Rumor Has It-Part One of the Heartbreak Series

I own nobody. WWE owns Undertaker and Reba Mcentire owns the song.

I overheard a conservation your name was mentioned in
But they didn't talk about us, only her again
I didn't want to listen but i hung on every word
They said some things i wish i hadn't heard

Rumor has it she has you
Rumor has it you love her too
Talk is cheap but the price is high when it's true
Rumor has it she has you

This town's so small a whisper can be heard a mile away
And people here will gossip when there's nothing else to say
I wouldn't have believed my ears but i see it in your eyes
The stories going 'round this town aren't lies

Rumor has it she has you
Rumor has it you love her too
Talk is cheap but the price is high when it's true
Rumor has it she has you

Whoa...rumor has it she has you

"I was sitting in the lunchroom, talking to Bradshaw, when I heard them. The divas that were sitting behind me were talking shit again. Normally I don't pay attention to the gossip around this place. The WWE isn't as big as it seems when it comes to rumors. As soon as they mentioned your name, though, I had to shush Bradshaw so I could hear. They didn't say anything about me, just her again. I wish I had just walked away, but I couldn't. They said she loves you. No surprise there. A lot of women love you. But, then they said that you love her too. Is it true? Nevermind, I can see it in your eyes. The stories going around this company aren't lies. I can't believe this! I love you too! You said you were mine forever. You said you loved me! When did it change? Why didn't you tell me! Don't even try to talk your way out of this because you can't!"

"Sara, I do love you!"

"How can you love her too? We're married! You promised to love me forever!"

"I do! I will!"

"How can you say that? You love her too!"

He couldn't argue with that. Hanging his head for a minute, he looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes. "Sara, I never meant for this to happen."

"You know, she just loves your image. The Undertaker is what she wants. The Undertaker will make her career go farther, but what about Mark?"

"I......" he didn't know what to say.

Picking up my bag, I walked over to him, and caressed his cheek.
"I love you. You, Mark, not The Undertaker. I guess that wasn't good enough though. " I turned to walk out the door, as he said softly,"Sara, I do love you."

"Yeah, but now she has you," I answered, walking out, not looking back, as it closed on our life together.

I was almost to the elevator when I saw her. She looked worried when she noticed my bags.

"Sara, where are you going?"

"I don't know, Lita, but he loves you. You have him. Enjoy because it won't last."

The elevator doors slid open and I stepped inside. I was starting over once again.