Harry Potter and the Blood Prophesies
By Lethe a.k.a. Garner

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all characters and places included in the Harry Potter books belong to J.K. Rowling and her affiliates. Unfortunately, I am not J.K. Rowling. This story will most likely contain slash by the end. For the uninitiated, this means relationships between two males. If that disgusts you, read on at your own criticism is of course welcome and encouraged.

Author's Notes: Greetings! I am aware that this story starts off like many others. I guarantee, however, that it will not end like that. If you notice any similarities between my story and one of yours, please do not be offended. It was not intentional. This simply seemed like the logical place to start. Thank you. I am a little iffy about putting this story up incomplete. I intend for it to be quite long. I do have the entire outline completed, and have every intention of finishing it, so do not fret. This story is currently not beta'd. If anyone wishes to volunteer to do so before I post chapters, please let me know. Occasionally I will repost a chapter to correct spelling and grammatical errors, but I will never actually change the story once it has been posted. I hope you enjoy.

Summary: After the disastrous events of The Order of the Phoenix, Harry resolves to take control of the course of his life. Some things are easier said than done, however. A succession of events will lead Harry down paths that he never imagined, and he will discover things about himself and others that will alter his life forever.

(Italics indicate parseltongue or telepathic speech)

Chapter One: Snakes and Trench Coats

Harry Potter sat looking out of his window at number 4 Privet Drive. It was 11:30 p.m. on July 30th. In 30 minutes he would be 16 years old. As he watched the minutes tick by of his clock, he reflected on the events of the past year. It is true what they say about hindsight being 20/20. Harry was tired of being a reactive person. For too long, had he let events steer the course of his life. He felt like a complete and utter fool for not taking advantage of the Occlumency lessons that he was offered last year. Had he not been a prat about the lessons, and completely pissed off Snape, his godfather might still be alive. Unfortunately, Voldemort had been able to get into his mind and had tricked him into going to the Ministry of Magic.

Snape, now there was an interesting problem. He understood a little better now why Snape was such an unmitigated bastard. Not only did he have a childhood at least as bad as Harry's, but also Harry's own father and his friends constantly tortured him during school. Add to that the fact that he became a Death Eater, and then a spy who was constantly subjected to Voldemort's tender ministrations. It was wonder that Snape did not have a very nice white room at St. Mungo's. Harry wished that he could somehow make Snape understand that he was not his father. Even though Harry shared not a little enmity with Malfoy, he never acted with the blatant cruelty that James Potter and the other Marauders had displayed. Perhaps this was because, unlike his father, Harry had been at the receiving end of such cruelties all through his childhood at the hands of the Dursley's.

As the clock ticked from 11:59 p.m. to 12 a.m., Harry Potter resolved to take a firmer grasp on the reins of his destiny. "Happy birthday, Harry," he whispered. Movement caught his eye on the street below. A chill went down his spine as he thought he saw figure staring up at him from across the street. He blinked, and it was gone. He shook his head as if to clear his mind. "I'm getting as paranoid as old Mad-Eye." His thoughts were distracted though, as he caught sight of several owls heading towards his window. He hurriedly opened the window to allow them to land on his windowsill. His beloved Hedwig hooted softly in greeting. A very bedraggled Errol, three owls that he did not recognize, and the tiny blur, that was Pig, accompanied her. He hurriedly untied various packages and letters, and offered water and owl treats all around. Hedwig nipped him affectionately and flew to her cage. The others drank and ate their fill and flew away. Harry excitedly turned his attention to the pile in front of him. The first package was filled with chocolate frogs, a practice snitch, which was smaller and faster than a regulation snitch, and a note, which read:

Dear Harry-
Happy Birthday mate! How are those awful muggles treating you? Do you think Dumbledore will let you come visit us the last week of break? We're planning on meeting Hermione in Diagon Alley to get our school supplies during that time. Don't let your relatives get you down, mate!
P.S.- The Twins mentioned that they were sending you a package. Consider yourself warned!

Harry smiled, and set Ron's gift aside. The next package was definitely book shaped, and he rightly guessed it was from Hermione. Upon opening it he discovered it to be, well, a book. The accompanying note read:

Dear Harry-
Happy Birthday! Are your relatives treating you okay? Have you finished your homework yet? This is a book on Animagus transformations. I'm hoping that the three of us can work on them when we get back to school. Are you going to ask Professor Dumbledore if you can go to Ron's for the last leek of holidays? I am in France right now with my parents, but I will be meeting Ron and his family in Diagon Ally on the 28th of August. I hope to see you there.
P.S.- Our O.W.L. scores should be coming in the next few days. Have you chosen your N.E.W.T. level courses yet?

