Memories: A Pippin and Merry Love Story


Ever have a dream pass before you and realize it is reality only to have it end as a nightmare? It happened to me. This story won't be the Red Book, as I asked Frodo and Sam not to include it, but it is true.  You all know about Diamond, and don't get me wrong. I do love her very much, but that is not the same.

It all started in the Shire when I was in my mid tweens. Merry was coming up on his coming of age party and I had relocated to Brandyhall to help him plan for the festivities.  Frodo was there, as was Sam (which was odd. I had no clue as of yet that Sam had been hired to spy on Frodo and that Merry had known about the ring for years). Sam had brought Rosie Cotton as his date and Frodo a young Hobbitess named Sabrina. Merry had no inclination at all about romantic ventures, but even though that is what he said, we knew it not to be true. We knew him long enough to know his interest in young Estella Bolger was not as Fatty's friend.  Even Merry's father had noticed it and that's why he tried to put a party together where Stella and Merry would be thrown together a lot. Stella didn't mind as she quite enjoyed Merry's company. She was barely 29 and did not think of courting quite yet, unlike her mother and Merry's who planed to get them together.

Stella had brought her friend Corona to the party. From the instant I saw her I was stunned. She was very beautiful by anyone's standards. She looked a lot like Stella, although I only noticed that in the later years. She had long flowing hair (curly of course) that was as dark as midnight. Her eyes were a brilliant green that sparkled. Her skin was slightly tanned since Stella and her liked to play outdoors despite their "high" social status.  They even came to Hobbiton just to help the Gamgees with their work.  I had never seen her before however.

Corona and I got along great, as anyone would expect.  I asked her out occasionally and we dated for three years. Those were the happiest moments of my life before the war.  We were very much in love, and Stella and Merry helped us get away for period of times by distracting our parents.  My parents wanted me to marry someone from a higher family (it seemed they too had their sights on Miss Bolger, but she would have nothing to do with it).

Shortly before I left on my journey we were married. Merry was there, as was Sam. We were married by an out of town minister who really didn't know the shire politics very well.  We lived in Crickhollow for a while, a house owned by Merry's family. My parents were angry but they later forgave me. It was only a few months late when I had to leave. As I left I held onto Corona, never knowing that this would be the last time I was going to be able to hold her for a very long time. The trip turned out to be longer then any of us anticipated.

The next time I saw her was at the battle at Bywater. Merry and I were leading the battle when I saw her, fighting along side the rest of the Brandybucks. She must have escaped Merry's notice because he would not have let her go. I didn't know till later that Merry had fallen for her too and she in fact was the one he thought of, not Stella when he was in the other battles. I never faulted him for that. It was hard not to fall in love with her.

She was fighting when I came beside her and killed the man who was attempting to kill her. She smiled at me and kept on fighting. We fought for a while side by side, till the battle was nearly over. It was then that the dream we had been living became the nightmare. She was stabbed, mortally. There was no way she could live. Merry even tried, but it was useless. She lay in my arms, blood pooling slowly around her waist slowly and we spoke of our memories as the battle was cleaned up. She looked up with green eyes and then told me about the one thing she had left me to remember her by. And then she died.  She was all I knew of true love at that time, and it was hard on me.

I think it was even harder on Merry, who had never told her his true feelings for her. She knew of course. Stella had told her.  Corona left me a note, knowing somehow that she would somehow never get to explain it to me.  Eventually I forgave him after I realized what she meant when she said his love for me was stronger then his love for her. I was his best friend and cousin and he felt attempting to show his love for her would ruin something he didn't want ruined. I would have done the same to him.

Now we are both married. Diamond and I care for baby Faramir now, along with Lela, the daughter I had with Corona. Lela doesn't remember her true mother and thinks Diamond is her "mum" but sometimes I glance at her and see her mother shining though in those green, deep green eyes. Those are what capture you, the eyes.

Merry married Stella, more out of familial duty then anything else. It hurt me sometimes to see how much he hurts, especially when he sees my daughter, the image of her mother. But sometimes it hurts me more to see Stella give Merry so much love and not being given any back. Merry cares about her deeply, but as with me, he knows there will be no other green eyed lady who won our hearts so long ago. I have been able to move on, but he is still moving along, being tugged in two different directions. He almost went with Frodo to the Havens, but then Frodo convinced him to come back. Someone needed to take care of Buckland and he had also not carried the ring. Perhaps in a time Merry will heal and turn his attention to the one person who loves him more then anything; Stella. 

As for me, I shall never forget my first love, and shall always remember Corona when I look at my daughter, but I will live on, as she would want me too.

Pippin Took

Thain of the Shire