Robin is a Girl's Name Anyway: Chapter Five: And So Must it End

"Well," said Emily sarcastically, "this is fun."
The pair were swinging by a rope dangled above a vat of hydro- choleric acid.
"I thought this'd be too clich├ęd for you," remarked Batman dryly. To shortly describe the events, the pair had busted in on another one of their enchantments, and were beaten. Badly.
Hatshepsut was tenderly stroking her seven jewels; The Jade Scorpion, The Diamond Scorpion, The Ruby Scorpion, the Sapphire Scorpion, the Pearl Scorpion, The Gold Scorpion, and the Ivory Scorpion. Glaring hatefully up at the duo, she snipped "By Ra, be silent!"
"Well if you're going to be that way about it-" began Emily, but Hatshepsut quickly cut her off.
"Why did you bother to come back? No matter. It is of no importance to me. You may watch Gotham City slowly wither into my power."
"Andrea, you've got to listen to me-" Terry pleaded.
"Be silent, mortal fool! I am the Queen of Egypt! I am a goddess! There is no Andrea!" Emily noticed that she had begun to clutch her side painfully.
"You been beating yourself up again, Leslie?" Emily asked coldly.
Hatshepsut gave her an evil look. "That is not of your concern."
"I beg to differ."


"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Go back to that last part," Max said half hopefully.
Bruce coughed slightly, and glared at her, hating having his hand pushed. "She's going to destroy the city if-"
"No, before that."
He mumbled something.
"I can't hear you...." She teased.
"Damn you! This isn't a time for games!"
Max grinned evilly still.
He sighed angrily. "Fine!...I...Terry and Emily that is....We need your help."


"Now, be silent mortal fools, for I must invoke the gods."
"You'll be sorry when you're gods turn out to be nothing more than statues of stone that you built by your own hands," Emily said coldly.
"Liar! Thieving, scheming, liar! The magic will work."
"Oh, I don't doubt that...." Added Terry darkly. "The magic's bound to work...But it won't be any sun god that accomplished it."
Hatshepsut stumbled slightly, as she reached out to claw him with her fine long nails. A look of pain crossed her face, and timidly, Emily asked "Andrea?"
Collapsing to the floor, the jewels scattered everywhere, and the slaves hurried to pick them up. One went to her assistance, but she ordered him back.
"Let the fool of a mortal woman whose body I now own speak! Let her and her words die! Let Egypt rise in glory again!" The cobra diadem came off, letting the black hair flow. The hair soon turned to a ruddy gold, as if possessed by its own magic.
"Thank God," Andrea murmured, managing to get herself to her knees.
"Mrs. Leslie?" Batman asked in surprise. She looked up, and blinked in confusion.
"I remember you..." she said slowly, as though all her memories had been whipped out. "You're Batman....."
Terry smiled slightly. "Yes Mrs. Leslie."
"And you're his partner...." She added, indicating to Fox. "You're that golden Fox girl."
Emily cried a little, for it was like seeing someone die, and be slowly reborn when you knew that this would only last for a moment.
"I...I don't have much time.....She's winning over me....I'm so weak...."
"It'll be okay," assured Emily. "We'll get you out of this. We'll see that justice is done."
"Oh, I don't doubt the justice part....." she said, sighing. "But if it's all the same to you, I think I'll just let her kill me....Its much less messy that way, and Hank's waiting for me...."
"Your husband?" Terry asked, confused. Andrea smiled and nodded.
Emily was still baffled. "You mean you're giving up?"
Leslie shrugged. "I suppose so, yes."
"But you can't just-"
Andrea held up an interruptive hand. "Were you in the same place as I, you'd be dying to get out."
"But you're our last barrier!" protested Batman.
Leslie frowned. "Yes. And I'm sorry." A wave seemed to pass over the woman, and briefly, the red gold hair was black again.
"Are you through yet?" demanded the harsh alter ego. This did not last long, for the ruddy gold soon returned.
"Yes. I am finished Hatshepsut. You may do as you please." And with that, Andrea Leslie died.
Emily began to cry in desperation as Hatshepsut wearily rose to her feet. "But she was our last hope!"
"No," responded a voice from the door. "I am."
"Get her! I will not be interrupted by that pest again!" shouted the Queen, pointing an accusing finger at Robin. Two men, armed with machetes started walking toward her. Whipping out two Birdarangs, Max knocked one unconscious and the other dead. Emily winced, for she hated to kill, and she heard Terry suck in a breath behind her.
"You are too late to stop me!" Hatshepsut cried once more, and, raising the jewels high above her head, she started the incantation. "I summon the wrath of Amun-Ra, the sun god!"
Max was tackled from behind, and she slammed her elbow into her opponents face. She was tackled from the front, knocking the wind out of her. She knocked on the top of his head fiercely with her fist, knocking him unconscious. That left two.
"I summon Isis, the mother; Nut, the goddess of the heavens! Osiris, the god of the dead!"
One came charging at her with one of the spare guns, and, ducking fire, she side swiped him with her legs, sending him sprawling on the floor. He knocked his head against a column, and lay still.
The last gave her a flying kick into the jaw, sending her sprawling across the floor. He was about to finish her off, when her leg came up and landed a kick right between his own legs.
"And I summon Horus, my patron deity!"
"And I summon a major ass kicking for you if you don't knock it off right now!"
Max looked haggard, was slightly bloody; part of her mask was tearing. Swinging her legs, Emily managed to get her feet to the side of the basin. Max sent her last birdarang her way, slicing the ropes neatly. Both vigilantes hopped down, now forming a circle around Hatshepsut. Frightened, she looked about her as the three closed in.
"It's over Hatshepsut. You've lost," said Emily.
"Let it go," advised Terry.
And then, rebellion crossed her face, and she seethed "Never." Taking her own sword, she raised it high above her head. Max cried out and reached for her, but it was too late. Hatshepsut fell to the floor a bloody pile of ancient magic, which quickly turned to dust.....


"So Max, what did you think of our glorious life?" Emily taunted.
Max glared at her. "Never again."
"We thought you'd see it our way," Terry teased lightly, sprawled out on the couch, flipping through channels.
"I thought I might die...." She admitted. "I was really afraid...."
"That comes with the territory. When you've been in the business as long as we have-"
"Don't strain yourselves while gloating," Max said dryly.
"Oh, we won't," assured Emily.
"And by the way, Bruce said to never mention that little incident with being asked to help again."
Max pouted.

The End

Sorry to all you who wanted Max to remain a vigilantly. I've never really
liked that idea. And to those who wanted Max and Terry to fall in love; plain and simple; no. Sorry. For the moment, Terry can drool over Kathryn
Kyle instead. Max just never was "cut from the cloth," in my opinion. I always thought she might do well in behind the scenes work, but otherwise,
no. Never. Thanks to my faithful reviewer, and stay tuned for my next
exciting Batman Beyond work, The Fox Shadow Ring.