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Ch.2 Miroku's Revenge

Miroku was the only one in the house when the phone rang. He ran to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello good afternoon," he said.

"Hi Miroku," Sango said.

"So the plan is set."

"Yep. Now all you have to do is get Inu yasha tomorrow."

"No prob. He has been waiting for the call about the new church. I'll just say that they called today."


"Uh Sango."


"I love you."

"I love you too. Bye ya."


He hung up and smiled. Oh this was going to be a great week.


"MIROKU!" Inu yasha yelled.

Miroku winced and rubbed his ear.

"Inu yasha I'm right here," he said.

"This cannot be where the new church is."

"But Inu yasha it is."

"But this is a strip club."

"Yep and every Friday lap dances are half price."

"Half price my a-butt. You must have gotten the location wrong."

Miroku laughed. They then walked inside. There were women dancing for men and visa versa. Miroku led Inu yasha to the back room.

Inside there were strippers and prostitutes. Inu yasha stood there as if he was stupid. Miroku then smiled.

"Inu yasha they are waiting," he said.

Inu yasha nodded and began his sermon. When he was finished the women left. Miroku then laughed.

"Inu yasha guess what?" he asked.


"This is not the church."

"Why you little."

"Inu yasha is that you?" someone said.