Yes, I know, it's sad, but I promise the fluff.

Chapter 11: Last Christmas

Remus and Sirius could barely eat breakfast let alone open presents that morning because they were so lost in each other's eyes. The others at the table found this rather irritating, but according to Remus' mind, there were no other people at the table (that were as important as Sirius, at least). Even as his brothers tried desperately to wake him from his daze, wondering what could be wrong with him, he could only think about the animagus before him, who looked back in his deep amber eyes.

Finally, having yelled himself horse, Relius hit Remus over the head, knocking him to the ground as the werewolf cried, "What did I do!?"

"What's the matter with you? You're the most oblivious person in the school!" Rital called, giving an exasperated sigh. Relius was smiling, sipping some pumpkin juice as he watched the Remus try to explain why he was so out of it. Then, he noticed his twin sisters smiling. It was no surprise, because they were thought to have inherited their mother's "intuition" (a.k.a. telepathy), but Relius wondered just what they had found out, and why before their brothers found out.

Remus stayed on the ground as the twin brothers began badgering him with questions, trying to get out why he was so dazed. The werewolf didn't want to answer them, and tried to get around the questions, which he nearly succeeded at until Rigel began asking him why he had been staring at Sirius.

The amber eyes widened as he shut his mouth, looking for a way to get out of his nosy family's questions. Sirius stood up and walked over to his love, extending a hand and helping him up tenderly. "Yes, well," the animagus said, and he and his lover gracefully walked out of the Hall. "Happy Christmas to you all."

The two returned to their dorm in the Gryffindor tower, making sure to lock the door. Remus threw himself onto his bed, burying his head in the scarlet pillows atop. In a pile in front of his nightstand were his presents: 13 boxes of chocolate, 7 journals, 29 books, 4 scarves, a lunar chart for the next two years, the autobiography of a werewolf, 15 self-inking quills, fudge, and a gold bracelet from Reisa and Rhea. He hated getting so many presents, and how everyone in his family always knew everyone else's business. Sooner or later, they would find out Remus loved Sirius… and his parents would go insane, but for now he was just worrying about what his brothers would do if they found out.

Sirius smiled at the cutely distraught werewolf, walking over and sitting on the bed next to him. "Moony, you alright?" Padfoot asked, pulling the smaller wizard up to hold him. Remus leaned his head against Sirius' strong shoulder, letting his hands fall limply onto his leg. "I'm worried about… what will happen if they find out about us?"

"You're having second thoughts?" Padfoot looked into the liquid amber eyes, and Remus strongly shook his head, looking up into the big brown eyes. "NO, no, of course not… I'm just a bit worried about my family and—"

"Rem, in my humble opinion, hang your family. If they're so bloody-minded to ignore your happiness then they're not worth your energy," Sirius reassured, encircling the werewolf with his arms. This made a reminder appear in the small wizard's mind, and Remus broke the embrace to rummage for something in his trunk.

A few puzzling moment later, Moony handed the scruffy Marauder a large package, wrapped in bewitched wrapping paper that started singing "Merry Christmas" in triple harmony. Sirius smiled and kissed Remus' forehead, making the boy blush as his love began to open his present, saying the usual "you didn't have to".

Removing the wrapping paper, which now had begun singing "Winter Wonderland", Sirius held up by far the coolest present he had ever gotten. His eyes glittered with awe as he looked at the black leather biker jacket, on the back of which was the studded outline of a dog paw print. Having always wanted a motorcycle, this was the perfect gear to wear with it. He turned back to his amber-eyed thoughtful Marauder, who was smiling admiringly, happy because he made his love happy.

"Moony, you are the all-time greatest!" Sirius yelled, jumping up and putting the jacket on. Remus blushed, saying that it was nothing, and blushed even more as Padfoot picked him up, twirling him around and once again falling onto the werewolf's bed, on top of the sweet werewolf. "I love you, my Moony."

