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How To Get A Guy

CH 1: The Plan

'This is it. This was year.' Kagome stood in front of the school gate with her fist clenched in determination. A few people walking by looked at the girl oddly as they wondered why she wasn't going in.

"So you're actually going to go through with it?" Kagome turned and saw Sango right behind her.

"I have to. I've stood on the sidelines too long." Kagome said. Her voice was laced with conviction.

"I don't know, Kagome. It doesn't seem like you to do something like this." Sango sounded worried.

"That's just it. Being myself hasn't worked so far. This has to work."

"Who'd you get this advice from again?" Sango asked as she and Kagome walked into the school.

"Yuka, Emi, and Ayumi. Doushite?" Kagome asked.

Sango waved her hands in front of her and sweat dropped. 'Leave it to those three to give her such stupid advice.' "So what are you going to try first?" Sango asked, hoping her friend wasn't about to totally humiliate herself.

"Yuka said that in order to get a guy you have to give them a little incentive." Kagome explained as she grabbed a book from her locker.

"So in order to do this you're going to move into the dorms, to be closer to Inuyasha so you can seduce him?" Sango asked surprised. If they hadn't been in the middle of the hallway she probably would have yelled because of her shock. Kagome just wasn't like this. She had always been so demure and innocent and now she was going to try and seduce someone. 'This has disaster written all over it.'

Kagome noticed the look of disbelief Sango had and sighed. "Don't worry everything will work out." Kagome said confidently.

"But what about...?" Sango didn't get to finish her question as she was interrupted by a hand groping her butt. She swung around and slapped the owner of the offending hand. "Hentai!"

"A lovely morning as always, Sango." Miroku said as he looked adoringly at his hand.

"I don't believe how perverted you can be." Sango scolded him.

Kagome listened to the routine yelling that followed whenever Miroku groped Sango. Her eyes then widened as she had an idea. "Hey Miroku, you're a guy." Kagome stated, interrupting Sango's rant.

"Last time I checked." Miroku answered cheekily.

"What do guys want?" Kagome asked.

"Well..." Miroku began, but his mouth was covered by Sango's hand.

"You're asking that hentai?!" Sango asked in shock. 'She must be getting desperate.' Sango could understand though. Kagome had been chasing Inuyasha since grade school and the baka was still completely oblivious to her feelings. Either that or he just ignored them because he had a girlfriend, Kikyou. That was what Sango was going to ask Kagome about early before Miroku had interrupted.

'I wonder if Kagome has a plan about what to do about Kikyou.' Sango knew that Kikyou wasn't going to give up Inuyasha without a fight. Inuyasha also seemed to genuinely like Kikyou, which made Sango truly wonder if Kagome was fighting a losing battle.

The bell rang disrupting any more thoughts and the three scrambled to get to their classes. 'Lesson one:' Kagome thought as she sat down in her seat. 'Guys are very visually orientated so I have to give him something to look at. According to Yuka all I have to do is wear a pair of jeans to begin with.'


Yuka leaned over the table of WacDonald's with her pointer finger extended explaining to Kagome. "All you have to do is wear a pair of jeans. Then you just sit across from him somewhere with your legs apart. The inseam of the jeans will totally draw his attention to between your legs and he'll want to be there too." Yuka said knowingly.

"Why does she need a pair of jeans? She only needs to wear one." Everyone sweat-dropped at Emi's statement and she just looked at the other three girls in confusion.

"Just trust me Kagome. This guy you want will undoubtedly want to take you back to his room." Yuka reassured.

"Wearing a tight top wouldn't hurt either. You could always stretch you shoulders back. Makes your chest stick out further." Ayumi added as she took a sip of her soda.

***end flashback***

Kagome was wearing a tight yet comfortable pair of blue jeans and a rather snug black tank top with a red devil on the front. She normally didn't dress in such form fitting clothes, but she thought this could only help her cause. Kagome couldn't wait for classes to end. She was incredibly nervous, but at the same time wanted to start her new mission. MO: to get Inuyasha, the boy she had been pining for since she first met him in the sixth grade.

Kagome unfortunately didn't have any classes with the object of her affections. Kagome was a good student who always tried her best in school. She had some of the top scores the student body had ever seen. That was why her mother didn't even question her when she said she wanted to move into the dorms to study more. Of course Mrs. Higurashi made her daughter promise that she would visit every weekend.


Kagome walked into her new dorm room and tossed her yellow backpack onto her bed. Lucky for her, Sango lived in the dorms and hadn't had a roommate, so she and Sango go to room together. 'Poor Sango.' Kagome thought. She knew Sango probably thought that she was crazy for wanting to move into the dorms when she had a loving family.

Sango's parents had died in a car accident leaving her little brother, Kohaku, and her orphaned. She was able to pay for schooling, room, and board through a bunch of scholarships. Kohaku had been taken in by a relative, and she didn't get to see him except on holidays.

