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Chapter Two

Kamidake focused on the tree, leveling his staff, readying himself for any trouble. His comrade, Azaka, beside him was doing similar. The light was so bright that it was hard to see through it.

Then, he saw something. Long dark pink hair flowed down from the trunk. A body showed as though it had been absorbed into the tree. It was a girl, though the hair masked her face, her head bowed down limply. Her breasts were hidden behind the bark of the tree, but her thighs, knees, stomach, head and shoulders showed through.

"Heeeelp..meeee…." came the soft voice again.

Kamidake and Azaka rushed forward. "We'll take care of this Lord Tenchi," Azaka called out as he hopped from one platform to the tree.

Suddenly, the girl's head lifted up, her eyes were closed. She looked to be no more than fifteen. Her pale features seemed even lighter in the bright light that was coming from her. Then, her eyes snapped open.

Kamidake ducked just in time to avoid being thrown by a gale force wind. Azaka was behind him. "Azaka! Kamidake!" cried out Ayeka.

"Kamidake! Go forward if you can! I… can barely hold on to this slick platform!" Azaka called out. It was true. Azaka's hands were sliding on the platform, as though he were trying to hold onto glass.

"Azaka!" Kamidake called back. "Let me help you!"

"Kamidake! Go!"

Kamidake looked toward the tree and the girl once again. Around her, the bark of the tree writhed as though warning him not to come any closer. Her eyes were stark white, nothing slowing in them.

Tenchi watched, torn between wanting to help and wanting to make sure everyone else was safe. He jumped onto the second platform and was promptly blown down next to Azaka.

"Azaka! Grab hold of me! I'll… TRY to get you back over to the other platform!" Tenchi called through the wind.

Azaka grunted and did as he was told. Ryoko appeared out of nowhere and grabbed them, disappearing again and reappearing on the other platform. The wind was surprisingly not as bad on it. Ayeka was shielding herself from it all, but in the end, it was only grass and dirt that she was shielding herself from.

Mihoshi was hiding behind a rock, whimpering. "THAT WIND IS SCAAAAAAARY!" Sasami tried to calm her down, hiding behind the rock as well.

Kamidake took his staff in hand and jumped at the tree trunk. Some how, he had latched onto something and was holding on. The wind was so strong he could barely move with fear that he would be blown away like paper.

"Heeeeeelp…meeeeee…." The voice was everywhere. It came in the wind that threatened to toss him away like nothing.

"I'm TRYING to help you, but you MUST allow me to do so!"



He suddenly realized that he had his arms wrapped around the girl's shoulders. He was holding her head to his chest as he tried to free her from the tree. He stared down into her young face. Her stark white eyes showed nothing. Her face was completely devoid of emotion.

The tree writhed against his arms. It was more than just a tree. It was a prison. The girl was imprisoned in this tree and he couldn't set her free without tearing her apart to do so.

He gripped his staff and chanted under his breath, keeping his eyes shut against the torrential wind. The staff glowed with power as he chanted. "LET THIS CHILD GO! NOW! BEFORE I RIP YOU APART!"

Suddenly, the wind died away and he fell backward holding onto something tightly. The trunk of the tee still had an imprint of where the girl had been, but it was quickly closing up. He looked onto his chest to see that the girl was asleep and snoring rather loudly. "My, you certainly can sleep, tree-child," he said in an incredulous tone.

Her cheeks and lips had a pink tone to them. Her face no longer looked like what it had. She looked like she was alive now. Her extremely long dark pink hair was all around him.

"Kamidake! Are you all right?" Tenchi ran over on the bridge portion to Kamidake with Azaka behind him.

Kamidake smiled cheerfully, though sweat dripped slight from his forehead. "Yes, my lord, I am… and so is this girl…"

Then, she moved, wrapping her arms around his waist and curling up on him. Tenchi realized one thing. She was completely naked. "Ack! She's naked!"

Kamidake blushed as he realized this himself, his eyes widening. He attempted to free himself from her, but she somehow had a very strong grip. Tenchi took off his coat and put it around the girl. Azaka smiled. "Come, we have accomplished what we set out to do, now we must retreat back to your home, Lord Tenchi."

Tenchi nodded. "That would be a VERY good idea now…"

Kamidake grunted. "A little help here, please?"

Tenchi fought the urge to laugh. The idea of a royal knight of the Jurai court asking for help against a naked girl was a little too funny to him. He attempted to pry the girl's arms off of Kamidake. He too found it difficult. "GAH! I can't.. get.. her.. OFF!"

Ryoko came over hearing this. "May I help, boys?" She reached down and started pulling. Suddenly, Ryoko flew backward. The girl had punched her on the nose. "WHAT… WHAT IS SHE?!"

"A little trouble, Ryoko? OH HO HO HO! I'm sure I could help!" Ayeka did what she did to relax Sasami when she was younger. She rubbed the girl's arms and then tried to pull her away. She too was flung back by a punch to her nose.

