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Ch.1 Pastor Inu yasha and Elder Miroku

Today is so beautiful, Inu yasha thought.

His best friend Miroku was still sleeping even though the sun was shining in his face. Inu yasha shook his head and walked over to his friend. He bent down picked up Miroku walked into the bathroom and put Miroku in the tub. He then turned on the cold water.

Miroku jumped out of the tub and stared at him in rage.

"Inu y-y-yatha are you c-c-crazy. You could have f-f-frozen me half to d-d- death. It is w-w-winter and the c-c-cold water is f-f-freezing," Miroku said with teeth chattering

"Oh come on Miroku tell me that wasn't the best wake up call you ever had," Inu yasha said smiling.

Miroku ignored him and began to dry off while mumbling.

"He's a pastor and yet he acts as if he is not baptized. If I had died I would have bet he would laugh at how I died." Miroku mumbled.

He then turned to Inu yasha.

"Get out and allow me to think about a way to pay you back," he said.

"You're going to pay me back?" Inu yasha asked.


Inu yasha then burst out laughing.

"You can't even stay up past ten o'clock. Miroku when will you learn? I am a pastor and the best prankster in the world," he said.

He then got up and walked out of the bathroom.

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