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Chapter 1: Family Ties

The moon was rather bright, considering it's position and phase in the dark and murky night. 5th year was going to be great. Now that Dumbledore had appointed yet another DADA teacher people swore that the job was jinxed, for no teacher had stayed for longer than a year. No one really knew why, it was just… that way.

Remus Lupin, a 15-year-old werewolf, sat at his window; doing his summer homework all in one night. Naturally he would have done it sooner, but that June and July his family had gone across the continental Europe, leaving only the last week of August uncommitted. His hair, a dusty brown with silver tips, sat ruffled and slightly untamed on his head. The stars lit his book pages more than the candle did as he sat near the open glass window, looking out over the sleepy woods around his house, or rather, manner.

In the next room, he could hear his sisters, Reisa and Rhea, talking about how they needed new robes at Diagon Alley tomorrow. An older woman's voice, kind and warm with a touch of soft laughter, gently agreed and talked about book lists. In the room connected to his other wall, Remus heard his four brothers all talking in the "common-room" of the brothers in the Lupin residence: Relius' room.

Remus was the youngest of 7 children. As stated before, his two sisters were twins and 16, going into their 6th year at Hogwarts. Reisa was the over achiever and perfect in every way, even a Ravenclaw prefect. Rhea was the boy-obsessed one who constantly slacked and still pulled off amazing grades. Then came his 4 brothers. The other set of twins, Rigel and Rital, beginning 7th year in Hufflepuff; always in trouble and pulling pranks with no mercy. They were exactly alike in personality and appearance, except that Rital had freckles. Next was the self-proclaimed hopeless romantic and laid back Relius, in his 7th year as a Gryffindor, who was the friendliest to the youngest in the family. Relius could also be called the psychologist of the family. Even their parents asked him advice because he was so understanding. And how could we forget the pride and joy of the family: Randal. He had been Head Boy, Gryffindor prefect, and now had a job in the Ministry of Magic. Remus was constantly in his perfect oldest siblings shadow and didn't want to be better than him but wanted to be noticed by his parents.

The last was always Remus. He was the young reader, the serious dreamer, and the only Marauder in the family. He had every teacher trusting him to come through on every assignment. Even when he was around Padfoot, Prongs, and Wormtail, he had only gotten 3 detentions.

He sighed and turned to look up at the twinkling stars, finding constellations with a smile that seemed to make the stars shine brighter in his eyes. The summer had been so wonderful, and he felt that the school year ahead was bound to be better.

A knock broke his thoughts and the tranquility of his quill scratching the parchment. "Come in."

A tall man entered. He had a kind face but a sturdy build, much unlike the nimble and thin Remus. The man has so much wisdom in his wrinkled face and sagging blue eyes that you could tell he had seen much. His father simply beamed down at the young werewolf.

"In bed Remus, go on. We have a big day tomorrow." Said the man with so much authority in his voice. He often needed that authority when he was raising 7 children.

Remus put the closing line of his essay and sealed his ink well, dried his quill, and put his paper away. When he finally squirmed in under his comforter and rested his head on the overstuffed goose down pillow, his father smiled a bit wider.

"Gringots tomorrow, I need to give you all more money before Hogsmede this year."

Remus whined a little. "I have enough money to run a small country Dad, you don't need to spend everything."

With a laugh, the old man replied, "I want to see you all spend a chunk of my money before I die and you get your inheritance. Besides, spend some on those friends of yours."

Remus just nodded. It wasn't that he was tight with a Knut; it was just that he cared for humbleness in cases of money. He liked wearing hand-me-down robes because he felt they were better than new starched ones. He also didn't want to see money go to waste. And also, Remus didn't like flaunting that his family was the richest in all of Wizarding. His father, however, spent money like it was burning a hole in his pocket, even though he was wise with his investments.

"Will any of your friends be in Diagon Alley tomorrow?"

"All three of them," Remus answered, half cynically.

"I hope you know how proud your mother and I am of you, Remus. You have coped so well with that bite and to have such loyal friends to get you potions, and become animagus just for you, that takes the kindness you give them."

"Thank you, Dad. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Remus." The door shut and all that lit the werewolf's room was starlight.