She growled as she sat up. "WHAT IN ALL THAT IS SACRED IS SHE?!"

Sasami came over and looked at the girl. There was something familiar about her. Tsunami writhed inside her mind in an amused manner. Sasami walked over to Kamidake and the girl, kneeled down and put her hand on the girl's shoulder. "Sasami! Don't!" cried Ayeka as she nursed a bloody nose.

Sasami smiled cheerfully and giggled. "Time to wake up, Choko!"

The girl's head bobbed up, her eyes gazing around blearily, then, she stood up, clutching Tenchi's jacket around her. She smiled at Sasami. "Good morning…" Then, she promptly fell asleep on the ground.

"Well… now we have to get her onto Ryo-oki," said Tenchi as he scratched his head. "I'll take her, I gu—"

"I'll take her aboard, Lord Tenchi," said Azaka. He picked her up and cradled her in his arms. Then, he handed his staff to Kamidake, who still looked highly confused.

"Now all we need is a way back up there," Tenchi said as he looked back up to the light coming from the hole.

"I think I can help you with that!"

Washuu was still on the surface, watching them all down in the abyss. "Ryo-oki! Transform!"

Ryo-oki meowed cheerfully at her and jumped into the air. Spikes once again protruded from her body, forming massive crystals. Soon, Ryo-oki the ship was air-born.

Washuu found herself on the bridge. "Ryoko, we can teleport you up here now."

Soon, Tenchi, Mihoshi, Sasami, Ayeka, Ryoko, Kamidake and Azaka, who was holding the girl in his arms, showed up out of thin air onto the bridge of the ship. They rose out of the atmosphere of the planet and watched as it disappeared completely with the same rippling as it had before.

They flew in the direction of Earth. Washuu, meanwhile, found the girl highly interesting. "She is still asleep, even after being asked to wake up!"

The girl was curled up on a bed with Tenchi's jacket still around her. Her long hair was spread out over her and the bed, shimmering slightly in the light. "Who was it you said woke her up, Lady Ayeka?"

"It was Sasami," Ayeka said in an unsure tone. If her sister knew something about this, she wasn't sure she wanted to know. Yet, there was this nagging voice in her that told her that she ought to know.

Sasami walked in with rice balls on a tray with a pot of tea. "I brought in some snacks incase anyone was hungry." She smiled cheerfully at them.

"Sasami… what did you say that caused this girl to wake up and let go of Kamidake?" Washuu took a rice ball and a cup of tea that Sasami was pouring for everyone in the room.

"Well… I don't really recall… but I think asked her…to wake up." Sasami looked a bit worried now. "Did I do something wrong?"

Washuu smirked. "No… I'm sure if you had not done something, our dear Kamidake would still be attached to her and scared out of his wits."

Sasami sighed in relief. "That's good then."

"No… what I want to know is what woke her up. Ayeka and Ryoko, even Tenchi tried to wake her up but nothing happened." Washuu sipped her tea and smiled. "Very nice tea, Sasami!"

Sasami smiled. "Thank you!"

"I recall she said something else besides 'please wake up'. It sounded like a name. Cho…cho…choko.. That was it. She called the girl Choko." Ayeka said as she looked down at the girl. "Child of the Dawn."

Sasami gazed down at the girl. She put her hand on her shoulder and smiled. "Time to wake up, Choko!"

The girl known as Choko sat up, the jacket somehow miraculously staying on her shoulders. She gazed around blearily at everyone and yawned. Sasami put a cup of tea under the girl's nose. "Have some tea!"

Choko blinked a couple of times and stared at Sasami. Her eyes were completely blue, even the pupils were blue. "Who…who are you?" she said in a soft voice. "Where am I?"

"You were imprisoned in a tree and we found you and took you from it!" Mihoshi said cheerfully as she walked into the room more. "I smelled food so I came in!"

Sasami smiled and handed her a rice ball. "Go ahead! There is plenty!"

"Food?" came a small voice.

Everyone turned to Choko who was still blinking cluelessly at them all. Washuu's computer appeared out of nowhere above her lap. "Now that she is awake I can do some tests on her! AND when we get home, I can run even more tests!" That old maniacal glint was shining in Washuu's eyes.

"Tests? What are tests?" Choko blinked with her blue on blue eyes at Washuu. She spoke slowly as though she had never really spoken before.

"Give the girl some food! She needs it to drive that empty brain of hers!" Ryoko showed up out of nowhere and shoved a rice ball into the girl's mouth.

Choko tried to scream as the rice ball was stuffed into mouth, but it came out muffled. She immediately punched Ryoko on the nose which sent Ryoko flying into the opposite wall.

Ryoko slid down onto the ground, her nose bleeding. "Owie…."

Choko looked at the rice ball and blinked blankly. Then, she nibbled on it. She took it out her mouth with a hand and blinked at it once more, swallowing the piece she had eaten. Then, she smiled cheerfully. "It's good!"

