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                                                      CHAPTER 15

          The following day everyone in Stars Hollow began to gather at the middle of the town right in front of the gazebo. Rory, Jess, and Rosa stood in a row between a few people and Lorelai and Luke stood right behind the trio.

          "What is going on?" Jess whispered to Rory.

          "Taylor's about to proclaim something," Rory replied as she watch Taylor step into the gazebo. "He's in one of his proclaim-y moods."

          "Oh, joy," Jess said dryly.

          "I can't see," Rosa said, tugging on Jess's pants leg.

          Jess lifted her onto his back, Rosa hugging his neck so as not to fall. "Trust me," Jess said to his daughter. "I doubt you'll miss anything."

          "Order, people, order," Taylor began. Before Lorelai could crack a joke about anything he shot her a dirty look, making her close her mouth. "Now some of you may have noticed a slight problem with the bridge."

          "Yeah, it's tearing to pieces," Babette called over the crowd.

          "It's old," said Miss Patty.

          "It's a piece of crap," Jess added.

          Rory smiled at him. "I love when you get into things."

          "I try," Jess shrugged.

          "But," Taylor continued. "A raffle has been started to collect money for the repair of our bridge." Applaud started among the people. "And I'm sure you're all willing to contribute."

          "I think I'm gonna blow," Lorelai said to Luke. "These things aren't any fun unless you can make that vein on Taylor's head pop out."

          "I'll go with you," Luke said and they walked off.

          "Well, isn't this delightful?" Rory asked Jess as Taylor began to rant about something.

          "You ready to go?" Jess asked Rory and Rosa.

          "I'm hungry," Rosa said.

          "Didn't you eat like half an hour ago?" Jess reminded her.

          "Oh, come on, Daddy. That was lunch time." Rosa smiled at him. "Not it's brownie time."

          Jess looked at Rory, who only smiled. "I've taught her well," the brown haired young woman said, very proud of the fact. Rory looked around. "Hey, where'd my mother go?"

          Lorelai and Luke had returned to the diner. Lorelai sat at the counter, eating a chocolate cupcake, a cup of coffee in front of her.

          "Did you eat like half an hour ago?" Luke asked her, wiping off the counter.

          "Yes," she replied. "But that was lunch time. It's cupcake time."

          "I see," Luke nodded, going along with her. "Listen, Lorelai... I-I've been thinking about what's been happening."

          "Our tongue locks?" Lorelai clarified. "Yeah, so have I."

          "So what does this mean exactly?"

          "I don't know. I mean it's not every day I drop what I'm doing to make out with a guy, if you don't count that time at junior year homecoming."

          Luke stared at her like she was insane. "Why do I even bother talking to you?"

          "You know, I'm starting to wonder myself," said Lorelai.

          "My six-year-old niece makes more sense and she lives in a fantasy world."

          "You're always knocking the fantasy worlds. I hate that!"

          "The attention span of a child," Luke muttered.

          "What do you know about me?" Lorelai countered.

          "I know I'm never touching your lips again."

          "Ditto here. The other night was a huge mistake," said Lorelai.

          "Big mistake," Luke added.

          Lorelai stood up from the counter. "Then I'll just go."

          "You do that." Lorelai started to leave but Luke rushed out around the counter, blocking her path. "Why are you doing that?"

          "What?" Lorelai looked confused.

          "Well, I don't want you to actually leave. That was just me, being hard to get."

          "So what are you saying?" Lorelai smiled slowly.

          "I don't really know but, Lorelai, we have been dancing around each other ever since you moved to Stars Hollow, which was years ago."

          "We haven't been dancing... more like running."

          "I'm tired of running."

          "I'm tired of everything," Lorelai said.

          "Let's end this."

          "You first."

          "Fine with me." Luke pulled her towards him and planted a kiss on her lips.

          Lorelai wrapped her arms around his neck and moved in closer on him. The two of them backed up against the counter, Luke lying down on top of him. Lorelai lay on top of him, both of them lost in their kiss, which was the most passionate of all.

          "Mom?" Rory's voice sounded. Lorelai and Luke looked up to see most of the town standing in Luke's doorway.

          "Luke?" Jess said in disbelief.

          Rory made a face at the scene. "Yuck-o."

          "H-hi, guys," Lorelai chuckled shyly. "Um, been there long?"

          "What are all of you people doing here?" Luke asked in aggravation.

          "Cupcake day," Kirk answered for the group.

          "I only have one thing to say to both of you," said Miss Patty. Luke and Lorelai looked at her. "What took you so long?"

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