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"Ponybaby, wake up. We gotta get some breakfast before church"

Mom walked into the room and shook me until I opened my eyes.

"What's the time mom?" I groaned

"It's almost 9! Come on and get dress, you know how your daddy hates being late". I sprang up out of bed as mom pulled back the blinds to let the sun light come into the room.

It was just another Sunday at our house. Dad was making his famous scrambled eggs and potato and instructing Darry on the best way to make chicken soup.

"So write that down D, onion in boiling water then put the chicken in. The secret ingredient is this herb you put in"

"What's it called?" Darry asked

"I don't know, ask your mother on that one. Just write 'the herb in the yellow container'" dad said without expression, causing Darry to almost fall off the stool laughing.

"What? What?" he was trying not to laugh too, "do you actually think I know what I put in my cooking? Why do you think it tastes so good? I just put whatever smells good"

"Dad, if I'd known that before I would never eat the stuff you cook! No wonder it never tastes the same twice!". Everyone always seemed so relaxed on Sunday morning.

Darry didn't have to start work at the DX station till 12. He was trying to save every cent to get to college so he never came with us to church. Neither did Soda.

After breakfast we got into the car and drove down to the church. Usually we would take Johnny with us but he didn't come over in the morning. Mom read my mind.

"Where's Johnny this morning?" she asked

"I don't know. He must've had a late night"

I knew that wasn't true because I was with him the night before. I didn't say anything though, mom worried about Johnny a lot, but I figured he'd be with Dally.

 "Did Soda say where he was going today?" dad asked looking at me through the rear view mirror.

"I think he went out with Sandy or something"

"Isn't it a little too early for that?"

Dad, you have no idea

Mom turned to look at me.

"I hope no girl has stolen your heart just yet"

I gave her a confused look

"Mom I'm 13!"

"That's right, you're still a baby"

I laughed at her. She was always so fussy with me. I figured she wanted me to stay a baby forever.

She turned to dad and said "are we still going out for dinner tomorrow night?". It was their 22nd anniversary.

"Sure, honey. Anything you want" dad said brushing mom's hair out of her eyes. I watched as she smiled sweetly and took his hand into hers. I moved forward in my seat and put a hand on the back each of their seats.

"So, how did you meet each other?"

Dad laughed happily. "We went to high school together"

"Did you? I didn't know that"

"You learn something new everyday, baby" mom said

"When did you know that you were, you know, in love?"

"I knew the minute I laid eyes on her" dad said putting his hand on his heart.

"Come on dad, that's cliché"

"No! It aint nothing but the truth. She came into class late on the first day of school and when she walked in, I tell ya, I thought my heart had stopped"

"Honey, don't put ideas in his head!" mom said laughing. I could tell she was in ecstasy hearing dad talk about her like that. I realised then that I had never once seen or heard them fight or argue over anything.

"Don't worry about him" dad said winking at me in the rear view mirror, "Pony knows his own mind"

I sat back and thought about what they said. I wondered if I'd still be so in love when I'm that old.