Sasami came forward with the tea and Choko took it, drinking merrily. "It's good! It's good!"

Sasami and the girl giggled brightly, leaving everyone in the room staring at them oddly. "I wonder why she was locked up in that tree," said Mihoshi, "It would be very scary for ME if I had been her."

Washuu stared at Mihoshi. "Mihoshi, what did you say?"

"Oh! That's right! You weren't down there when this scary wind came up and tried to push poor Azaka and Kamidake away! Then, Kamidake got her out of the tree and the wind stopped!" Then, Mihoshi giggled and chomped onto a rice ball.

"Mihoshi…" Washuu was about to say something until she thought about what Mihoshi said. It was all too familiar to her. "That tree… I got some readings of it when it started glowing oddly. It's very reminiscent of the royal trees of Jurai, but then not."

Ayeka stared at Washuu. Tenchi walked in with Azaka and Kamidake. Sasami gasped. "Oh! I had better go make some more snacks!" Then, she disappeared out the door.

Choko looked up from her most recent rice ball and looked to the newcomers. She smiled at them with little bits of rice around her pink lips. "Goo' worning! Goo' worning!" she giggled through a mouthful of rice, crab and seaweed.

Tenchi smiled. "It looks like she is all right!"

"More so than she should be," mumbled Washuu disdainfully.

"What was that, Lady Washuu?"


Azaka smiled at Choko and took a cup of tea, sipping it carefully. "It's good! It's good, is it not?" said Choko cheerfully.

Kamidake seemed a little reluctant to come any closer for fear of her clutching onto him the way she had before. Especially since she was still naked. Azaka gave Kamidake a cup of tea and smiled. "Drink it, Kamidake. It will do you some good."

Kamidake inclined his head in a respectful manner and took the cup, sipping from it. He smiled then.

Choko looked at him, then she blushed pink on her cheeks and turned to Washuu. She smiled at Washuu. "Good food."

Washuu just stared at her. She was still working out a very complex problem in her head.

Sasami walked in just then with a large tray full of food and another pot of tea and more cups. "Snack time!"

She handed Kamidake and Azaka a rice ball each and then gave Tenchi a cup of tea and a rice ball. "Lady Choko! Would you like another rice ball? I know you must be very hungry still." Sasami said cheerfully.

Choko nodded eagerly and took another rice ball from the tray. As she ate, Azaka smiled at her. "Lady Choko? Is that your name? What a sweet name you have. Child of the Dawn." Then, he patted Choko on her head. Choko giggled and leaned into his hand.

"Well, it looks like it is time for introductions, then," said Tenchi. He smiled at Choko and bowed. "My name is Tenchi Masaki. It's nice to meet you."

Choko blinked at him, then stood up and bowed back o him repeatedly. Tenchi nearly fainted as he watched her naked body move. He grabbed the jacket and pulled it tighter around her. "Erm… you might want to keep this closed, Lady Choko."

Ayeka smiled and bowed to Choko slightly. "I am Princess Ayeka of the Jurai royal family. It is nice to meet you Lady Choko."

Choko gasped and got to her knees and bowed her head to the floor. Everyone stared at her. Kamidake and Azaka seemed the most surprised at her behavior. "That… that is how a knight bows to the royalty," said Kamidake.

"Actually, it is an older style," said Azaka.

Ryoko got up off the floor and picked up a rice ball. "So she's another knight. So what?" She bit into the rice ball and chewed it. "Hey! Nice grub, Sasami!"

Sasami smiled brightly. "Thank you, Ryoko!"

"Ryoko, if we have another knight here, then that means that was a royal tree of Jurai that we found," grumbled Ayeka.

Choko got up off her knees and took another rice ball and ate it eagerly. Ryoko grunted. "Well, whatever she is, she sure eats a lot…." She walked over and ruffled Choko's hair with a sort of amused smile on her face. "Hey, kid. My name is Ryoko.. and don't you forget it. I'm a big nasty space pirate, so don't piss me off!"

Then, Ryoko floated over to Tenchi and giggled and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Tenchi simply sighed and allowed her to do so. Choko smoothed her hair down, putting her arms through the sleeves of the jacket so she could wear it better.

Sasami smiled. "I'm Sasami! It's nice to meet you Choko!" Then, she bowed to Choko as she giggled brightly.

Mihoshi giggled. "My name is Mihoshi and that is Washuu over there! It's so nice to meet you, Miss Choko!"

Azaka and Kamidake both bowed to the floor at the same time to Choko. When they got up and they smiled at her. "I am Azaka and this is Kamidake. We are both knights of the Jurai Royal family. We are here to serve."

Choko blushed pink again and turned away to get a cup of tea. Sasami smiled at her. "We should find some clothes for you to wear, Choko! Come with me!" Then, Sasami took Choko's hand and tugged her out of the room.