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CH 2: A Little Exercise

'I wonder if Kagome noticed all those guys looking at her last night at dinner.' Sango thought to herself as she walked to her next class. 'Probably not. She's so hung up over Inuyasha.' Sango shook her head in distress. She needed to help her friend get over him. 'But how?' She wondered.

"Ah hello, my dear Sango." Miroku greeted as Sango stepped into the classroom.

"Keep you hands where I can see them." Sango warned.

"Why Sango, how could you even suggest I would do anything?" He feigned innocence.

"Because you've done something everyday for as long as I've known you." Sango said not buying his act. "I don't have time for your wandering hands. I'm trying to think of a way to stop Kagome from making a huge mistake."

"Why? What'd she do?" Miroku asked, suddenly serious. If it was important and one of his friends was in trouble, he could put his lecherousness aside for a moment.

"Haven't you noticed that lately she's been acting a bit more...loose?" Sango asked.

"Have I ever." Miroku said enthusiastically with a hentai smirk. The smirk quickly disappeared when Sango slapped him in the back of the head.

"Ms. Taijiya, do you have something you'd like to share with the class?" Sango looked up to see her science teacher Ms. Kaede looking back at her from the front of the class. She shook her head. "Then I'm sure there will be no further interruptions." The young woman gave a sigh as she heard the giggling of the other students around her.

"So what is it that worries you so much about Kagome?" Miroku asked as he followed Sango out of class.

"She's so hung up on Inuyasha she's doing things that she normally wouldn't do. I just hope she's not getting in over her head. I mean, I know she loves Inuyasha, but there are other guys out there who she could love just as much if she gave them a chance." Sango said.

Miroku had a look of deep thought. Sango actually thought he was going to say something profound for once, but those thoughts quickly flew out the window when she felt his hand on her backside. She turned around, and using the folder in her hands, hit him upside the head. 'When will he ever learn?' Sango thought as she shook her head and continued to her next class. She did feel slightly guilty that he would most likely miss his next class though.


'Finally! An easy class.' Kagome thought as she entered her art class. Between history with Onigumo-san and Psychology with Goshinki-san, Kagome was sure she would be having headaches constantly. It wasn't that the work was really difficult; it was just the fact that her teachers practically drilled things into their heads. The repetitive lessons would have been enough to make anyone want to run from the class.

Kagome took her seat and listened to her teacher talk about perspective and depth. She then gave them an assignment to draw something that had meaning to them. "It can be anything as long as it has some special meaning to you. It can be a portrait of a loved one, a picture of your home, or a landscape that you find particularly breathtaking. For an assignment like this I expect everyone's work to look different and unique." She gave them the rest of the class time to work on their drawings.

'Something important to me?' Kagome wondered. She certainly couldn't draw a portrait of Inuyasha. That would be so embarrassing. 'But what else is important to me? My family, the shrine, my friends...' Kagome began to list all the things she held dear, but nothing really appealed to her as being the subject of a drawing. She didn't realize two pairs of eyes that were focused on her.

'I knew taking art would come in handy for something.' Kouga thought to himself as he watched the raven haired beauty. 'I hate art, but at least I can get a good view.' A wolfish grin graced his features. He completely ignored the teacher's instructions to start brainstorming on a subject for their drawings. Instead he merely kept his hungry eyes on Kagome. 'I wonder what she looks like under those clothes.'

Kagome tapped her pencil absentmindedly on her desk as she continued to think of a subject. The tapping noise was increasingly getting annoying to Sesshoumaru, who was sitting right next to her. He had been inconspicuously watching her the entire class period. However, when she started that annoying tapping he was ready to snap. The noise seemed to echo in his ears. Finally he reached over and grabbed her hand to keep her pencil still.

"Stop that infernal tapping!" Sesshoumaru hissed under his breath, trying to be quiet so as to not attract the teacher's attention.

"Well excuse me..." Kagome stated, but then realized how rude she had sounded. 'I guess I probably was pretty disturbing.' "Gomen, but it helps me think." Kagome added while looking down at the blank paper in front of her.

