I wanted to know what she was thinking about. I wanted to be the only one she told anything to. Anything and everything. I wanted to be the only thing on her mind when she woke up first thing in the morning and I wanted my name to be that last thing she said before she went to sleep. I wanted, I wanted, I wanted. But contrary to gossip, I hardly ever got.

          After what I estimated as fifteen minutes, I poked her, gently whispering her name. She groaned, flipped to her head to the other side and didn't respond anymore.

          "You know, I'd love to leave you here sleeping and all, but we do have guests waiting in the living room."

          "Well, tell them to bugger off," she mumbled. "I'm busy here, if you can't see…"

          "'Mione, c'mon," I coaxed gently. "We can sleep all you want later on."

          She lifted her head off my chest and glared at me through half open eyes. "I am not five years old."

          "Sorry," I replied, instantly regretting my tone of voice. I took hold of her hips and lifted her up so that her head rested on my arm and her body on mine.

          "Please? Can't we just stay here, forget about… Everything?" she opened her eyes, oh those meddlesome chocolate brown eyes, and looked pleadingly at me. "Please, Harry?"

Okay! This is my possible sequel to Coincidences (Well, just the beginning, anyway). If you like it so far, tell me and I'll post it up as another story. If you really really like it, then I'll make a whole series of these little ficlets, just for y'all!  -_iPnay_-