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"And don't forget class, our annual 24 hour dance competition will be held this Saturday starting at 6am! I hope to see you all there! Don't forget to bring a partner! Class dismissed!"

The teacher clapped her hands as a final dismissal and whisked herself out of the room with grace that only a dancer could possess. Tea Gardner slipped off her dance shoes and gathered up her bag. After saying quick good-byes to her classmates she stepped out into the perfect summer afternoon.

Her thoughts drifted to this year's 24 hour dance competition. She wanted to win so badly. For the past 3 years, ever since deafeating Johnny Steps at the arcade, he had been able to retaliate by beating her at each 24 hour dance competition since they had started; conveniently being the year she had beat him.

The first year, she had chosen one of her classmates from the dance academy to be her partner. He ended up dehydrating himself and collapsed at hour 12.

Year two, she had someone else from the academy be her partner. He, unfortunately, turned out to be a total slime-ball, groping her constantly throughout the evening. That year, she only lasted until hour 3 before she smacked him and stormed out of the gym.

Last year... Tea sighed as she thought of last year. She had been so close! Learning her lesson from the previous two years, she didn't ask anyone from her class to be her partner, but instead had opted for one of her friends. Yugi, sadly, was a tad on the short side, meaning he wouldn't be able to support Tea when she got tired, and, unfortunately, would get pretty tired himself from having to dance on his poor, short legs.

Tristan: Tea, truthfully, didn't trust him to stay awake for a straight 24 hours unless he was playing a video game. She had a feeling that he'd collapse sometime within the first 10 hours.

So that left Joey. Joey could stay awake for long periods of time, plus seemed to have an abundant supply of energy. She had been so sure she would win that time!

Her train of thought was interrupted by someone's shadow falling over her. She turned her head only to come face to face with none other than Johnny Steps himself.

"Tea," he greeted, stiffly.

"Johnny," she returned, just as stoic.

"Dance competition coming up on Saturday."

"So I hear."

"You going?"

"Where else would I go?"

"I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into."

"I think I can manage myself just fine."





Johnny simply walked off, Tea glaring after him. Oh, she -would- win this year... no matter what.


The group (aka: Tea, Tristan, Joey, and Yugi) were all sitting/standing around the front desk of the game shop, conversing about nothing in particular. "So, Tea," Joey started, looking up from his deck that he had been organizing. "Isn't your 24 hour dance thingy coming up soon?"

"That's right, Tea!" Yugi chimed in excitedly. "I just know you'll win this year. The past 3 loses were just freak accidents."

Tea smiled at her short, optimistic friend. "Thanks, Yugi. But I still need a partner."

"Well, I hope you choose better this time," Joey said. "Your previous partners were all losers."

Tea glared at him. "Yeah, I know."

"Hey, I meant besides me!" he yelled back, indignantly. "Really, Tea, you gotta get over that. I said I was sorry!"

"But we were so close! And then you- you-" Unable to finish her sentence in her fit of rage, Tea merely pointed a finger at the blonde and let the accusation hang in the air.

"Now, come on you two," Yugi pleaded. He didn't want a fight to break out between two of his best friends. "That's past. Let's just focus on this year. Who can we get to be Tea's dance partner?"

"Well," Tristan spoke up for the first time in awhile. "He needs to be strong 'cause Tea's kinda heavy when she gets tired."

"And just what does that mean?" Tea snapped.

Tristan panicked. "Eh heh heh... nothing..."

"And he's gotta have enough energy to stay awake the full 24 hours," Yugi continued quickly, once again playing peacemaker.

"And he can't get easily distracted," Tea said, somewhat bitterly, throwing a dirty look towards Joey.

"Well, it's not like you were helping any!" he countered, defensively.

Yugi looked to be deep in thought. "So, who do we know that fits that description?" The group pondered this for a moment before Tea sighed.

"I can't think of anyone," she moaned. "I'm just doomed."

Tristan slapped her on the back in a friendly gesture, though it just earned him a disapproving glare. "Aw, don't worry about it Tea. It's only Tuesday. You got practically a week to scope out a partner. You'll find someone."