Sesshoumaru had been slightly shocked by her response though it did not register on his features. No one had ever spoken back to him before. Well, besides Inuyasha, but he didn't count. He had almost been relieved by her response though. He had been thinking she was far too perfect and finally had an excuse to write her off as another annoying, bad tempered female. That was until she apologized and he was shocked once again. The look of guilt in her liquid blue eyes when she apologized made the stirring emotions he had felt earlier upon seeing her resurface.

"Stupid girl..." Sesshoumaru muttered as he looked away.

'How dare he touch my woman?!' Kouga fumed. 'He has no right to even look at what's mine.' In Kouga's mind he had already claimed Kagome as his own. No one really understood how delusional the boy truly was. To him Kagome had already unwittingly become his woman. Every glance she gave him in his mind turned into a passionate leer. Every word she spoke was a declaration of love to him and him alone. The boy was delusional and Kagome was in for some trouble. He planned on taking her out that night and Kagome had yet to have a full conversation with him!

He'd been watching her the entire class period and figured she had suffered waiting long enough and he would take her out. 'Naturally, she'll be ecstatic to have the pleasure of my company. Perhaps I'll allow her to show her gratitude to me physically later tonight.' Just as he thought that, Kagome's pencil fell from her desk and she reached over to get it. The result was her shirt riding up a bit in the back showing the smooth lightly tanned skin of her back. 'Oh yes, I'll definitely let her show her gratitude.' Kouga thought as he leered at her and felt his jeans getting a bit snug. However, the next sight that greeted him made him almost yell in outrage.

Sesshoumaru had heard Kagome's pencil fall to the ground and unconsciously reached over to pick it up for her. His eyes met hers as he felt his hand touched her smaller one.

He felt as if he would get lost in her eyes if he didn't look away, and averted his eyes downward. That didn't seem to help his situation. In fact, it only seemed to make his situation worse. His eyes became focused on her cleavage. Her low v-neck shirt showed the top of her soft breasts. He could feel his heart beating against his ribcage. If he was any lesser of a man his nose probably would have bled.

"I've got it. You can let go of my hand now." Kagome said softly. A blush stained her cheeks as she realized where Sesshoumaru's attention had been drawn to. 'I can't believe he's looking there. I mean sure that was the purpose of the shirt, but for Inuyasha. I don't think my face could get any redder.' Kagome thought.

Kagome's voice broke Sesshoumaru out of his trance. He took his hand off hers and cleared his throat. 'How long was I staring?' Sesshoumaru wondered. He held back a blush and hoped she hadn't noticed. 'Kami, what is this onna doing to me?' He could feel his answer in the stirring of his loins. It was a good thing he had decided to wear a loose pair of khakis that day.

Kagome silently cheered when she heard the bell ring. She packed up her belongings and walked out the door.

"Kagome! Wait up!" Kagome stopped and turned around to see Kouga running after her. "Hey, Kagome." Kouga greeted the raven haired girl as he placed his arm around her, which she promptly pushed off.

Kouga laughed. "I always did like the feisty ones." He commented. "Kagome, I've already decided that you'll be my new woman. I know you feel flattered and probably want to thank me, but we can leave that for after our date tonight." He then continued telling her about all the great things they would do together while Kagome just looked at him in shock.

'What is this baka talking about? I'm not gonna be his woman!' Kagome couldn't believe the nerve of this guy. "I'm sorry Kouga, but I'm not your woman and I don't want to be." Kagome said interrupting his speech. She then turned and headed to her dorm room since she had no more classes for the day.

Sesshoumaru had to restrain himself from throwing Kouga into a wall when he saw the baka put his arm around Kagome. 'Why the hell is this onna making me feel this way? She's not worth ruining my reputation of being emotionless and detached.'

Unfortunately Sesshoumaru's body did not agree with his mind, and he found himself following the raven haired girl as she returned to the dorm building.

He watched Kagome as she twirled around the courtyard in the afternoon sun completely uncaring of who saw her as she acted like a carefree child. It took all of Sesshoumaru's strength to suppress the smile that wanted to grace his features as he watched her antics. The warm feelings didn't last, however, as he saw his brother walking up to the person who was becoming an obsession to him. 'Of course the baka needs to come and ruin everything.'

Kagome twirled around and then suddenly found herself face to face with the man of her dreams. "Hey Inuyasha." Kagome greeted her friend, and hopefully soon to be boyfriend, with a cheery smile.