Kagome turned when she heard a knock at the door. She had left it open and there in the doorway was a boy who seemed a bit older than her. He had short brown hair and seemed very innocent. "Can I help you?" Kagome asked.

"Umm...my name is Hojo. I just wanted to welcome you to the dorms." Hojo greeted. When he had seen Kagome walking down the hall, he had been sure he was hallucinating. Hojo had a crush on the Higurashi girl for a year now, but was far too shy to talk to her. Knowing that she was know living just a few doors down from him, he decided he should at least try to talk to her.

"Hi, I'm Higurashi Kagome." Kagome greeted him with a smile.

"Yeah...well...nice to meet you. If you ever need anything or just want to go somewhere I live two doors down." Hojo offered pointing his thumb in the direction of his room.

"I was actually thinking of going to the lounge and studying right now, but maybe we could get together later." Kagome said. Hojo smiled and nodded before he returned to his room.

'Well that was a bit strange.' Kagome thought as she turned back to her bed and began to unpack. Hojo seemed a bit too timid for Kagome's tastes.

"Why was Hojo here?" Sango asked as she walked into the room. She had never known the shy senior to talk to anyone, but those in his small group of friends.

Kagome looked over her shoulder to Sango and shrugged. "He just came by to welcome me to the dorms."

"Oh, I see." Sango said suggestively.

"Oh don't start that. I'm here for Inuyasha." Kagome stated as she grabbed one of her books and headed for the door. "I'm going to go read in the lounge. Want to come?"

"No I'm fine. First day of school is hectic. I think I'm going to take a nap." Sango said as she collapsed onto her bed.

Kagome gave a small laugh and turned closing the door behind her. She walked down the hall to the already occupied lounge. Her gray blue eyes instantly went to the person she was seeking.

Inuyasha was sitting hunched over on the couch and reading a school book. He was obviously getting frustrated, evident through the bite marks on his pencil. His long black locks kept falling onto the pages of his book and he had to blow them out of his face.

Kagome took a seat across from his and leaned back. She feigned to read her book and left her legs slight ajar just like Yuka had told her to. Inuyasha didn't even glance up since he was too engrossed in trying to not fail his classes this year. His father had already threatened him that one more failing grade and no winter vacation, and he had already promised Kikyou they would go skiing.

Kagome just sighed, but stayed in the position she was in. 'When he does look up he'll definitely have something to look at.' Kagome thought to herself. She didn't know what had come over her, but as of late she was getting desperate. She wanted affection, but unfortunately she wasn't in the mindset to settle for anyone, but Inuyasha. Kagome, unfortunately, didn't notice the attention she was unintentionally drawing from other people in the room.

'Wow, Kagome looks incredible today. That shirt is really tight.' Kouga thought as he sat with his group in one corner of the room. His girlfriend, Ayame, noticed where his attention had gone and silently seethed. She brought a hand to his cheek and made his face turn towards her. She kissed him passionately trying to get his mind back to her. She noticed, however, that Kouga only returned the kiss half heartedly and once they parted he went back to looking at Kagome.

'What does she have that I don't?' Ayame wondered. Kouga had always had a mild obsession with the girl, but now that Kagome was dressing much more sexy than usual, he seemed to be incapable of taking his eyes off her. Ayame sighed and twirled her auburn locks around her index finger. She would think of a way to keep her Kouga away from Kagome.

'I was hoping she'd actually be here.' Hojo thought as he came into the room holding a few school books. When Kagome had told him she would be in the lounge reading, he half expected her to have made other plans and not be there. He took a seat on the couch she was sitting on. Not too close as to be suspicious, but close enough to observe her easily.

He was a very shy person as he had been told many times. Strangely, that made him very popular with the girls in the grades below. He hoped that his shy charm worked on Kagome as well. He had decided that he would try to ask her out the next day. He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she seemed rather engrossed in the book she was reading.

A feral smirk appeared on Naraku's face as he watched the Higurashi girl. Her soft features and feminine curves drew his eye. His crimson gaze caressed her form. She was definitely an interesting pursuit. Naraku had many females after him and he indulged I them constantly, but none had caught his eye like this girl before.

His eyes traveled from her shiny raven locks down her long neck. He admitted that her tank top pleasingly enhanced one of her finer assets. Her tight jeans hugged her hips perfectly. He was in a perfect position to study her profile. 'Such an innocent and sensual being.' Naraku thought. 'I wouldn't mind taking her as mine.'

Naraku couldn't help but notice how much Kagome resembled Kikyou, however. True their hairstyles were a bit different and their eye color didn't match, but the similarities were amazing. Naraku had carried on a fling with Kikyou a couple months back. He had gotten tired of her and called off. Kikyou had gotten angry at him, but didn't persist because she had been with Inuyasha at the time and didn't want anything about her fling with Naraku getting out.