"Tristan's right," Yugi piped up. "Don't worry about it. We'll even help you look."

Tea smiled at her friends. They really were great guys. "Thanks." She glanced at the clock on the wall. "I better get going. I'm supposed to start dinner tonight." She waved good-bye to her friends before stepping out into the slowly approaching dusk.


Tea walked briskly through the park, the shortcut to her home. A group of children were playing baseball off to the right but she didn't pay them any attention... that is, until a ball came whizzing towards her head. "WATCH OUT!" someone yelled, and Tea quickly whipped her head towards the voice, just in time to get belted in the forehead by the ball.


"Tea...? Tea...?" The brunette slowly opened her eyes at the sound of the small, worried voice nearby. "Tea...?" She recognized that voice! But from where? "Tea, you ok?"

Her blurred vision finally focused and she looked up to a hoarde of children, most likely the baseball players, hovering above her sprawled out body. She glanced around and her gaze finally landed on the source of the familiar voice. "Mokuba?" she questioned, groggily, her mind still fuzzy.

The younger boy's face broke into a grin. "Hey! You feeling ok?"

Tea gingerly brought a hand up to touch her forehead and almost immediately flinched away. 'Ow... big lump...' "I just got creamed by a baseball," she grumbled in response to the child's question.

Mokuba sweat-dropped. "Heh... so, I take that as a 'no'." He looked down at her again, a serious look covering his face. "But, seriously, are you alright? You don't need to go to the hospital or anything, do you?"

Tea pushed herself to her elbows, closing her eyes for a moment as the blood rushed out of her head. "I'll be fine."

One of the other kids spoke up. "I'm really sorry, Miss." He tried to hide the bat behind his back, but Tea instantly deduced that he had been the one to hit the ball at her.

She flashed him a small smile. "Don't worry about it. Accidents happen. Just be more careful next time, ok?"

He nodded and looked relieved that he wasn't going to be yelled at.

"Mokuba." Tea turned towards the cold voice as did the kids. Most of the children suddenly became quite uncomfortable and closed in tighter around Tea as if she might protect them. Seto Kaiba towered over them all, looking down at his little brother. "Time to go," she demanded and turned away, expecting Mokuba to follow.

"Ok, big brother. Bye everyone!" The children meekly waved. "See ya, Tea! Hope ya feel better!" He took off after Kaiba, already starting to chatter endlessly to his big brother.

The children dispersed from their clump but Tea still sat on the ground. She stared after the Kaiba brothers, and as she stared an idea started to enter her head. The more she thought about it, the more she started to like it. And the more she started to like it, the more she thought she was absolutely insane. Maybe she had been hit a bit too hard with that baseball, but for some reason she found herself jumping off the ground and running after them. "Kaiba!"

The two froze at the sound of her voice and turned towards her. Mokuba looked at her with a curious expression; Kaiba with his trademark glare. However, she remained unfazed and walked right up to them. "So... how you been?"

Kaiba stared at her, slightly confused. "Fine," he replied, cooly.

"That's good."

The two remained silent a minute, Mokuba glancing back and forth between the two. "Is that all you wanted?" Kaiba asked, annoyed.


Silence once again.


"Well what?"

Kaiba was more than in a bad mood by now. But he would not lose his temper. Not in front of his little brother. "Well, what did you want?"

"I wanted to ask you a question."


Kaiba sighed, disgusted. "If you're just trying to waste my time, I'll be leaving now." He turned to go, but Tea grabbed his arm.

"Hold on! Wait! I'm not trying to waste your time, I just wanted to make sure you were listening."

"I'm listening. So talk."

"Ok, well, I have a small favor to ask you."

Hell no. Upon hearing these seemingly innocent words, Kaiba immediately turned and started walking again. Do a favor for one of Yugi's friends? Not on his watch.

"Big brother!" Mokuba scolded, running after him. Seto looked down at him. "Come on, all she wants is a favor. It can't be that bad." He gave Seto a puppy-dog look, making the CEO sigh at his brother's damn cuteness and turn back around.

"What kind of favor?"


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