"Hey Kagome. Heading back to the dorm?" Inuyasha asked. He was completely unfazed by Kagome's antics being that he had known her for so long already.

"Yeah, I need a rest. I swear I have the worst teachers." Kagome responded.

"At least you don't have Onigumo." At the look on Kagome's face, Inuyasha realized that she probably did have the dreadful teacher. "Damn, I feel sorry for you." Inuyasha said, but then couldn't stifle the laughter that came forth.

"It's not that funny." Kagome said with a pout and lightly elbowed him.

Inuyasha waved his hands in front of him as a sign of a truce, but still he seemed to be holding back laughter. "Well, if you feel like it, Miroku and I are going to be at the gym in a couple of hours. You could come by and workout or just hang." He invited.

Kagome knew the reason Inuyasha always chose this certain time to workout was because Kikyou had archery practice during that time of the day. Kagome herself took archery as well, but was only in the intermediate level at the moment rather than the expert level that Kikyou was in. "Umm...sure, I'll probably drop by."

"Okay, cool. I'll see you later then." Inuyasha stated before running off. Kagome stood glued to her spot as she watched him disappear from sight. It wasn't till he was fully out of sight that she continued her walk back to the dorms.

Sesshoumaru watched the small exchange and his blood began to boil. 'She has a crush on the baka?!' He thought angrily. He caught himself before he went after his brother and beat the hell out of him just to make himself feel less jealous. 'Jealous? Me? I have never been jealous before in my life and I will certainly not be jealous of my baka little half-brother.' Sesshoumaru told himself as he unconsciously continued to follow Kagome.

After Kagome had entered her room, Sesshoumaru decided to go to his room and finish the homework he had been given. The words on the papers before him which were usually so easy it was pathetic were not making any sense as him mind continued to focus on a certain raven haired girl.

'What is it about her?' Sesshoumaru wondered as he once again put his pencil down and paused in his work. It wasn't that she was amazingly beautiful. Sesshoumaru had met many other women whose beauty surpassed hers. It was just that most of them were so superficial and none seemed to have any spark within them. Not like the spark Sesshoumaru noticed ablaze behind Kagome's eyes. Sure she was smart and the girls that had tried to hang all over Sesshoumaru before couldn't hold a good conversation and never read any of the books he had. Just once he would like to meet a girl who read the same books and had intellectual commentaries to give. Sesshoumaru sighed.

He didn't even know if Kagome could give him the conversations he craved, and yet there was something about her. 'Why can't I get her out of my head?' Sesshoumaru refrained from knocking everything on his desk to the floor. He spun in his chair so he was facing the door rather than his desk and ran his fingers through his hair. He couldn't remember the last time he had been so frustrated, and over a girl.

'Okay, so I like this girl.' Sesshoumaru admitted to himself even though the thought still felt like an understatement. 'That doesn't mean this has to rule my life. I will not change who I am for a girl. I will stay my emotionless and detached self. I will not tell her how I feel, especially since she seems to have a crush on my stupid half brother.' Sesshoumaru once again wished that Inuyasha had never been born. 'How could she feel something for that...that...' Sesshoumaru practically growled in frustration and to make matters worse, Inuyasha walked into the room at that moment.

The two brothers stared at each other for a second and then Inuyasha went through a door to his left that led to the room that had his bed and dresser. When he came back out he was wearing a pair of red basketball shorts and a white tank top. "I'm going to the gym." Inuyasha announced as he exited his room and walked through the common room to the door.

Sesshoumaru's back was turned to Inuyasha as he tried to resume his work. He didn't give any indication of even having heard what his brother had said. Inuyasha simply grabbed his duffel and left.

Sesshoumaru finally finished his last problem and set his work aside. It had only been half an hour since Inuyasha had left. Sesshoumaru knew Kagome would be at the gym that day and without any more work to do, he had no excuse to go himself. He would usually go to the gym either early in the morning or late at night when he would have the place practically all to himself. If he left now he would be breaking his normal routine and he was sure this would not go unnoticed. This was one of the times he hated being the most popular guy in school. It always felt as if people were looking at him under a microscope to make sure he had no imperfections. There was a group of girls in the school that even knew his schedule by heart.

