A New Arrival

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Summary: What if instead of meeting Inuyasha first, Kagome met Sango only its fifty years earlier? Miroku was cursed and not his grandfather. Kikyou and Inuyasha are both alive. What if Kagome befriended Kouga and Sesshoumaru before Inuyasha? What would it be like? Oh and a seven year old Kaede serving as the village miko should prove interesting!

01 The Arrival

It was Kagome's seventeenth birthday. And just like on her fifteenth birthday Souta had lost the cat in the well-house. She remembered vividly two years ago the feeling of negativity that seemed to emanate from the well. It was like something was after her with a malicious intent. However, she was the track star of her high school. She made the top grades of her class. She was trying out for Japan's Olympic team in archery in a few months. To top it off, her head was full of silly stories about the Feudal Ages that her grandfather had bombarded her with for years. So nothing could phase the young woman now. So on with the search.

"Buyo? Where are you boy?" She thought she heard a faint meowing from the bottom of the well. "Did you fall into the well? Dear, I guess I have to climb down and get you then." She released a weary sigh. It wasn't that she was afraid. It was just that feeling from two years prior came back full force.

She leaned over the edge to peer deeper into the abyss. And that is when the swirling blue light engulfed her. All she remembered after that was falling, falling, falling.

After what seemed like an eternity but was actually only a few moments she looked up from the bottom of the well. Only, it was not the roof of the well house that greeted her. It was the open blue sky of midday.

"What is going on?" Unfortunately, there was no ladder on the well now. She looked at her fingers and decided to climb up the jagged bricks. "Good thing I went on that rock climbing expedition last summer up near Mount Fugi," she muttered to herself.

What greeted her at the top of the well was another unexpected surprise. Before her stood an enormous centipede type youkai? Youkai? What the heck is youkai doing in her back yard? Then suddenly her concentration was snapped to when she heard a "Hiraikotsu" followed by a giant boomerang slicing through the demon.

The demon virtually disintegrated before her eyes. And in its place stood a girl that looked about her age. Her hair was in a high pony tail and she seemed to be wearing battle armor. The girl approached Kagome holding her boomerang looking to be deciding whether to fight or talk.

"Hi." Kagome answered meekly. 'What the heck? I am Kagome Higarashi. I can do better than a simple hi.' "I'm Kagome. Might I inquire as to who you are?"

"I am Sango."

"Nice to meet you Sango." That's when Kagome really took in her surroundings. The only familiar thing in the vicinity was the Bone Eater's Well and the Godtree.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" Sango questioned suspiciously as she approached the strange young woman who mysteriously emerged from the haunted well.

"I told you. I'm Kagome. I-I-I think I'm lost. I fell into the well. And this is NOT my back yard." She thought for a moment with her hand on her chin. Suddenly an idea popped into her head. But surely it was not possible. Doesn't hurt to ask though. "Excuse me, but what time is this?"

"Time? Is it not obvious by the sun? It is midday." Sango answered. 'This girl asks the most odd questions.'

"No, I mean...is this the Warring States Era?"

"Warring States Era? Well there are many wars going on. I suppose that might be an accurate description. Why do you ask such odd questions?"

"I think we have a problem. I think when I fell into the well I emerged in this time. I am from the twenty-first century. I have fallen nearly five hundred years into the past."

"Are you serious? Do you think you can get back? By going through the well, I mean?"

"I don't think it would be very wise to simply jump back in. What if it is a rip in the time-space continuum and I end up at some other random time. What if I end up way in the past during a volcanic eruption?" She thought for a moment. "No, that won't do. Is there a village miko? Perhaps they can help me."

"I think her name is Kikyou. My family and I are demon exterminators. We came here because of recent demon raids upon the village. We gave the miko the Shikon no Tama to purify." Sango suddenly felt an overwhelming trust for this 'Kagome' and decided to help her. It was odd actually, because Sango never trusted someone quite this easily.

"Arigato, Sango-chan." Kagome followed the slightly older girl while pulling back her long ebony hair into a knotted pony tail. It was quite warmer here than it was back home in her time. It must have something to do with the pollution. Or perhaps recent volcanic activity back home. That always made the temperature drop a bit in the following years.

Sango gave the girl a rare smile and continued leading her towards the village miko.


(Same scene but with Inuyasha)

Sitting in his favorite tree the hanyou known as Inuyasha was staring vacantly upon the Bone Eater's well. He wasn't sure why, but for some reason he always felt compelled to the well. From his high perch he was shocked out of his dazed trance by the emergence of a beautiful young woman.

"Why is Kikyou coming out of the well? What kind of magic is this?" He muttered to himself. That's when he saw the other girl, the demon exterminator kill the centipede youkai.

"It figures she would ally with that demon-exterminator. She probably wants to befriend her so that she'll kill me since she doesn't seem to be able to." Unfortunately for Inuyasha even with his sensitive dog hearing he was unable to actually hear the conversation. He could only see it from his high vantage point in the tree.

He decided to follow the two as they went back to the village.

He waited on the roof of the hut that Kikyou conducted all her meetings in with visitors. He didn't quite understand. If he didn't know better, he could have sworn that he heard something about 'future' and 'Kagome' and 'skills.' He decided that it would be easier to approach the miko that evening. He wasn't comfortable around the demon exterminator and she would be leaving later that afternoon.

