A/N: Yes, I'm a baaaaaaaaaaaad girl…. Heh heh… okay… This is something that has been in the making for about two years, and I think I finally was able to get myself to sit down long enough and come up with how this should go without it turning out TOO corny. Of course, this is Tenchi Muyo/Tenchi Universe…. Everything is corny in that.

Also… this is all meant in fun… I don't have a GOOD idea of how everyone acts, only a fair one. So everything is slightly parodied for the humor. Besides… who says you need to have a correct story! ::cackles::

Tenchi Obsidian

Chapter One

Kamidake awoke with a start. He had been having the same dream over and over for the past two days. A tall royal tree lit with an inner light like the one he was entombed in. It would speak to him, but only a few words. Always the same thing, "Find me…."

He looked around the room he had been given and saw Azaka on the other bed. He wiped the sweat from his brow and looked out the window. He could hear the birds chirping, Sasami cooking in the kitchen, Tenchi caught in the middle of an argument between Ryoko and Ayeka. He smirked at the image in his head.

He stood and stretched. He was tall and very lean with a slight musculature to him. He went over to his small bag and got out his clothes. Yosho and Tenchi had given clothes to himself and Azaka. He dressed in silence so he would not wake his fellow knight.

The table was a boisterous as usual. Ayeka and Ryoko fought over the last bit of bacon. Yosho finished the fight by taking it. "Now… doesn't that feel better?" Yosho said with a knowing smile.

Tenchi finished his food and picked up his plate in silence. Washu looked at him deviously. "Tenchi…. Why are you so quiet…"

Tenchi nearly tripped over something when she spoke. "GAH! Huh?"

Everyone was staring now. "I asked if there was something wrong…"

"Uh… not really…" said a slightly nervous Tenchi. He didn't like being put on the spot like this.

Ayeka got up and walked over to Tenchi and smiled. "You look a bit tired… did you not sleep well, Lord Tenchi?"

Tenchi put down his plate and sat on the couch. "As a matter of fact…. No…."

Ryoko appeared over is head and floated in mid air and upside down. "Tenchi…. Why…"

Tenchi sighed. "I.. keep… having this weird dream… there's a tree.."

Kamidake dropped his glass and it crashed on the ground. Yosho was similarly stunned. Everyone turned on Kamidake including Azaka. "Kamidake…. What is wrong?"

"A tree which speaks to you… it tells you to find it?" Kamidake looked scared.


"Yes…" said Yosho from the table. His face seemed to darken.

"Grandpa..?" Tenchi was stunned.

"It speaks with a woman's voice…" Kamidake sat down and looked at everyone assembled.

Yosho and Tenchi nodded. "But what does it mean?" asked Tenchi.

Washuu decided to pop out of her laboratory door. "It means that you three have a tree to find!" she said gleefully. "Hey that kinda rhymed!"

"Washuu…. " groaned Tenchi.

"Lady Washuu… how do we find this tree?" asked Azaka.

"You don't know? Well… there's nothing I can do then! Bye!" beamed Wahsuu as her head popped out of existence.

"Wahuu!" cried Tenchi. "You know something don't you!"

"Little old me? Call me…." Then, there was a dramatic pause. "LITTLE WASHUU!"

Tenchi sighed and resigned to his fate. "Please…. Little Wahuu…. Please tell us what you know…"

Washuu's red hair poked out from the ceiling from a trapdoor that she set up herself. "That's better!" She said. Then, she dropped down into a chair underneath her.

"All I have to do is put you three under and I can hook you up to my brand new…." There was another dramatic pause. "DREAM MASTER TWO THOUSAND!"

After Washuu had dragged them into her laboratory, Tenchi was really beginning to question his sanity in letting her. Kamidake was on his left and Yosho was on his right.

Everyone looked on in anticipation. Ayeka and Ryoko had stopped quibbling as they watched their dear Tenchi tied up to Washuu's massive machine.

Azaka kept a comforting hand on Sasami's shoulder as they both watched on. Mihoshi and Kyone stood beside one another as they waited for the thing to turn on.

"Now… I must put all three of you to sleep for it to work… I don't want you to worry if you stay awake…" Washuu beamed.

"Not to worry!" Tenchi started, but was hit on the head with a rather large mallet. Washuu smiled at Yosho and Kamidake.

"Are you two ready to be asleep?" she smiled cheerfully.

Kamidake gulped and Yosho gave a nervous grin. She hit them both with the mallet and they were fast asleep.

She walked over to her post and made her computer appear out of nowhere. "Now… let's get this show on the road!"

The machine turned on and the view screen and tracker came on as well. On the screen, was nothing. Ryoko came up behind Washuu with a catty grin. "Your machine isn't working… big surprise…"

Washuu hit Ryoko with her mallet, sending Ryoko into unconsciousness. "That was very rude, Ryoko. It takes a while for someone's dreams to come back, as you should well know!"