Sesshoumaru pulled one of his favorite books from the shelf next to his desk and went through the door opposite Inuyasha's to his own room. He lay on his bed and began to read as he restrained himself from leaving and heading to gym. This girl was turning his world upside down.


Kagome held up her finished papers with a smile. "I think I'm getting better at this whole homework thing." She placed her papers into a folder.

"Yeah, sure, the already straight A student is getting better at her homework. Why doesn't that seem fair?" Kagome heard Sango groan from the other side of the room.

"Come on Sango, your work can't be that difficult." Kagome said as she crossed the room and looked over Sango's shoulder. Sango was a business major because it was expected that she take over her father's security business when he passed on. She didn't mind much, but the work they gave made her wish she were an art major or something.

"Sure, you can say that since you're done with all your work." Sango sighed.

"Not all of it." Kagome turned and stared at the still blank paper that taunted her. Her art project still remained without a subject.

Sango turned to see what Kagome was looking at. "It's just an art project, Kagome. I doubt when you're a doctor, a patient will wonder if you're qualified enough because you couldn't do a drawing."

"That's not the point. The subject is supposed to be something I care about, but I can't think of anything." Kagome stated. Well, that was a lie. She could think of people, but that would be too embarrassing.

"So you don't want to draw someone special to you. Draw a place. Why not draw the shrine?" Sango asked.

"Why didn't I think of that? I'm going back home this weekend and I can get my drawing done." Kagome beamed. "Sango you're a genius."

"Yeah, now if only I could convince my teachers of that." Sango said with a smile.

"Well, I'm going to head to the gym. Want to come?" Kagome asked as she went to rummage through her things. The room they had to share was rather small, but not uncomfortable. But she wished she had the money to have a room like Inuyasha's.

"Let me guess, Inuyasha is going to be there. I wouldn't want to be a third wheel." Sango replied.

"Miroku will be there too." Kagome said hastily as a blush rose in her cheeks.

"Even more reason not to go. I think I've been groped enough for the day." Sango stated and turned back to her work. "Besides I have work to finish. Maybe next time Kagome-chan."

Kagome nodded and left the room carrying her duffle bag. She made her way to the gym and entered the girl's locker room to change. She looked in the mirror before exiting and sighed. If her mother could see her she would be telling her to go back and change. A young lady should not be dressed like that. 'But desperate times call for desperate measures.' Kagome thought to herself. She was dressed in red shorts that were almost indecent and a black sports bra. 'Well, here probably goes all my dignity.' Kagome said as she exited the locker room.


The book flew against the wall with a resounding 'thunk'. Sesshoumaru regretted tossing the book. It was one of his favorites. It was just that he was so frustrated. He hadn't been able to finish a single sentence without Kagome coming to mind. 'That's it. I'll go to the gym and get rid of this stupid infatuation once and for all. No woman will ever rule over me.' Sesshoumaru thought and got up from his bed.

He changed quickly and left for the gym. All the excuses that he had made earlier were forgotten.


Kagome could feel the looks she was getting as she walked through the room. She smiled when she finally spotted Inuyasha and Miroku. Inuyasha was doing bench presses while Miroku was spotting him. Not that Miroku would be much help if the bar fell; he wasn't nearly as strong as Inuyasha. "Hey guys." Kagome said as she reached them.

"Hey Kagome." Inuyasha grunted without even looking in her direction.

Miroku on the other hand was very entranced by Kagome's clothing. Figuring Inuyasha didn't really need his help, Miroku walked over to Kagome's side. "It's so nice you could make it, Kagome-sama." Miroku said. His hand twitched wanting to feel her rear end in those shorts.

Kagome gave Miroku a wary look and took a few steps away from him. "Well, I'm going to go stretch." Kagome said and went to an open carpeted area. 'I can't believe I'm going to do this.' Kagome thought as she began stretching in her skimpy clothing.


Sesshoumaru had just entered the gym when he saw Kagome stretching her arms to the ground. Her red shorts pulled up to give a teasing glance at the smooth white skin beneath them. He almost felt himself falter in his step as he saw her bend over. 'She has to be doing this on purpose.' It was the only explanation Sesshoumaru could find for a female being so erotic. If there hadn't been others in the room he didn't know if he could have controlled his hormones.