What he did not expect was for Kikyou to be leaving with the exterminator. He also didn't expect her to be dressed so strange. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail, instead of flowing free. She wore an insanely revealing kimono. Not that he was complaining. He just never realized how shapely her legs were. But the familiar willowy frame was there.

"Oi Kikyou, where do you think you are going?" Inuyasha questioned the puzzled looking woman.

She looked at Sango confused. Sango only shrugged.

"Hey, why are you looking at her? I'm the one talking to you Kikyou," Inuyasha demanded.

"Perhaps that would be because I am Kikyou." An annoyed miko addressed her hanyou. She seemed to come out of no where.

"Kik-Kikyou? But, how? I mean, there's two of you? I don't understand." Inuyasha sat on the ground with a heavy thud. It had been a long day.

The non-Kikyou strange girl approached him and offered him her hand. He took it and she helped him to his feet. Of course he didn't need the help, but for some odd reason he felt a sense of comfort around her that he hadn't felt since his mother. "I'm sorry for the confusion. My name is Kagome. I will be ----visiting for a while." She flashed him a winning smile.

If he wasn't determined to not care he may have returned the smile. It was such an inviting smile. It was almost like she cared for him. But that couldn't be it. It was just a front. She probably wanted to use him. Nobody liked a half-breed. Heck, even Kikyou the woman he 'loved' didn't like him. She wanted him to become human.

"Keh, not that I cared." Kikyou gave him a stern glance. "Fine, I'm Inuyasha." Once again, she flashed him that smile again! How dare she toy with his feelings like that! She should just be cruel to him like everyone else and not pretend to like him.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Inuyasha." Suddenly a strange gleam entered her eyes. She stood right in front of him and then out of no where she reached up and...

Contented purring began to emit from his chest. After a few moments Inuyasha registered what was going on. No one had ever rubbed his ears before treating him like a dog. Did she think he was some pet? Roughly he grasped her wrists and violently yanked away her 'offending' appendages. "What the hell do you think you are doing wench? Leave me alone."

She seemed puzzled by his actions. Then, she looked ashamed at her behavior. "I apologize Inuyasha. Do forgive me. It's just that your ears are irresistible. I do hope that we meet again. Farewell." Once again she graced him with one of those deceptive smiles.

Inuyasha and Kikyou stood there in silence for a few minutes after the exterminator and 'Kagome' had vanished towards the demon exterminator village.

Inuyasha was thoroughly confused. Could that girl have been serious? Did she think the characteristic that had made him a freak to all humans was 'irresistible' or was she mocking him? It was probably the latter he thought bitterly to himself.

"Inuyasha, I need to go to Onigumo."

"Fine," he replied distractedly.

"Will you consider what I requested? About using the jewel to become human?"

"Sure." She left him alone with his thoughts. He hardly noticed her absence. He was more concerned with the way that odd woman acted around him. How could she have just accepted him as a hanyou. She didn't know anything about him. How could she have not been offended to have breathed the same air as him.

He returned to his tree to sulk. All he ever wanted was to be accepted. It didn't really matter if it was demons or humans that accepted him. Originally he wanted the jewel to become full demon so that maybe his brother Sesshoumaru would finally accept him. But he hated to deny his human heritage. But denying his father's heritage was an equally disturbing fate. Why couldn't he just be who he was?


(Sango's village)

"Now that the jewel is no longer under our guard the demons are becoming bolder. They seek the Shikon no Tama for power." Sango explained after she had introduced Kagome to her village. They were settling in for the night in Sango's room.

"I see. So why do you think those demons were following us on the way here? The ones we 'exterminated' kept demanding the Shikon no Tama from us." Kagome questioned.

"I'm not sure. It's interesting really. It's almost as if they thought one of us carried it with us. Perhaps it has something to do with being near it for so long this afternoon."

"Maybe." Kagome was uneasy. First off she was in a different era. Secondly, that miko was of no help and told her that she needed to ask some monk named Miroku. That perhaps this Miroku would be of some assistance. Lastly, the right side of her abdomen had been aching all day. It was very odd. It felt as if something was bursting to be released. She sincerely hoped that she wasn't having an appendicitis. This was not the place to have that happen!

"Get some sleep. Tomorrow we will go out to find this Miroku. It should take a few days to reach him. But we will have to go through the lands of the wolf tribe. It may be dangerous with just the three of us. But I'm afraid everyone else in the village must be on hand to deal with the various demon disturbances."

"The three of us? I thought it was just going to be the two of us."

"Oh, I guess I forgot to introduce you to Kirara." Sango smiled at her again, another one of her not-so-rare any more smiles. You'll meet her in the morning. I think she's sleeping with my brother Kohaku tonight."

Kagome gave her an appalled look. It was obvious that she thought Sango meant a person. Sango laughed at her assumptions. "Kirara is a fire neko- demon. She can transform into a nice form of transportation or she can be in her little kitten state."

"I love cats!"

This met another round of giggles shared between the girls. The other villagers shook their heads in wonder. Perhaps this other girl was not such a good influence on one of the most promising warriors of the village. She seemed to become insane with giggling spells now.