Then, she hit a few more buttons on her console and the screen was lit up in a white light. Suddenly, a large tree came into view. It was all green and luscious colors. Then, it went stark white. The wind blew through the branches, making the leaves of the tree rustle softly.

"Nothing too out of the ordinary," Washuu said.

Mihoshi gasped. "Oh, Miss Washuu! What is that?!"

Washuu looked up again. The screen suddenly switched to the trunk of the tree. Half buried in the tree was something that she couldn't discern. That was when the voice came. "Find me…please…"

Then, the tracker made a loud beeping sound. "How unusual. It's not far from Jurai, by the tracker. Coordinates, zero-six-by-ten-by-eighty-two. Sigma sector."

Mihoshi giggled. "Oh! I know that place! I once did a run by that planet!" Then, she became terrified. "It was creeeeeeeepy…"

Ayeka stared at the coordinates. "I know that place as well… it's a place of legend, but I always thought it was just that… a legend."

"Whatever it is… it's practically begging us to look for it! Let's GO!" Ryoko said as she jumped up. She was fired up and ready to fight anything. "Maybe it'll have buried treasure or something!"

Washuu hit Ryoko with her mallet. "Calm down, Ryoko…we need a game plan of getting there and being prepared for what is there."

"It could very well be an enemy trying to distract us into thinking it is a good entity," Azaka said.

"Oh… I hope it's nothing bad…" Sasami muttered as she clung to her sister's dress. She didn't want anyone to get hurt. Her long blue pigtails swished as she looked onto Tenchi. "Is Tenchi going to be all right?"

"Oh… he'll be fine… I've only knocked him out… he should be waking up any moment now." Washuu recorded the coordinates and then unhooked Yosho, Kamidake and Tenchi.

Tenchi sat up and massaged the back of his head where Washuu had hit him. Immediately, Ryoko and Ayeka were at his side trying to help him up. "Lord Tenchi, you should have help when attempting to walk after that blow to the head. You'll trip if you aren't careful!"

"Oh lay off of him, Princess! It's not as though he needs you to be nagging him like that!" Ryoko stuck her tongue out at Ayeka and blew a raspberry. Ayeka growled and stuck her tongue out at Ryoko.

Washuu hit them both on the head with the mallet. "Girls, girls, girls… can't we just… get along? At least until we find out what that tree is…?"

Then, Washuu smiled at Ryo-oki. "Ryo-oki! Transform now! We have a planet to find!"

Ryo-oki, who was situated on the ground in her little child form, stood up and saluted Washuu. "MREOW!" Then, she ran outside and jumped off of a rock and transformed into a great battle ship. Spikes protruded from her body, forming a strange jewel looking ship.

Everyone converged outside, Washuu dragging the bodies of Ayeka and Ryoko with her. "All right! Let's get going! Sasami! Do you have enough supplies?"

Sasami came up with her apron on and her wok and chopsticks in hand. "Yes, Lady Washuu!"

Then, they boarded Ryo-oki and rose up above the clouds. Tenchi looked out the dome, watching the clouds and the Earth disappear. Kamidake came up behind him. "You enjoy watching your planet like this, Lord Tenchi?"

Tenchi looked up. "Huh? Oh… yes…. It sometimes feels so…small when I see it from space."

"As does anyone's home when they leave it," said Azaka.

A tree stood on a planet far away. It was the only green thing there, the planet being a desert. It survived on sheer will alone with a little water gathered from an underground spring.

It felt something was coming. It knew that something would come to collect what was supposed to remain asleep. It had to protect it from anything that wanted it for its own purposes. It must protect…

"Ryoko! Where are we now?!"

Ryoko linked with Ryo-oki and listened to the report. "Ryo-oki says we are there now. Zero-six-by-ten-by-eighty-two, Sigma sector."

Tenchi stared out the dome. "I don't see anything, though. I wonder why…" He stared into the empty space where there should have been a planet.

"Ryo-oki! Can you detect any planets nearby!" Ryoko grunted a second later. "Then why in hell didn't you say that in the first place!" she said as she growled at one of the large crystals floating around.

"What? What did Ryo-oki say?" Ayeka said.

"There's a planet right in front of us, but it's hidden."

Ryoko grunted and glared out the dome toward the place that Ryo-oki had said the planet was. "Ryo-oki, get us closer," said Washuu.

Ryo-oki flew closer toward the place that the planet was supposed to be. Nothing happened. Then, suddenly, the space in front of them wavered like water rippling after a stone was thrown in.

Ryoko grabbed the crystals in front of her and drove Ryo-oki into the clouds of the new planet. However, as everyone soon realized, there were barely any clouds in the sky of this new planet.

