I picked up the phone with a trembling hand and dialled Jill's number. There was no other way I could do this. I couldn't write her a letter and I didn't want to talk face to face.

Thank God for telephones

"Hey, Jill? It's Darry"

"Hey Darry" she sounded so surprised, "I didn't think you'd call me" she said sadly.

I have no choice

"I wanted to tell you something important" I said quickly. The best way to do it was to get straight to the point.

"What is it?"

"I can't, well the thing is, its just not going to work out… between us"

"Are you breaking up with me?"


"Well I can't say I didn't see it coming", she said bitterly, "if that's what you want, so be it. I'll bring the ring by your house next time I pass"

"No, its ok. You can keep it" I hesitated for a minute, "you know, its not you. I just have bigger priorities now. My brothers, they need me".

"bigger priorities? Is that how little I meant to you? Don't you think I need you too?"

"You don't need me. It wouldn't have worked out anyway. Your parents wouldn't have agreed". Her parents were as rich as they come and would've wanted her to marry a guy from a family like theirs.

"Don't give me that" she snapped, "my parents would've wanted me to be happy. It doesn't matter who with, as long as I was happy. But it doesn't matter anymore. It's been nice knowing you" she shut the phone in my ear just as Ponyboy and Soda walked in with the rest of the gang following behind them.

More days like this to come, I thought.

Months later

Ponyboy's POV

When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house….


Well that's it! I know that was really stupid but I wanted to finish this soooo badly. I'm not writing anymore chapter fic! Hehehe. Thanks to all you who read it (I know the ending wasn't all that ). If I ever write again, it'll be one chapter stuff. I want to start reading all the outsiders fics because there are heaps of good ones and I know I'm missing out. Anyway thanks again BYE!