"Can you believe her showing her body like that? The nerve." A girl behind Sesshoumaru whispered.

"I know. How much of a slut can she be?" Another girl stated. Sesshoumaru turned and noticed they were part of the group of girls that seemed to follow him everywhere. They were insulting Kagome while what they were wearing looked a thousand times more revealing than the clothing Kagome was wearing. Really, who worked out in a string bikini? He glared at them sharply and they quickly quieted. The two girls watched Sesshoumaru walk over to the weights that were by chance right behind Kagome, giving him a perfect view of her.

"I wonder what that was about." One of the girls asked.

"I'm not sure Michiko, but I think this Higurashi may be a problem."

"What are you talking about, Mina?" Michiko asked. She was slightly shorter than Mina and had long bleached hair tied back in a high ponytail.

"Sesshoumaru-sama obviously got angry when we insulted her and that must mean that she is in his favor. She could ruin the chance of either of us landing him." Mina pointed out. She too had bleached hair as it was the latest trend though it was short and curled and tanned skin. But not the type of tan you get from the sun, the type you get from a bottle.

"Ahh, wakatta. We need to keep her away from our Sesshoumaru-sama." Michiko agreed.

Oblivious to the plotting of the girls behind her, Kagome continued her stretched hoping to catch the eyes of a certain dark haired violet eyed boy. As she stood up straight she came face to face with one of the last people she thought would approach her again. 'What was his name again...Naraku.' Kagome thought.

"Hello Kagome." Naraku said, his voice was deep and barely above a whisper. It caused the hairs on the back of Kagome's neck to stand up. She couldn't deny that she found him appealing, but there was definitely something about him that was almost creepy.

"Hello, Naraku." Kagome said, remarkably keeping her voice from wavering. After a moment of silence, Kagome began to get unnerved. "Can I help you with something?" Kagome asked.

"If you are willing I can think of many appealing things you could offer." Naraku told her as his eyes traveled over her body. Any other girl would have been putty in his hands. His deep voice had seduced many of females in the school. Kagome, however, only became unnerved and prayed for someone to intervene.

"Get away from her Naraku." Kagome sighed as she found her prayers had been answered and ever better, by the person she had wished for them to be answered by. Inuyasha pulled Kagome to stand behind him and glared at Naraku.

Inuyasha hated Naraku with a passion. Though neither Kikyou nor Naraku knew it, Inuyasha had known about their brief affair. He had already forgiven Kikyou though she didn't know it, but he would never forgive Naraku, who he had deemed the instigator of the relationship. Naraku knew about the abilities he had with women and used every chance to seduce them. He had failed his own girlfriend by not keeping her out of his clutches, but he wouldn't fail one of his best friends.

"I was merely conversing with Kagome." Naraku stated. Had it been anyone else they would have tried to sound innocent, but Naraku knew he had no capability of sounding innocent and therefore didn't even try.

"Yeah well I don't think she wants to talk to someone like you." Inuyasha stated.

"I believe the lady should choose who she wants to socialize with." Naraku saw that he wasn't going to get anywhere near Kagome with Inuyasha practically growling there. "I suppose I should be off. It was a pleasure to see you again Kagome. And please keep my words in mind." Naraku smiled at Kagome before walking off.

"That jerk didn't do anything to you did he, Kagome?" Inuyasha asked as he held Kagome's shoulders.

Kagome was in a slight daze. The guy of her dreams had just protected her from a very creepy guy. She looked at Inuyasha through hazy eyes. Her voice had seemed to abandon her. All Kagome could do was shake her head.

"Good. That guy's such an ass. You should stay away from him." Inuyasha stated. Kagome continued to stare at Inuyasha as they stood there, but the violet eyed boy seemed oblivious. The alarm on his watch broke the silence. "Only one more hour before I have to pick up Kikyou, I'm gonna go for a swim."

At the sound of Kikyou's name, Kagome broke out of her daze. "Okay, I'll see you later." Kagome said trying not to sound disappointed. Inuyasha nodded and walked off towards the stairs to get to the pool.

Kagome sighed as she saw him leave. 'Well, as long as I'm here I might as well get a workout.' Kagome thought and walked over to one of the treadmills and began to run.