The further they descended, the closer to land they came, the more the two suns beat down on the dome of Ryo-oki. Tenchi brought his hand up to his face to block out most of it. "Two…suns?"

"This is a desert planet. How can there be a tree here when everything is dead?" asked Azaka.

"That's what I would like to know," Washuu spoke. "The readings I have say there is an underwater spring system, but there is no vegetation whatsoever on this planet. It's all dry on top and water underneath. It doesn't make any sense."

"The legendary desert planet of Sabaku. It was once part of Jurai's kingdom, but it supposedly was left when some disaster made the planet's plant life disappear. The only thing that was left was the water, but without seeds, there can be no life, so it stays sandy. But I thought this place wasn't real!"

Sasami looked at everything, her pink eyes looking saddened by the sight. Tsunami inside of her stirred inside her mind at the lack of life on the planet, or was that not the case. Sasami felt something different from the planet. "I… hear a voice…"

Everyone turned to her. "What, Sasami?" Ayeka prompted.

The voice was soft, like a breeze, singing a song that she did not recognize. "It's… its singing something… I… can't understand it."

"It's in another language, I'll bet." Washuu tapped the controls on her computer. "I am registering some sort of signal coming from that direction." Washuu then pointed to a point on the western horizon.

Something was over there. It rose out of the ground like a mesa, but when they got closer to it, it was a great hole with the leaves of some great tree inside it sticking out into the arid air.

"A…tree?" came the collective sputter from everyone.

The closer they came the more it began looking like a tree inside a great hole. Birds flew around the branches of the tree as a breeze shook the branches.

When they landed and Ryo-oki let them out, Azaka and Kamidake took their staves in hand and looked down into the abyss. "We shall go down and make sure everything is all right," said Azaka.

Kamidake nodded. "Yes, we shall call on you when everything is clear."

Then, they jumped down into the great hole, falling past branches upon branches. "It looks as though it may be several trees in one area," Kamidake said.

Then, they fell past a great trunk. They felt as though they were floating down as they went past slowly down the length of the tree. "It is one very large tree, Kamidake," said Azaka. Then, they landed on a platform before the tree. White light filtered from the hole they just fell through.

Kamidake held his staff aloft, ready for anything. Suddenly, a brilliant white light appeared out of the tree itself. Something came at Kamidake that was small and furry. "GAH!" he cried out as he was pounced on and fell onto the ground.

Above ground, the birds in the branches of the tree suddenly flew up into the air and hovered above the tree, then filtered back into it. "What was that!" cried Mihoshi. She nibbled on her bottom lip in her nervousness.

Tenchi looked down the hole and called out. "AZAKA! KAMIDAKE! ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?!"


Tenchi at first thought that Azaka was joking. Then, he closed his eyes and jumped into the hole. Everyone else followed after him, falling slowly through branches and finally past the very large trunk of a tree. Then, they all landed softly on the platform that Azaka was standing on.

"Where is Kamidake, Azaka?" asked Tenchi.

Azaka pointed toward a lump on the ground that turned out to be clad in white and blue with long dark, red, wavy hair. Kamidake was lying on his back with several furry creatures on top of him. He looked as though he had just been given a fright and was now petting the creatures. "YOU screamed?" said Ayeka incredulously.

Kamidake stood up quickly and dusted himself off. "I was surprised by these wonderful little creatures." Then, he pointed to the creatures. They looked like they were a cross between cats and ferrets, all white with large black eyes. They scurried away quickly and disappeared.

"We saw a great flash of light from the tree before the creatures attacked Kamidake," said Azaka as he walked over toward the edge of the platform.

Suddenly, another flash of white light came from the tree. The water surrounding it rippled violently and strange animals ran away into the darkness behind it.

"Whoooo aaaaaaare youuuuuuuuu…"

It was a woman's voice coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once. Tenchi gasped. It was the same voice as in the dream. He walked forward. "M-my name is Tenchi Masaki. We came here because you sent us a dream that asked us to find you!"

"You are only one… there should be three….."

Kamidake came forward and stood with his staff at his side. "I am the second. I am Kamidake, a Knight of the Jurai Royal Family."

"Wheeeeeere is theeee thiiiiird?"

"The third is my grandfather, Yosho. He requested to stay home while we came for you." Tenchi looked into the light to try to see what was there. All he could see was the tree.

"Wheeeeeeeeeere is the thiiiiiiird."

"I told you! The third is home. He asked to stay there incase we found something here that we could send home!" Tenchi was getting slightly nervous with it's insistence on asking where his grandfather was.

"Veeeery well….."

Then, a brilliant light came from the tree, brighter than that of before. Everyone had to shield their eyes from it. Something was showing up on the trunk of the tree; something that they could barely see through the brilliant white light.