After a few decades Inuyasha decided to take up Kagome and Kouga's offer to live with their tribe, his reasons for accepting were numerous. During his time of wandering he befriended a Kitsune by the name of Shippo who taught him the arts of concealment spells. These spells were incredibly advantageous when adapting to modern society.

Five hundred and fifty years had passed since the fateful day when Kagome Higarashi fell through the Bone Eaters Well. She and Kouga were happily married with two children. Sesshoumaru was the godfather of their daughter, Ariel. Their son was now leader of the wolf tribe.

The combination of Sesshoumaru's business skills and Kagome's knowledge of the future led to the founding of the successful Tama Corporation. The four founders were Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kouga. However, Sesshoumaru and Kagome conducted most of the actual business. These four youkai were amongst the richest and most mysterious businesspersons in the modern world.

Inuyasha went to his older brother's office to take him to the Higurashi Shrine, where everyone was to dine with Kagome's human family. As expected, Sesshoumaru was found staring outside of his high rise window towards the ocean.

"Hey, you ready to go?" Inuyasha asked, closing the door behind him and dropping his concealment spell.

"I am not going." Sesshoumaru answered, without changing his view.

"Come on Fluffy, you know you want to meet Kagome's family." Inuyasha tried to encourage.

Sesshoumaru whirled around and eyed his brother. "Technically I already know her family." He answered in a dead pan voice. "I knew the best of her ancestors and I know her future generations."

"Yeah, Sango and Miroku were awesome. I sure miss them." Inuyasha replied, thinking back to the fond memories he had of the pair. "Ariel will be disappointed if her godfather doesn't go."

Sesshoumaru couldn't help but snort at this last comment. "I still can't believe you married my goddaughter. That has to be some sort of incest." Sesshoumaru declared with eyes narrowed at his brother/godson-in-law, or something like that.

Inuyasha smirked at his sibling; it was a common subject between them. "Don't be jealous that I found someone. You've dated countless women in the past five centuries, why don't you just settle down with one?"

Sesshoumaru glared at his brother, before his eyes focusing on a 5x7 silver picture frame on his desk. It was the only picture in the entire office. "I already found the perfect woman and this Sesshoumaru does not settle."

Inuyasha followed his brother's gaze and walked towards the desk to peer at the picture. He took in a sharp intake of air when he recognized the picture. "Isn't that the picture I took of you five years ago?"

"It is." Sesshoumaru answered with a trace of annoyance at his brother's meddlesome behavior.

Inuyasha stared at the picture, remembering the picnic that he took it at. It was one of the rare times he saw Sesshoumaru smile, so he had to make it a Kodac moment.

Start Flashback

Kagome and Kouga had asked that Inuyasha, Ariel, Sesshoumaru, and Shippo join them in a picnic. Inuyasha readily agreed upon making certain that Ramen Noodles would be present.

They were all laughing, while sitting in a circle upon a hill near Inuyasha's old forest. Kouga had his arms draped comfortably around his mate's shoulders and was telling everyone about some adventure they had all heard about numerous times. His ice blue eyes were twinkling with excitement, so despite the familiar tale, he had his friends' full attention.

"Sesshoumaru, I heard that you were seeing Kagura. Is it true?" Kagome had unexpectedly inquired. She had been amongst those resurrected through the wish of the Shikon no Tama.

Sesshoumaru's golden eyes locked on her sapphire ones in shock at the sudden change of topic. "No. She had sought me out on several occasions, but I politely refused." Sesshoumaru replied.

Kouga lifted the chicken leg he was munching on to shake it at Sesshoumaru. "You know if you keep this up, you're going to be alone all your life. You should find a mate, like me." Kouga placed a chaste kiss upon Kagome's lips before continuing. "You can't be so picky, I've known you for centuries and you've not been in anything serious."

Sesshoumaru began to look slightly uncomfortable, but only Kagome seemed to notice. Inuyasha was simply staring at his father-in-law trying to decipher if Kouga had a suicide wish.

Kagome moved away from Kouga to stand behind Sesshoumaru. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned her cheek against his. "Oh shut up Kouga, we know that our Sesshoumaru is a perfectionist, I know I would be disappointed if he settled for anything less than perfect." Kagome kissed him softly on the cheek and Sesshoumaru had a trace of a smile light up his face. That's when Inuyasha took the photo.

The flash seemed to kill the moment and Kagome stood back up to sit beside her mate. She smiled at Sesshoumaru from across the blanket. "You'll see, she's out there. Don't let this slowpoke convince you to lessen your standards." She elbowed her love briefly, but harshly in the ribs. Kouga crossed his arms upset more by the slowpoke comment than his love's pointy elbow.

End Flashback

Inuyasha couldn't help but smile at the memory. Kagome had made Kouga apologize and that was not something the wolf-king was fond of doing. He laughed aloud remembering the final threat Kagome gave him to force him to apologize. Somehow, Kouga thought it worth to sacrifice his pride when threatened with no sweet loving from his wife.

Everyone laughed at that threat, well except for Sesshoumaru, but he doesn't generally laugh unless he's about to kill you.

"You know, you should move on. She's happy with Kouga. What do you plan to do? Out live him and take his widow?" Inuyasha offered the last suggestion in jest.

Sesshoumaru shrugged nonchalantly before answering in a very serious tone. "I do not see why not. The life span of a dog demon is that of a thousand years, where as a wolf-youkai is seven hundred. Kouga was already one hundred when he met Kagome. I'm a very patient demon."

Inuyasha couldn't doubt that. Still it was ludicrous. He cleared his throat. "Okay, well I'm going. I'll tell everyone you couldn't make it."

Inuyasha shut the door behind him as he made his way to eat dinner with his in-laws.


Patience is a virtue. Kagome and Kouga were happily married for nearly six hundred years. Their adventures and experiences are too numerous to go into detail. However, after Kouga's seven hundred and twenty first birthday, he lay upon his death bed with his mate by his side holding his hand tight, trying to plead with death to give them more time.

Kouga squeezed her hand with the little energy he had left. "Kagome, I need to talk to Sesshoumaru."

Kagome nodded as she stepped out of the room to the hall where all their friends were waiting. Inuyasha was holding Kagome's daughter, trying to keep her from crying as he too was saddened by the events. Kagome's son walked towards his mother and put his arms around her shoulders. Ginta and Hakkaku were standing nearby with several other members of the tribe.

Sesshoumaru entered the room, upset at the inevitable departure of his friend and upset with himself for feeling giddy in spite of the situation. He felt heartless and sadistic at the moment. "You wanted to see me, my friend." Sesshoumaru greeted as he sat in Kagome's vacated chair.

Kouga nodded and met Sesshoumaru's eyes with his ice blue ones. "I know you love her, perhaps as much as I myself do. That is why, when I am gone, I want you to promise to make her happy. I know she is the reason you have not mated. I will be watching you from above, my brother." Kouga shut his eyes again.

Kagome rushed back into the room to be with her love in their final moments together in that life.

So, after nearly six centuries of waiting, Sesshoumaru found his mate. They had a daughter by the name of Rin and shared fifty years of happiness together before joining Kouga, Sango, and Miroku in the afterlife.

Inuyasha lived happily with Ariel. She reminded him so much of all the positive qualities of her parents. He was accepted for who he was now, all the bitter memories from his childhood were replaced by centuries of love from his friends, all thanks to a girl who fell down the well.

The End!