100-word BtVS / Thunderbirds Crossover Drabble - Season 7 finale spoilers

Search And Rescue

by Marcus L. Rowland

"Making another pass," said Jeff, banking the helicopter over the crater that had once been Sunnydale. Already the ocean was flooding in.

"Any more survivors?" asked the radio.

"Nothing since the bus."

"In the water, ten o'clock" said the co-pilot.

Woman. Jeff hovered over her, waited while the corpsman went down, came up.

"Multiple wounds, crushing, must have been near the epicentre. Never stood a chance."

"Bag her. Got any ID?"

"Credit cards. Anya Jenkins. Pretty once."

"Log it."

"Forget it," said the co-pilot. "No live ones now. We're too late."

One day, vows Jeff Tracy, things will be different.