Robin Is A Girl's Name Anyway: Chapter One: Bad Ideas, and Even Worse Food.

"So...tired....Need....sleep....." moaned Emily, just barley managing to keep her head up, and her nose out of the mashed potatoes she'd ordered for lunch. Terry wasn't having nearly as much luck, as he had laid his head down on his arms, and was now lightly snoring. "No fair!" said Emily, elbowing him in the ribs. "If I'm not sleeping in a public eating facility, neither are you!"

"Emily..." moaned Terry. "How many times do I have to tell you?" he said, managing to pick up his head. "Don't use words over two syllables when I haven't slept in two days."

"Man you guys are dull!" said Max, watching them slump over their food they'd ordered. "It's the first week of summer! You said we were going to have fun!"

"Max, we're tired!" Emily whined.

"Yeah!" said Terry. "Give us a break. Bruce has been working us for three days straight!"

"See, what you need, is a little help!"

"Max..."said Terry in a warning voice

"Don't you dare start that again....." finished Emily for him.

"I'm just saying! I mean! Bruce knew me longer and yet Emily was the one who got to be Batgirl!"

"I guessed right off the bat. It took you a few tries," said Emily, really in no mood to argue with Max.

"And she held a gun to my head and made me promise to let her help me," said Terry.

"You're not still gripping about that, are you!" yelled Emily.

"So that's what I need to do? Threaten to kill you?" Max shouted exasperated.

"I'd rather you didn't," Terry said, slumping down again.

"Why do we even come here?" Emily asked, swirling the mashed potatoes on the plate. "The food tastes like crap anyway."

"It's cheap, and we're on a collage budget," responded Terry.

"You're deliberately changing the subject!" Max yelled.

"Yes," said Emily flat out, while Terry answered the ringing cell phone. He groaned.

"Sure Bruce....We're on it..."

"No! Not again!!!!" Emily cried desperately.

"No, don't worry. He promised he'd let us sleep as long as we like tonight. He doesn't want us falling asleep out there....Again...." Terry reassured his cousin.

"You see!!!! You really do need my help!" Max yelled again.

"Later Max," said Emily, stumbling up and out of her chair.

"Yeah, not now," said Terry, getting up also. Max continued to pout as they left.




Gotham City

Mad? Yes! Of corse I was mad! Who wouldn't be?! I'd known about Terry's secret longer than Emily had, but it was her who got the opportunity to show off her skill. No, I'm not jealous of Emily for that. Emily is my friend, and that is just petty. I'm just a bit upset by it, is all.

But I was slightly hurt, and still mad as hell. They knew they needed my help! They were just to stubborn to admit it! I was so mad and frustrated I couldn't even put it into words. Well, that was it! That's the straw that broke the camels back!

I'm helping them, even if I don't have they're permission.


"...No Marcy, I didn't enjoy the movie either," a man said to his wife as they drove along in the Volkswagen. "I hate musicals."

"Dave," protested the wife, "you're the one who suggested we see it in the first place. You said you adore musicals."

"I did," he responded. "They just had to go and make that crappy-"

"Woah!" cried Marcy, her head glued to the window, staring down the abandoned alley way as her husband slowed the car. "Did you see that?!"

"No, what?"

"Pull over Dave."

Dave did so, stepping out of the car and peering into the dark alley way. Marcy started to get out, but he dismissed that with a wave of his hand.

"Stay inside Marcy."

Dave wandered a hundred or so yards down the alley, feeling a nervous presence. He didn't like it. Dave turned, trying to head back to the car, when a noise distracted him.

"It's just an alley cat," he tried to reassure himself, but headed in the direction of the noise anyway, fear mounting in him. He had turned a corner in the alley, so he could no longer see the Volkswagen. A soft laughing sound was present, and as his eyes tried to find where it was hidden, he proved unsuccessful. He spun around, then back in the direction he was facing before, to see a woman floating before him.

She wore an Egyptian headdress, signifying the unity of the two lands of Egypt, a flowing dress that bore Egyptian symbols, and Persian eyes painted at the edge of each eye. She wore a fake beard, and laughed softly.

"Whwhwho are yoyoyoyou?" Dave stuttered.

"I am Hatshepsut, Queen of Upper and Lower Egypt, and soon, Gotham City. Why do you just stand there? Do you not know? Queen's are God's, and you always bow before a God. The punishment for such disrespect, is death," she said, as she drew a sword, while Dave stood there, petrified with fear.

Back at the car, Marcy heard an awful scream. She punched the gas and headed in the direction of the police station.

To Be Continued.....