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Ediva spotted her target. Even if it was dark she knew it was there, she could see the sparkle. Large sparkly stones weren't really Ediva's thing. But this was a job. She had no idea what the out come would be for anyone else if she succeeded, all she needed to know was that she was getting paid.

As she slowly and quietly made her way over to her future pay cheque, Ediva sensed someone else there. She didn't hear them, she sensed a break in the other wise still atmosphere. She turned around to try and figure out who it was.

'Please don't let it be a security guy, then again, who else would it be?' Ediva thought to herself.

"It seems we both be after the same prize mon ami." A French Cajun accent said from the darkness.

"Your right, it seems we are."

"So which ones going to get it?" He took a step towards her and held what looked like a playing card. It lit up slightly so that they could see each other. He was tall and handsome, very handsome, with the most unusual eyes she had ever seen, red on black. His auburn hair was in a messy ponytail with the front bits framing his face. Ediva on the other hand had been short with short dark brown hair and purple eyes. Her eyes were very divaish and her skin was tanned.

"I guess that depends who can run the fastest." She set a subtle challenge and ran for the stone. It wasn't playing fair, but in this line of work, there's no such thing as fair.

As she jumped over an invisible laser alarm, Ediva thought she might win. She could almost grab it. Until a certain Cajun spend passed her and grabbed the stone.

"Remy think he beat you." He said, casually throwing the stone up and catching it.

"Yeah you beat me." Ediva was slightly pissed off, but then she realised something. Because of the sudden race, she hadn't had a chance to turn off the last security system. Not wanting to find out if Remy had turned it off she ran for her planned emergency exit.

"C Ya!" She shouted back.

"Hey, where you going?" Remy shouted, then he realised and set off behind her.

Ediva ran towards a window, they were 5 stories up, but she'd be ok. From behind Remy saw the window break when she was about 3 feet away from it, he presumed she'd thrown something without him noticing, but he was wrong.

Ediva has the ability to mess around with the chemical structure of things and manipulate items the way she wanted to. In this case it was smashing a window in front of her but fixing it as she fell. Remy didn't notice the fixed window in time and went smashing through it. He landed on top of her on the ground in an ally.

"Get off of me!" Ediva wiggled her way out from under the Cajun.

"Sorry. What did you do to dat window?" They both stood up.

"Until you smashed it, I had done the perfect un noticeable exit." Remy looked at Ediva, confused. After falling from a 4-story window it took some time for his brain to catch up. Usually the only thing he had to worry about was running, hitting people and throwing charged cards.

"I'm a mutant!" She almost shouted.

"Oh. Dat makes sense. So why are you after this stone?"

"It's a pay check, I don't know what my employer wants it for. So don't ask!"

"I wouldn't dream of it." Ediva didn't wait around for anything else. She turned on her heels and ran. This time Remy didn't follow.

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