A grin spread across Harry's face as he thought of Hermione and O.W.L.'s. He just hoped he had done well enough to get into the N.E.W.T. level courses he needed. The book on Animagus transformations would come in handy, as he had been considering it himself. The next package was a small box that when opened suddenly grew to be the size of a small trunk. Inside were all kinds drinks, cakes, pies, and other delicious foods. There was a note from Mrs. Weasley:

Harry dear how are you? I don't trust those muggles to feed you properly. A growing boy needs lots of food, you know. This case is charmed to be invisible to muggles and also to keep the food perfectly fresh. I hope you can spend end of the holidays with us here at the Burrow. Stay safe, Harry-dear.
The Weasleys

Harry felt a surge of gratitude towards Mrs. Weasley. Although this had been by far his best summer with the Dursleys, they having decided it was best just to leave him alone thanks to the warning they got a platform 9 ¾. Harry was faithful in writing to Remus all summer. He basically stayed in his room all the time, and the Dursleys let him be. The only downside was that he got awfully bored, but he would take boredom over being treated like a house elf any day. Even though they had fed him much more than they used to, it was still not sufficient to keep him from losing weight. Thus, the food was very welcome. He set the trunk down on the floor up against the wall, so his relatives would be unlikely to trip over it. Harry lifted out a pumpkin pastry and munched on it, while he opened his next package. The next package was obviously from the Twins by the wrapping which had WWW stamped all over it. The note read:

Dear Silent Partner:
Happy Birthday! Enclosed are all the new products in our fall line. Use them wisely. evil grin
Gred and Forge Weasley

Harry cracked his own evil grin. The package next to it was a small box with holes in it. As he picked it up, it spoke, or yelled, is more like it. He dropped it with a yell of his own. This of course made it yell louder. He gingerly lifted the lid and was quite surprised to see a little snake lift it head out. "Stupid owls! Stupid giants! Stupid humans!"

Harry couldn't help but laugh. "Hello there little snake," he hissed.

The little snake's head shot up. "You speak?"


"I have heard of snake speakers, but have never met one. Am I to stay with you?"

"If you wish."

"I do. Thank you."

She was a beautiful snake, Harry thought. She was solid silver with black spirals down at her belly. "You are quite beautiful," he hissed to her, "Do you have a name?"

"Thank you kind sir. My name is Lethe. What is yours?"


"I wish to explore this room, Harry."

"Fine, but watch out for the other humans. The are not nice." The little snake nodded and Harry placed her on the floor. Harry read the note attached to the box:

'Allo Harry-
Happy Birthday! I found this little critter at a fantastic creatures convention that I went to in France this summer. I thought you might like her seein' as how you can talk to her. You tell those muggles they'd better treat you right, or I may have to come pay them a visit. See you September 1st.
P.S.- just wait 'till you see what other amazing creatures I got for class at the convention!

"Oh Merlin! We're all gonna die!" Harry could just imagine what kind of 'amazing creatures' Hagrid had in mind. Hedwig hooted indignantly at the interloper. "You two will just have to learn to get along." Hedwig just hooted again and turned her back on Harry. Harry sighed and turned his attention to the last package, which was large, and it contained a beautiful black leather trench coat, a book entitled Advanced Dueling: Hexes and Curses to Defeat Your Opponent, and a letter:

Dear Harry-
Happy Birthday. Guess who is coming back to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts this year. Yup, you guessed it! Professor Dumbledore wanted someone he could trust, and after last year he doesn't think anyone will dare protest. The book is for the dueling class that will be an elective this year. I hope you and all of your friends from your group last year will join. The jacket, Harry, belonged to Sirius. He used to wear it all of the time when we were teenagers. Sirius and I found it among his things that were stored in the attic of Grimmauld Place after Sirius got sent to Azkaban. He had planned on giving it to you for your birthday. I know that he would have loved to see you wear it. I will see you September 1st.
With love,

Harry had tears streaming down his face by the end of the letter. The trench coat was fantastic, but he wept because his godfather would never get to see him wear it. He held the coat up to his face and inhaled deeply. It smelled of old fine leather and carried a faint scent that he thought belonged to Sirius. He stood and went over to his trunk. He had so few material possessions that he rarely bothered to unpack his trunk over the holidays. It was also safer that way. His trunk was charmed open only for him, and he had no desire for the Dursleys to go through his expensive school things. Not to mention the fact that he would have to explain where all the gold galleons came from that were hidden in the bottom of his trunk. He put all of his gifts away except the coat, which he slipped on. It was slightly too large for him, him being small for his age due to years of malnourishment by the Dursleys. He held out hope that he would still grow some, especially now that he was getting regular food. He switched off his lamp and lay on his bed wrapped in the coat, and eventually fell asleep.