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Summary: Ok this might get kind of confusing but bear with me here. Sydney has never worked for SD-6, just the CIA. Her father, Vaughn, Weiss, Marshall, and Will all work for the CIA, also. Her mother actually did die and Sark is not a terrorist/assassin. Well, I think that should be pretty much it so enjoy!

Breathing Again

Chapter 1: The Mission

Sydney stared in shock at the picture on the computer screen.

"Aidan?" she whispered.

"Agent Bristow?" Kendall looked confused. "Do you know this man?"

"What? Oh. Umm. no. I don't know him. I've never seen him before."

Sydney knew it was a weak lie, but it seemed that Kendall accepted it. It wasn't like she could tell the room that she really did know him. And how she knew him.

"Well. You're going to need to get to know him. This man, Aidan Sark, is the son of an international weapons dealer. As far as we know, Sark has no knowledge of his father's dealings. Your job, Agent Bristow, is to get close to Mr. Sark so we can get close to his father. We're sending you in alone as a new intern at the office where Sark works, in D.C." Kendall looked as stony as he always did, showing nothing.

"For how long?" Sydney asked.

"As long as we need you to be there. I'm sure you can find someone to take care of Adrienne while you're gone."

"Sydney?" She felt a hand on her arm and looked up to see her dad looking at her. "I can take Adrienne for a while, if it's alright with you of course. I'd like to spend more time with my granddaughter."

Sydney smiled. "Thanks, Dad. I'm sure she'll be ok. Kendall, when do I leave?"

"Your plane leaves in three hours. Marshall will go over the tech with you."

"Dad, can you pick Adrienne up in one and a half hours? I should be ready by then."

"Sure, sweetheart. I'll be there."

"Thanks, Dad. Thanks a lot."

/// Three and a Half Hours Later \\\

Sydney sat in the airplane seat, fidgeting as the rough fabric scraped her back through her shirt. She knew she would never be able to sleep, although she would probably need it. She had too much to think about; too much to plan.

The most important being how she was going to work right next to the man she had loved in college and the father of her 9-year-old daughter. How would she keep it a secret from Aidan? And how was she supposed to keep the fact that she knew him, very well at that, from the CIA?

As the captain's voice came over the speaker telling everyone that he was turning the seat belt sign off, Sydney sighed. This flight was going to take a long time. Unfortunately, that gave her time to think about things. Things she hadn't thought about in 10 years.

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