Naraku would have liked nothing better than to see Inuyasha's perfect image of his dear Kikyou to be shattered, but resisted. He was sure the information would come in handy some time in the future. "Kanna?" He called the short white haired girl to him. She was pale and looked like a child, but was in fact a senior just like Naraku.

"Hai, Naraku?" Kana asked. She had a deep affection for Naraku although she never showed it. She often did work for him without complaint and sat back as he continued to do things she did not approve of.

"Find out what you can about this Kagome." Naraku stated. The longer he watched her, the more entranced he got and he had not even spoken to her yet.

'What did that girl think she was doing?' Sesshoumaru asked himself. He had watched her since the moment she had entered the room. He knew she was a friend of Inuyasha's and yet found it odd neither of them made any moves to talk to each other. 'Perhaps she finally wised up and noticed how hopeless the baka is.' Sesshoumaru thought with a smirk when he saw her lean back on the couch. However, when her knees parted and she sat back more comfortably, the more logical thoughts in Sesshoumaru's mind turned off.

Sesshoumaru held back a groan as his golden eyes traveled down the inseam of her pants. He was the only one other than Inuyasha sitting in such an area as to see her from a frontal view. Her pants clung to her, but not overly so like the pants of so many of the girls in Sesshoumaru's grade. His eyes focused on the inseam of her pants and fought to keep his hormones in check when she shifted her position a bit.

He definitely wouldn't have minded being between her thighs. His intense gaze finally tore away from the apex of her thighs and traveled upwards. Her tank top showed that she had a flat stomach and a very generous bust size. He bit his lip when she rotated her shoulders back causing her chest to stick out a bit more. If he didn't know any better he would have sworn she was putting on a show. He couldn't help, but notice how sexy she was, and silently wondered why he had never noticed it before. She still seemed innocent, and that just made her even more of a turn on.

By that time Hojo had sat down and noticeably, at least to Sesshoumaru, began to study Kagome. Sesshoumaru felt a desire to hurt the boy. 'What am I thinking? She's nothing but a junior and a friend of Inuyasha's at that. She may be beautiful, but she is not worth my time. Did I just think she was beautiful?' Sesshoumaru tore his gaze away from the attractive girl and looked back down at his work. He was thoroughly confused. He had found a very small amount of women in his life beautiful and none before had he felt the need to hurt their admirers. Kagome, however, was strangely different.

'Well, it would seem she is living in the dorms now, so I should have sufficient time to study her. In a week this innocently perfect image of her will diminish.' Sesshoumaru convinced himself.

Inuyasha finally answered the problem he had been stuck on. With a sigh of relief he sat up and noticed Kagome sitting across from him. 'Since when does Kagome wear clothes like those?' "Hey Kagome. I didn't notice you." Inuyasha said.

"Oh, hey Inuyasha." Kagome said with a stunning smile. She was just about to say more, but was interrupted.

"Inuyasha, we have a movie to go to, remember?" Kikyou said as she walked into the room. "Oh, hello Kagome. I wasn't interrupting anything, was I?"

"No, of course not." Kagome said, hiding her disappointment.

"Well, I'll talk to you later Kagome." Inuyasha said as he gathered his things. "Did you just move into the dorms?" He asked, noticing that Kagome was actually in the lounge when usually she went home after school.

"Yeah, I still need to unpack a bit." Kagome answered.

"Cool, we'll get to hang out a lot more then." Inuyasha said as he took Kikyou's hand.

"Good luck with getting settled." Kikyou told her as they left the room.

Kagome just smiled and nodded. 'Why did she have to be so nice?' Kagome thought, distressed. It was a lot harder to justify what she was trying to do when she would be taking Inuyasha from someone who actually seemed like a nice person.

'He didn't even notice. So much for the advice Yuka gave me.' Kagome thought. 'Tomorrow I'll try what Ayumi had said.' Kagome closed her book and headed back to her room completely oblivious to the many pairs of eyes watching her leave.

"So how'd it go?" Sango asked from her position of still being draped across her bed.

"Not well. He didn't notice at all. Am I really that unattractive?" Kagome asked, disheartened.

"Inuyasha's is just a bit hard headed." Sango reassured Kagome. Even if she didn't exactly approve of Kagome's plan, she still had her obligations of best friend to comfort the girl.

"I guess you're right." Kagome smiled, but she couldn't help but silently wonder if there was just something wrong with her. 'I've never had a boyfriend before, so maybe it is me.' Kagome thought.

Sango was able to read the look on Kagome's face. "Maybe you should try to go out with someone other than Inuyasha." Sango stated. "I mean just to get some practice in dating." Sango added when she saw Kagome was about to protest.