The amber eyes looked up into the sweet brown eyes, his heart melting as he heard the words from his love's lips. Tears were once again forming in his eyes, but he couldn't help it. Sirius made him emotional. Especially when Padfoot fished a small box out of his robes, offering it to the small wizard. Remus took it with delicate hands, confused about what the animagus was offering him. He took off the red ribbon and opened the box. There, inside, was a bronze wolf pendant on a brown leather strip.

Last Christmas, Moony had gotten a gold dog pendant for Padfoot, a copper stag pendant for Prongs, and a steal rat pendant for Wormtail, all on their own leather strips. Well, the three were curious about just how much they cost, seeing as Remus always tried to spend discreetly. They figured out he had spent 2 galleons and 6 sickles on each, which was far from cheap, but Remus would never consider the price if he thought his friends would like it.

Moony smiled and almost began crying as Sirius tied it around his neck. "You're a true Marauder now, Rem," he whispered, smiling down at his love. Remus sniffed and a tear escaped his eye, followed by another. Laughing, Padfoot wiped them away, placing a hand on his love's cheek. "It's a wonder we don't drown from how much you cry."

"Sirius, I love you… s-so much," Moony sobbed out, more tears spilling from his eyes. He closed them shut, trying to stop the drops from escaping, embarrassed because he was crying again. Sirius smiled, and lifted Remus' chin up very slightly and gently. His love stared at him with deep, soulful amber eyes. Padfoot leaned down, and very tenderly met the werewolf's lips with his own, tasting the delicate lips he had long dreamed about.

The Lupin's pale cheeks burned red as he closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around Sirius' neck. This was his first kiss, and it was just as he had dreamed. Returning the soft kiss, Remus could only think about Sirius, the paradise he had always longed for, but never had: love from the scruffy animagus.

Time seemed to stand still as they kissed, because everything around them just disappeared for it didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was Remus and Sirius, sharing in one kiss of the truest love, neither wanting to break it, for fear that he would only wake up to see that it had been a dream. But there was no mistake; the feelings and the kiss were real.

Minutes later, the two separated their lips, gasping for air. Remus opened his eyes to see a very red Black before him. That was the first time he had ever seen Sirius blush, which meant he himself must be even more flushed. Moony didn't wait for Padfoot to say anything, which he would have. He moved up to his love and tasted his lips again, giving the kiss his all. Sirius could barely believe it, and wrapped his arms around Remus' small waist, also slowly closing his eyes.

Suddenly, the door to the dorm flew open with a bang and in rushed Rigel, Rital, Relius, Rhea, and Reisa. The site before them silenced their rowdy cries. Their small, innocent, dear little brother was sitting on a bed, being kissed by a scruffy, mischievous Marauder, whom had his arms around their youngest sibling's waist. Remus looked at them, his lips still occupied by Sirius', and his eyes widened. Padfoot hadn't noticed the Lupin family bursting into their room, but did notice when Remus pushed him away, jumping up in front of his siblings.

The six Lupins were in shock, and Sirius was trying to see what he was going to do. Moony began explaining (very, very quickly) about how he was old enough to make decisions for himself, how he loved Sirius more than anything in the world, and how he knew what father might do if he found out. The girls smiled and shared a look, and said quietly, "Don't worry, Remus." They dragged the three boys out and closed the door, the room again becoming quiet.

The werewolf was the of cherries, and breathing hard. Padfoot smiled at him and stood up, surrounding his love with his arms. Remus smiled a bit, leaning against Sirius' chest, and trying to relax again. "There goes our secret," Moony muttered, nuzzling the animagus' neck. His cover was blown, but he didn't care that much, his siblings wouldn't tell anyone…

Sirius smiled and nodded, leaning down and kissing the Lupin once again, wanting to hold him so much closer. "Who cares, as long as I still have you, it's alright."

Remus smiled, leaning his head so that his ear was right above Sirius' heart. The heartbeat was perfect, and lulling him back into the euphoria of being in love.


"Yea, Moony?"

"Being in love with you is like a sugar high."


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