered and now Rosa is with Jess.

Kathy: The best and bossiest player on Jess's team. She may or may not come into this story but she might be mentioned.

Ellen: The girl on the team with the most energy. Like Kathy, she may only be mentioned in this story.

If anything else confuses you then you will have to go read Play Ball. Now here comes the story.

                                                       CHAPTER 1

**Rosa's POV**

          It was dark, really dark, outside; I think I could feel it. There was a cold breeze blowing around my room, too. My head hurt really bad, like it always did when I had one of my dreams. When I finally woke up I looked around my room, feeling the cold breeze again. I tried to lay down again but my head started hurting all over again and I began to moan.

          Daddy rushed in then, like he always did. Can I call Coach Jess Daddy? He said he was my daddy and he acts like one, at least the way I think dads act.

          What I mean is that when I have a bad dream he comes into my room really fast and makes it go away, at least for a little while. When I spill a cup of juice he doesn't yell at me and make me feel bad like Mommy did. He never says he hates me like Mommy, either.

          My friends from the baseball team say that's the way their fathers act. Maybe I can call Coach Jess Daddy. I hope so.

          He pulled me into his arms then and rested me in his lap. It felt good and I was really warm, even though I still felt that chilly breeze.

"It's OK," he hushed me so that I could stop moaning. "Had another, dream huh?"

I nodded into his shirt. "Uh huh."

"Don't even worry about it," Daddy said, really sounding sure. "I'm here and no freak is gonna scare you anymore."

"It's cold," I whispered to him.

He smiled and started to carry me out of my room. "Let's go get something on the warm side."

          I sat Rosa down at the table in the kitchen then went over to the cabinet and grabbed the box of hot cocoa mix. I just couldn't believe it. Things were way too weird lately. I had gone from being this kid's gym teacher to being her father, compliments of one night with Shane.

          Even though Rosa's my kid I can't believe how much I... care. I mean, I'm not exactly the fraternal type; yet every time Rosa made the slightest noise I would rush into her room like a crazed bolt of lighting.

          I don't know where the hell I picked those instincts up from. I can't say I was raised in a nurturing environment. My mom let me stay out all night, skip out on school, and pretty much went along with whatever I said or did. That's just how it was. No one really cared about me until I moved in with Luke, who seemed to care. Then there was Rory.

          Luke and Rory, the only people in my life to ever give a rat's ass about me. Did they know about Rosa? Well, the answer to that starts with an N and ends with O; it's not that hard to figure out. I guess I was just freaking out about letting them know.

          Still, though, Rosa had been with me for over two weeks and they still didn't know. What was I supposed to do exactly? Would I just walk into Luke's diner and say, "Hey, meet my kid that I never even knew existed until a couple weeks ago. So what's for dinner?" Yeah, that would work. In a world gone mad.

          Besides, what would Rory think?  That was another one of my problems. Rory and I had broken up a long time go yet I still cared about what she thought. I don't get why she's so important to me. Still, nearly every decision I make goes back to Rory.

          Rosa yawned then, taking me away from my thoughts. I sat her mug of warm cocoa in front of her, just right so that she wouldn't burn herself. Oh, God. Am I worrying about proper temperatures now?

"Those dreams getting any better?" I asked Rosa.

"They're OK," she whispered then took a sip of the cocoa.

"I..." I trailed off as I sat down next to her. "I thought we could, uh, use a change of scenery, you know?"

"Disney Land?" she asked hopefully.

I gave her what I hoped was a sweet smile. "No. Rosa, I thought we could go to Stars Hallow." She looked at me. "We could see my uncle... Luke."

Rosa thought for a minute. "Is he my uncle, too?" I realized it then and nodded my reply. "OK." She took another long sip of her drink. "Let's go."

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