Sesshoumaru glared at Naraku as he approached Kagome, but held back from going to her aid. That would give too much of his emotion away and he was still unsure what this emotion was. He wanted to be in her presence, he craved it. But he didn't know what was making him feel this need.

He wished it was him at her rescue when he noticed his half-brother tell Naraku to leave. This jealousy of his brother was also a new thing for Sesshoumaru. He was used to having everything that Inuyasha wanted, not the other way around.

'Finally.' Sesshoumaru thought as Inuyasha left. He continued his weightlifting as he watched Kagome begin running. She had perfect form as she ran, as ifit was almost second nature. He had known about her for a while, seeing as though escaping word about his half-brother's friends was impossible. He knew she used to be a track star and could only wonder why she no longer ran track.

'Perhaps I should ask her.' Sesshoumaru thought, figuring that sooner or later this feeling within him would compel him to speak to her. However, finding a topic to talk about with her seemed practically impossible. He doubted they had anything in common. 'When will this infatuation end?!' His mind screamed.


Mina and Michiko watched Sesshoumaru as he inconspicuously watched Kagome. To them it seemed as if he were only concentrating on lifting weights. They tilted their heads as their eyes traveled over the lines of his sleek muscles not hid by the thin white shirt he was wearing.

"I think I might faint if he didn't have a shirt at all." Michiko stated as she fanned herself with her hand.

"Calm down, Michiko. We need to come up with a plan to keep that slut Higurashi away from our Sesshoumaru-sama."

"I know, but what are we going to do?" Michiko asked Mina sounding worried. "We can't let anyone take our Sesshoumaru-sama away."

"We'll just have to make sure that they're never alone together." Mina said. 'No one's going to get my Sesshy.' She thought.


When Kagome was leaving the gym she noticed how dark it had gotten. 'I couldn't have been there that long.' She looked down the path to her dorm and cringed as she saw the darkness. She was always afraid of walking by herself at night. 'Guess I don't have a choice.' Kagome started walking down the path, but froze when she felt a hand on her shoulder. 'Oh Kami...' Kagome turned and came face to well...chest with Sesshoumaru.

"You shouldn't be walking by yourself at night." Sesshoumaru stated.

Kagome knew very little of Sesshoumaru. She only knew that he was Inuyasha's older half brother and that if Inuyasha wasn't complaining about him he didn't want to even hear his name. From what she had seen of him though he always seemed very honorable and she didn't believe he would ever try to take advantage of her in a dark alley. "Is that an offer to walk me or just a warning?" Kagome asked.

Sesshoumaru wanted to say it was just a warning and walk off. He wanted to kill this infatuation that seemed to keep him in her grasps without her even knowing it, but he couldn't. "It's an offer if you want it to be." Sesshoumaru stated.

"Great." Kagome said with a smile and grabbed Sesshoumaru's arm. She was so happy not to have to be walking alone in the dark. "Let's go."

Sesshoumaru looked at where her hand was holding onto his arm. Her hand warmed his skin and he wondered if the rest of her would feel as warm if he held her. He walked with her down the barely lit path back to the dorms.

"So...have you come up with an idea for your art project?" Kagome asked, hoping to break the silence.

Sesshoumaru hadn't even thought of his drawing yet. There was nothing he held dear to him, well, other than Rin, his little cousin. She was the ray of sunshine in his bleak life. "No." Sesshoumaru answered, but then felt the answer was lacking something. "It is difficult to come up with something important." He added a bit awkwardly, not used to explaining himself beyond a few words.

"I understand that." Kagome agreed. "I decided to go back to the shrine over the weekend and do a landscape. I always loved the area."

"I wouldn't know. I've always lived in the city." Sesshoumaru responded.

"You should come by some time. It must be really beautiful about now with all the leaves changing colors." Kagome offered as they came to Kagome's door.

"Is that an offer?" Sesshoumaru asked smirking.

"Sure, any time." Kagome said. "Well, thanks for the walk back Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru watched Kagome disappear through the doorway and couldn't keep a small smile from his face. Walking to his room he couldn't believe that she had invited him to her shrine. 'Maybe someday.' He thought.


"Oh, I can't believe he walked her back. Here we are two better looking girls and he chooses to walk her back. We need to take action." Mina said as she watched Sesshoumaru and Kagome walk away. Michiko just nodded.



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