"Hmm...I don't think I could do that. I mean, that would just be leading this other guy on and that wouldn't be right." Kagome said. 'But then again Emi did say that if all else failed I could try to get him jealous.'

"I suppose you're right." Sango agreed. She was pleased that although this new change in Kagome hadn't caused her to lose her caring side.

Kagome sighed as she went through all the homework she already had. "Please tell me you have a pile of homework to do already too." Kagome pleaded.

"Hai. I don't know why teachers expect you to be able to do so much on the first day." Sango said as she sat up and decided she had better actually start on her work before she fell asleep and nothing got done.

Both girls jumped when they heard a knock on the door. They had been so engrossed in doing their work that the shattered silence had startled them. Kagome got up and went to the door. There in the hall was Naraku.

She knew him from his reputation around school. He was known for being a bad boy and the second most attractive boy in school. The first being Inuyasha's half-brother, Sesshoumaru. "Can I help you?" Kagome asked. She had never spoken to him before and wondered what it was he could possibly want.

"Actually you can." Naraku smirked. "I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner with me tonight."

Kagome's eyes widened as his words sunk in. 'Is he asking me out?' Kagome was shocked as was Sango who was listening from inside the room. "I-I don't think...I mean I have a lot of work and..." Kagome was at a complete loss as to what to say. She had noticed, like most girls, how handsome Naraku was. His deep crimson eyes seemed to draw her in, but she had to resist. 'I want Inuyasha. Come on Kagome you can't give in when you've just decided to do something about your love.'

Naraku arched a brow to hold in his surprise at being rejected. No one had rejected him before. "Perhaps another time." Naraku said as he turned and began to walk down the hall to his room.

Kagome just nodded dumbly as she watched the senior walk down the hall. She turned back to Sango, her shock clearly apparent. Sango just shrugged, still having trouble comprehending what had just happened. Kagome shut the door and went back to her work. "So...what do you want to do for dinner?" Kagome asked. She knew that the dorms had a cafeteria, but wasn't exactly sure how great the food was.

"The food here is fine." Sango stated. "But if you want to go out we can do that, in celebration of a new year." Sango said the last part sarcastically.

"I think I know what you mean. I have Onigumo as my history teacher." Kagome said with a sigh. He was the most difficult teacher in the entire school.

"Yeah, well I hate to tell you this, but the guy you just turned down is his son." Sango informed her.

"Naraku is Onigumo's son?!" She would never have figured that out.

"Hai. I didn't know until I overheard them talking in the hall." Sango answered.


"How dare he?!" Kouga thought as he saw Naraku walk away after asking out Kagome. 'Kagome's going to be mine. That bastard isn't going to have a chance.'

Ayame heard Kouga's outburst and was deeply hurt by his lack on attention to her. "Kouga-chan..." Ayame cooed as she leaned against him. Kouga barely seemed to notice her being there. 'What the hell is with this girl?!' Ayame asked herself. Kagome had just been asked out by one of the most popular seniors and now it seemed that her boyfriend wanted her as well.


Hojo let out a sigh of relief when he heard Kagome reject Naraku. He had been walking back to his room from the lounge when he saw the dark haired senior hitting on the beautiful junior. 'Kagome deserves better than Naraku. He'll just use her.' Naraku did have a reputation for being quite a user of women. 'I should ask her out before anyone else decided to.' Hojo decided to do it first thing tomorrow.


A sound akin to a growl erupted from Sesshoumaru. 'What the hell am I doing?' He asked himself. He felt angry at Naraku for asking out Kagome, but couldn't understand. 'The girl may be beautiful, but she is not worth being jealous over. I did not just think that. I, Sesshoumaru, do not get jealous.' Sesshoumaru affirmed.

He had yet to admit to himself that he wanted Kagome. Sure he could admit she was beautiful and he wouldn't mind being with her for a night. He would not, however, admit to wanting to pursue her in a real relationship. 'What am I thinking? It would seem that teenage hormones are even affecting me.' Sesshoumaru had always seen some girls as being lovely, but never before had he ever thought of actually considered spending the night with one of them, although many had offered.


Kagome and Sango exited their room and headed to the cafeteria for dinner. Kagome felt a bit homesick because of the lack of homemade food, a kind mother to talk to, a strange grandfather to laugh at, and her cute little brother. 'I get to go home every weekend anyway. Just remember, Kagome, there's a good cause for all of this.' Unfortunately, Kagome couldn't find her good cause in the room. 'He probably decided to get dinner with Kikyou while they're out.' Kagome thought with a frown.

Sango noticed her friend's sadness and although she still didn't approve of what was going on, she felt she needed to comfort her friend. "Don't worry, you'll get him tomorrow." She said, trying to sound confident for Kagome's sake. Kagome gave a smile and nodded.


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